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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Checked 12:25 AM; Last Updated 9:05 PM CDT; 02:05 GMT
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"How Apple Hopes to Win the Streaming War: The tech ..."

"Are Apple's Politics Hurting Its Brand? Apple has waded further ..."

"iPhone 'Super Cycle' Is Long-Term Catalyst Despite Storm Clouds, Analysts ..."

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Today's Poll...
Should Apple replace the Thunderbolt Display, or give up the monitor market?

Give it up, so many great, cheaper options out there.
Replace it! Especially if GPU is added!
Don't know, don't care

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Should Apple replace the Thunderbolt Display, or give up the monitor market? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Tuesday Highlights: Apple under investigation by South Korea antitrust regulator over "some matters" that at current, are a mystery; Japan being seen as tougher battlefield for Apple than China, warns UBS; Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) reporting Apple orders are "conservative" but "Chinese smartphone brands are trying to grab market share despite softening demand"; Apple facing $10 billion lawsuit from Florida man who claims "iOS devices copy his 1992 drawings"; need to hand over your Mac for repair? Macworld offers tips to secure your data; Tim Cook hosting fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, while Nancy Pelosi throws shade on Cook; Touch ID power button may be coming to next MacBook Pro; Bare Feats looks at new UltraWide display connected to a Mac Pro; Terry White reviews JetDrive for MacBooks.

TUESDAY BLOWOUT: Every NEW or RENEWING paid subscriber receives 2 YEARS FREE.

  • "How Apple Hopes to Win the Streaming War: The tech giant is opening its checkbook and getting inolved with artists' careers like never before"  Rolling Stone 7:58 PM
  • "Are Apple's Politics Hurting Its Brand? Apple has waded further into the political fray recently, but the jury's still out on what the impact will be on the brand or the business."  TheStreet 3:18 PM
  • "iPhone 'Super Cycle' Is Long-Term Catalyst Despite Storm Clouds, Analysts Say"  TheStreet 3:18 PM
  • "Why Is Apple Still Confident about iPhone's Growth?" Market Realist 8:06 PM
  • "Apple's iPhone install base features growing 'powder keg' ripe for upgrades, Cowen says" AppleInsider 12:41 PM
  • "South Korea antitrust regulator says investigating Apple on 'some matters'"  Reuters 5:35 AM
  • "Apple faces mysterious antitrust probe in South Korea: Rumour has it the firm's contracts with operators is coming under government scrutiny" The Inquirer 6:02 AM
  • "Apple under investigation by South Korean anti-competition body" AppleInsider 5:44 AM
  • "Why Apple investors should be fretting over Japan, not China" CNBC 12:40 PM
  • "Apple Could be Heading for a 'Double Whammy' of Trouble in Japan, Says UBS" Barron's 12:30 PM
  • "Apple 'conservative' on orders, says key supplier ASE: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, the world's biggest chip assembler and tester, on Tuesday said Apple is being more conservative in placing orders compared with a year ago, while Chinese smartphone brands are trying to grab market share despite softening demand."  Nikkei 6:01 AM
  • "Florida Man Sues Apple for $10+ Billion, Says iOS Devices Copy His 1992 Drawings" MacRumors 12:33 PM
  • "Florida man sues Apple for over $10B, claiming violation of 1992 'reading device' concept" AppleInsider 4:41 PM
  • "Safari Web Content 'Not Responding' on Mac? Fix the Beach Ball with These Tips" OS X Daily 3:08 PM
  • "How to hand off your Mac for repair without worrying about insecure data on an SSD" Macworld 7:56 AM
  • "In defense of old Mac software: Plenty of older software is good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, still works. A writer keeps his old tools sharp." Macworld 5:42 AM
  • "11 keyboard shortcuts only Mac power users know about" Tech Insider 12:40 PM
  • "Never use Dashboard on your Mac? Here's how to disable it" iDownload Blog 5:42 AM
Press Releases
  • "An Update on Chromecast Support in Airfoil" Rogue Amoeba 3:09 PM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Twitter Dives Into AR and VR, Hires Ex-Apple Designer To Lead New Team" Upload VR 8:01 PM
  • "Twitter hires ex-Apple designer to lead VR team" Cult of Mac 8:01 PM
  • "Twitter hires former Apple designer to serve as director of AR and VR" ZDNet 8:05 PM
  • "Tim Cook hosts fundraiser for Speaker Paul Ryan" CNBC Videos 12:40 PM
  • "Nancy Pelosi pities Tim Cook for holding Republican fundraiser" CNET 8:07 PM
  • "Nancy Pelosi says 'Poor Tim' Cook fundraising for Paul Ryan suggests Apple CEO got bad advice" 9to5Mac 12:33 PM
  • "Hillary Clinton and Apple are in lockstep on one critical issue" Business Insider 2:52 PM
  • "Apple revamps iPhone Trade-up program by lowering max credit & relying on carrier financing" 9to5Mac 4:42 PM
  • "Apple tweaks phone trade-in program to offer less credit, but more options" iMore 4:45 PM
  • "Apple retail employees invited to evaluate watchOS 3 wheelchair activity tracking" AppleInsider 4:45 PM
  • "China tightens rules for mobile app developers" Reuters 5:41 AM
  • "Apple must keep its app store activity records for 60 days in China" iMore 12:40 PM
  • "New Chinese rules say Apple's App Store must track identities of users, developers" AppleInsider 12:40 PM
  • "These clothes can wirelessly charge your phone" CNNMoney 6:26 AM
  • "Apple expands Shot on iPhone series with new collection of images focused on color" 9to5Mac 4:45 PM
  • "iPhone brings out the best in pro photographer" Cult of Mac 12:32 PM
Non-Apple News
  • "WiFi Router Wars: Eero Is Turning Luma Shipping Troubles Into An Opportunity" Forbes 7:37 PM
  • "How to Stop the Robocall Uprising" [Paid Membership Required] 3:20 PM
  • "Terabyte terror: It takes special databases to lasso the Internet of Things" Ars Technica 6:10 AM
  • "SPACE wants to move your office into VR space" TechCrunch 6:05 AM
  • "'China's Apple' Xiaomi will IPO in 2025: CEO" CNBC 5:59 AM
  • "Facebook is tracking your phone's location and using it to recommend friends" Business Insider 5:53 AM
  • "How to Break Your Teen Out of the Tech Trance" TG Daily 5:42 AM
  • "1.4b smartphones in China by 2020: Canalys" ZDNet 5:37 AM
  • "iMore show 515: Thunderbolted!" iMore 12:32 PM
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2016-06-28: iPhone Audio Ports, Facebook is Creepy" The Mac Observer 11:35 AM
  • "Red Giant Universe 2.0 Expands its Creative Force with Major Updates" Red Giant 12:57 PM
  • "New MacBook Pro Could Have a Touch ID Power Button" iClarified 5:41 AM
  • "2016 MacBook Pro Could Have A Touch ID Power Button" UberGizmo 6:01 AM
  • "Apple could be developing new Thunderbolt Display with onboard GPU" Neowin 6:02 AM
  • "iOS 10 allows prioritized app downloads, making it less painful to restore from iCloud backup" 9to5Mac 7:57 AM
  • "We'll all be launching fewer apps in iOS 10" iMore 7:19 AM
  • "iPhone 7: Do these pictures show Apple's all-new features?" Express UK 6:02 AM
  • "The iPhone 7 could have a totally new kind of home button" Business Insider 5:17 PM
  • "Apple's 'iPhone 7' again rumored to feature 'Force Touch ID' home button" AppleInsider 9:02 PM
  • "Analysts corroborate reports claiming the iPhone 7 will feature a Force Touch Home button" 9to5Mac 8:07 PM
  • "Apple Double Leak Delivers iPhone 7 Bad News" Forbes 5:54 AM
Granted Apple Patents
  • "Apple patent could prevent 'illegal' iPhone recording" ZDNet 8:05 PM
  • "Apple Wins a Patent for an Infrared Camera System that Originally Caused Some Controversy" Patently Apple 7:57 AM
  • "Apple Wins Patent for a 3D GUI Gaze-Enhanced Virtual Touchscreen" Patently Apple 5:36 AM
  • "Apple Granted Patent for Controlling Apple TV's User Interface with 3D Realtime In-Air Gestures" Patently Apple 6:27 AM
  • "Apple Granted 44 Patents Today Covering the iPhone 5s Design and Forming Liquid Metal Articles" Patently Apple 12:40 PM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Mac mini Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:26 AM
  • "12" MacBook Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:26 AM

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "UltraWide Display Connected to Mac Pros and the Razer Core" Bare Feats 9:03 AM
  • "Review: Minix NEO C USB-C Multiport Adapter [Video] 9to5Mac 12:29 PM
  • "Review: Rachio's iPhone-connected Smart Sprinkler Controller is efficient, easy to use" AppleInsider 12:31 PM
  • "Tough mobile disk CalDigit Tuff" IT.Enquirer 6:26 AM
  • "Review: Philips Hue White Ambience Starter Kit" iLounge 4:41 PM
  • "Review: Naim Audio Mu-so Qb Speaker" iLounge 3:13 PM
  • "This outdoor system is one (Turtle) Shell of a wireless speaker" Apple World Today 6:31 AM
  • "Bigger Is Better: How Large Monitors Can Change Workflow/A 34-inch Dell monitor changed my workflow, but I must confess I am really enamored by a 43-inch, 4K version." PC Magazine 5:44 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Hands-On With the New 'Face Gallery' for Apple Watch in iOS 10" MacRumors 4:46 PM
  • "Streets 3 review: Google Street View panoramas, now on your Apple Watch" Macworld 12:39 PM
  • "Pennies Review: Spend Wisely" MacStories 12:31 PM
  • "How emoji and Tapbacks work in iMessage for iOS 10" iMore 6:09 AM
  • "The best third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad" Macworld 5:58 AM
  • "'Teeny Titans' Review - A Little Teeny, but You'll Want To Lick the Plate Clean-y" Touch Arcade 12:41 PM
  • "How to download the tvOS 10 beta for developers" iMore 3:09 PM
  • "Apple Granted Protection For The iPhone's Embarrassing Mistake" Forbes 8:07 PM
  • "WWDC 2016: Ripples in the Bay (Bangkok Post, Life)" eXtensions 8:02 PM
  • "Apple: It's Still All About The Hardware" Seeking Alpha 5:17 PM
  • "What Does Brexit Mean For Apple's Dividend Investors?" Seeking Alpha 4:46 PM
  • "How technology is expanding options for people with disabilities" iMore 4:41 PM
  • "Why You Shouldn't Give Up on the Apple Watch (Yet): There are signs of life coming this fall." Inc. 2:52 PM
  • "When to buy an Apple (AAPL) iMac computer or MacBook laptop" Quartz 2:52 PM
  • "A watched pot: Waiting for perfection/The Apple Watch may not be perfect, but should it have to be?" Macworld 12:40 PM
  • "A look at Steve Jobs' biggest failures as Apple CEO" BGR 12:31 PM
  • "Why everyone's biggest complaint about the iPhone 7 is all wrong" BGR 12:31 PM
  • "Patent report: Macs and Apple TVs with '3D, gaze-enhanced' interfaces, more" Apple World Today 11:34 AM
  • "Apps To Use Before A Mac Is Stolen" Mac 360 11:34 AM
  • "Apple: Opt In To Be Spied Upon" McSolo 9:32 AM
  • "How Google's New Lego Phone Could Defeat Apple's iPhone" Mac360 9:31 AM
  • "How Google Can Beat The iPhone (again)" PixoBebo 9:28 AM
  • "Apple should consider its own version of the Razer Core GPU enclosure" Apple World Today 7:52 AM
  • "How the UK 'Brexit' vote is already impacting Apple" Computerworld 7:16 AM
  • "The devices who cried wolf" Dr. Drang 5:41 AM
  • "Apple iOS Beta Kernel Unencrypted: Pros and Cons" Threatpost 5:38 AM
  • "Google is actively breaking my Android workflow" OSNews 7:37 PM
  • "What's the deal with online journalism?" I, Cringely 5:17 PM
  • "Dear Google: Please make smartphones interesting again" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 12:31 PM
  • "The Chromebook For Mac Users" Mac360 9:28 AM
  • "Why virtual reality matters/As a new medium, VR is in a peculiar predicament: Hailed as a multibillion-dollar industry, it's also still in its creative infancy." Recode 6:05 AM
  • "Digital Audio Progress Highlights Tech's More Human Future" Tech.pinions 5:45 AM
  • "Comic: Thunderbolt Dismay" iMore 12:39 PM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Evernote just made its free option worthless" BGR 4:41 PM
  • "Twitter launches Dashboard on iOS, a new app for managing business accounts" 9to5Mac 12:59 PM
  • "Facebook's new iOS-only features help you find events and post better photos" Macworld 12:32 PM
  • "Walgreens now lets you digitally clip coupons from iOS, redeem in-store through Apple Pay" 9to5Mac 12:31 PM
  • "The Even headphones make you feel better about your poor hearing" Engadget 6:39 AM
  • "Even launches $99 earphones that adjust to your hearing" VentureBeat 6:39 AM
  • "Watches and Clocks - Global Strategic Business Report 2015-2022: Primarily Driven by Growing Interest in Smartwatches & the Rise of Digital Media - Research and Markets" Business Wire 5:57 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update puts developers 'front and centre': Firm admits 'write once, run anywhere' strategy wasn't all that practical" The Inquirer 6:57 AM
  • "Windows 10 Anniversary Update 'available Aug. 2', according to Microsoft News Center" Neowin 10:36 AM
  • "Microsoft gives in; changes Windows 10 upgrade prompt, making it easier to refuse its offer" Neowin 10:28 AM
  • "Microsoft revamps pushy Windows 10 upgrade process" Engadget 12:31 PM
  • "5 reasons to ditch Windows for Linux: Ready to give up on Windows? You're probably not alone" The Inquirer 7:04 AM
  • "Microsoft Sway gets its first paid features: New functionality comes with a host of Office 365 updates" Computerworld New Zealand 12:01 PM
  • "Get ready for yet another change to 'Get Windows 10' nagware" InfoWorld 8:02 AM
  • "Microsoft releases cross-platform .NET Core 1.0 at Linux event: Red Hat announces full support for .NET applications - but is it really ready?" The Register 7:21 AM
  • "Microsoft launches Net Core 1.0 for Linux, OS X and Windows: Red Hat becomes first firm to announce support for open source platform" The Inquirer 10:32 AM
  • "Intel Security is up for sale" BetaNews 7:14 AM
  • "Intel will possibly sell off its McAfee security business: Can't be bothered ..." The Inquirer 6:55 AM
  • "Intel rumoured to be looking for McAfee buyer" bit-tech 7:14 AM
  • "Why an Intel/McAfee split makes a lot of sense" VentureBeat 7:37 PM
  • "Intel culls sales and marketing staff" Channel Eye 7:14 AM
  • "Intel - The Semiconductor Of The Future" Seeking Alpha 11:58 AM
  • "XFX RX 480 Black Edition Overclocked Will be Available at Launch, Better Choice?" TechFrag 7:12 AM
  • "Dell Launches 3 Interactive Display Products and Collaboration Software" The Journal 7:05 AM
  • "Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO and COO to leave company: Meanwhile Informatica appoints new CIO, who will report to the CFO - an arrangement some technology leaders find untenable" Computing 7:07 AM
  • "HPE chief technology and chief operating officers to leave: Meg Whitman describes the change as 'organisational improvements'" V3 7:07 AM
  • "HP's Android Apps-Ready Touchscreen Chromebook Launched" RTTNews 7:10 AM
  • "Touchscreen HP Chromebook 11 G5 Is 'Android-Ready'" TechWeekEurope 7:11 AM
  • "HP's touchscreen-packing Chromebook 11 G5 is Android app ready: Available later this year from $189" The Inquirer 6:57 AM
  • "Dousson in surprise HP exit" IT-Online 7:11 AM
  • "India PC shipments down 7.4% in March quarter, HP regains top spot: HP regained its position as the industry leader with a quarter of the total market, closely followed by Dell with a market share of 23.5%" Live Mint 7:11 AM
  • "IBM to set up cyber centre in Canberra" ZDNet 6:57 AM
  • "IBM Research team discovers way to convert old CDs into new plastic" WasteDIVE 7:18 AM
  • "IBM just found a way to turn toxic old smartphones into medical-grade plastic: 'It's an environmental win on many fronts,' one researcher says" Computerworld New Zealand 12:02 PM
  • "IBM found a way to turn toxic old phones into medical-grade plastic" Computerworld 12:59 PM
  • "Oracle's cloud business takes lead in Latin America" Reuters 4:30 PM
  • "Former Oracle VP Graeme Thompson Joins Informatica as SVP, CIO" GovCon Wire 7:21 AM
  • "Cisco to acquire API-based security startup CloudLock for $293M" TechCrunch 10:27 AM
  • "Terabyte terror: It takes special databases to lasso the Internet of Things" Ars Technica 6:55 AM
  • "Tensions rise over LTE using Wi-Fi channels: Qualcomm just slammed the long process of coming up with coexistence tests" Computerworld New Zealand 6:58 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple stock might be ready to explode" Cult of Mac 3:09 PM
  • "Apple Stock Gains on Bullish Analysts Note, Jim Cramer's Take" TheStreet 12:29 PM
  • "FY 16 Third Quarter Results: Apple's conference call to discuss third fiscal quarter results is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET. A link to the live audio webcast will be provided at a later date." Apple Investor Relations 12:23 PM
  • "AAPL Third Quarter Earnings Report set for July 26" The Mac Observer 11:34 AM
Industry News
  • "U.S. stocks bounce after 2-day Brexit-induced rout: Financials, energy shares lead gains on the S&P 500" MarketWatch 3:34 PM
  • "Stocks Claw Back From Depth of Brexit Despair: Wall Street stepped back from the cliff on Tuesday after two days of Brexit panic." TheStreet 3:34 PM
  • "Dow gets post-'Brexit' bounce, gains 270" USA Today 3:33 PM
  • "Global Markets Steady After Brexit-Related Rout: Financial markets around the globe showed signs of stabilizing Tuesday following sharp declines in the British pound and global equities after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union last week." [Paid Membership Required] 3:32 PM
  • "Asian Markets Settle Slightly After Brexit" MarketWatch 7:35 AM
  • "U.K. stocks stage rally after Brexit selloff" MarketWatch 7:36 AM

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