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Sunday, May 3, 2015
Checked 8:50 AM; Last Updated 8:40 AM CDT; 13:40 GMT
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"What would it take to take Apple private?""

"Spreadsheet of the day: The latest Apple price targets""

"What I think of the Apple Watch after using it ..."

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Today's Poll...
Do you think taking Apple private would be a good idea?

Yes, wouldn't have to answer to stockholders
No way with Apple's market cap

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Do you think taking Apple private would be a good idea? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Weekend Highlights: Bloomberg's Ian King sees Apple and Samsung relationship thawing, which should terrify the competition; UBS says Apple botched the rollout of Apple Watch, but the product is "in the first inning" with room to grow; Apple and IBM in joint effort to bring iPads, health tracking to elderly Japanese citizens, and the relationship with Apple helping IBM as it looks to future; TechRepublic tutorial on creating, or disabling your own Fusion Drive; John Hancock insurance company possibly the first to use Apple Watch to help you lower your insurance costs; Business Insider and V3 on Apple Watch alternatives; AppleInsider reporting Apple is on the lookout for a new Global Marketing Operations director for Beats; residents on the Upper East Side in New York City opposing planned Apple Store due to fear of long lines, camp-out customers, and more; for a cool $3,000 you can own Steve Jobs' business cards from Apple, Pixar, NeXT; or for the same money you can buy one of Tesla's new home battery packs—articles aplenty in the Non-Apple subsection of General Interest; purported dimensions of the iPad Pro leaked; Apple confirms there can be interference issues with tattooed wrists and the Apple Watch, more down in our Hardware/Software section; ZDNet, Apple Daily Report review Apple Watch; and here's what the Apple Watch can do sans iPhone.

Today's MacUpdate Promo saves 41% off the price of yCal for just $9.99. "yCal is a calendaring app to help keep the overview on a whole year. It features a unique "months by column" year view in addition to the more conventional week views, provides ample marking and note taking options, and central holiday and birthday management."

  • "Apple sees little opportunity for growth via acquisitions" New York Post 7:19 AM
  • "What would it take to take Apple private?"  AppleInsider 5/2
  • "Spreadsheet of the day: The latest Apple price targets"  Fortune 5/2
  • "$17K Apple Watch Is 'Missing Integrity And Substance,' Asserts Maker Of $13K Phones" Digital Trends 5/2
  • "Apple Watch leads the way in the rise of the techno-bling" ITProPortal 5/2
  • "Apple to unveil 'the future of iOS and OS X' at WWDC on June 8-12" Ecumenical News 7:18 AM
  • "Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup" Apple Support 5/2
  • "Yosemite discussions explain what's right about the original Mac human interface and wrong about current Apple user interface designs and talk about Mac firmware, Apple's new Photos app (and global preference problems); kernel extensions (kext); remote control software; OS X 10.10.3 issues and more." MacInTouch 5/1
  • "Application discussions include Timbuktu and newer, but poorer performing, remote control software; QuarkXpress missing its market opportunity; the middle Mac product hole; the status of the Haiku BeOS clone; and Apple user interface issues." MacInTouch 5/1
  • "Change a Mac client's default save location using Profile Manager" Apple Support 5/1
  • "Create an ISO image for Boot Camp from a Windows installation DVD" Apple Support 5/1
  • "Pixelmator Update With Photos Support And Spooky-Good Repair Tool" MacSparky 5/2
  • "Pro Tip: How to create and disable a Fusion Drive" TechRepublic 5/1
  • "Hands On: iMindQ 6.2.0 (OS X)" MacNN 5/1
  • "How to Read .cap Packet Capture File on Mac OS X with tcpdump" OS X Daily 5/1
  • "An Old Fashioned Way To Display Photos" TeraTalks 5/1
  • "Mac Cleaner App Of The Week (who knew our Macs were oh so dirty?)" Mac 360 5/1
  • "Something Wicked Crazy Comes To The Mac (think text drawing)" Mac 360 5/1
Press Releases
  • "Default Folder X 4.7.1" TidBITS 5/2
  • "PDFpen and PDFpenPro 7.1.1" TidBITS 5/2
  • "Microspot Releases Electronic Symbol Libraries 2" prMac 5/1
  • "New Firefox features will eventually be limited to secure websites only" IDG News Service 5/1
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Errant App Caused iPad Problems for Some American Airlines Pilots" eWeek 5/2
  • "Apple Watch, Samsung Edge glitches anger users, but no outright revolt" Computerworld 5/1
  • "Apple Watch rivals: Top 10 wearable alternatives from LG, Samsung and Microsoft" V3 5/1
  • "Apple Watch Faces Hydrogen Explosion, Liquid Nitrogen and More in New Tests" MacRumors 5/1
  • "Apple begins hunt for director of Global Marketing Operations at Beats" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Apple iPad Leads Shrinking Tablet Market With 27 Percent Global Share During Q1" HotHardware 5/1
  • "Worldwide Tablet Market Contracts For Second Straight Quarter Due To Competition From Alternative Devices – IDC" MacPrices 5/1
  • "In Springfield, Steve Wozniak talks Apple's early days, the future of humans and machines" MassLive 5/1
  • "Samsung's latest video looks oddly familiar..." iMore 5/1
  • "Upper East Side Residents Oppose Planned Apple Store: They fear long lines of customers camping out before the release of new products" [Paid Membership Required] 5/1
  • "Got $3,000? You can bid for Steve Jobs' Apple, Pixar and NEXT business cards" The Next Web 5/1
Non-Apple News
  • "Americans stream away in shifting TV landscap" AFP 5/2
  • "'Just follow the damn Constitution!' FBI, DoJ skewered over demands for crypto backdoors" The Register 5/1
  • "Samsung's answer to Apple Pay is coming in the second half of this year" Business Insider 5/1
  • "Will Tesla's Newest Battery Pan Out? Rivals abound but key challenge will be driving down price of home battery packs" [Paid Membership Required] 5/1
  • "From Elon Musk: The Battery Packs He Hopes Will Rule Them All" Forbes 5/1
  • "Tesla Energy is Elon Musk's battery system that can power homes, businesses, and the world" The Verge 5/1
  • "Tesla's Powerwall home battery comes in these lickable colors: When you look into the Powerwall, the Powerwall looks into you" The Verge 5/1
  • "Tesla CEO Elon Musk Unveils Line of Home and Industrial Battery Packs" [Paid Membership Required] 5/1
  • "Coming May 2: Gene Steinberg meets Kyle Wiens and Andrew Goldberg from iFixit, Adam Engst from TidBITS, and Bryan Chaffin from The Mac Observer, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 5/2
  • "One-on-one with Steve Wozniak: MassLive sits down with the cofounder of Apple" MassLive 5/1
  • "The TouchArcade Show - 203 - A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "TC AppleCast 13: Life With Apple Watch" TechCrunch 5/1
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-05-01: Tesla's Home Batteries, A Week with Apple Watch" The Mac Observer 5/1
  • "The Vergecast 151: Microsoft Build, HoloLens, Apple Watch, and LG" The Verge 5/1
  • "Welcome to the great Atari reboot: An exclusive interview with the chairman and CEO of Atari on the company's past, present and future" BGR 5/1
  • "AppleInsider podcast discusses our Apple Watch review, Apple's record Q2 and more" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Final Cut Pro ILLuminati Discuss Keywords, Databases Through Edits, Stringouts & More" FCPXtv 5/1
  • "Apple's 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Schematics Leak, Mockups Compared To iPad Air 2 On Video" HotHardware 5/2
  • "If this new leak is correct, the iPad Pro is going to be a beast" T3 5/2
  • "iPad Mini 4: Rumored specs, release date revealed; 7.9-inch screen unit set to be the world's slimmest tablet come October 2015" Venture Capital Post 5/2
  • "iPhone 7 release date, specs news: Aluminum likely, to feature Force Touch" Examiner 5/2
  • "An early blueprint of Apple's next iPad might have just leaked" Business Insider 5/1
  • "Alleged iPad Pro schematics leak as cases compared to iPad Air 2 (Video)" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "Hands-on with alleged 'iPad Pro' case gives shows comparison to Apple's iPad Air" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Apple Opens Analytics Beta for App Developers" PC Magazine 5/1
  • "Apple Watch Does Have a Tattoo Problem" WSJ Blogs 5/1
  • "Apple confirms tattoo issue with Apple Watch in updated support document" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "Apple confirms ink in some darker wrist tattoos can interfere with Apple Watch heart rate sensor" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Apple confirms tattoos can mess with the Watch's heart sensor" Engadget 5/1
  • "Inked and irked: Apple Watch users report tattoo problems" Associated Press 5/1
  • "Apple Watch heart monitor woes confirmed by Apple" MacIssues 5/1
  • "Most 42mm Apple Watches Now Estimated to Ship in July" MacRumors 5/1
  • "Shipping dates for 42MM Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport slip to July worldwide" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Component & manufacturing cost of 38mm Apple Watch Sport is less than $84 – IHS teardown analysis" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "Apple Watch teardown reveals it costs just $84 to build" The Inquirer 5/1
  • "iOS 8 now on 81 percent of all Apple devices" ZDNet 5/1
  • "Steer Clear of iOS 8's Infinite Loop: A flaw in iOS 8 allows hackers essentially to crash apps that perform SSL communications whenever they like. Skycure reported the bug at the RSA security conference held last week, advising owners of iOS devices to upgrade to iOS 8.3." TechNewsWorld 5/1
  • "Calibrating your Apple Watch for improved Workout and Activity accuracy: Apple Watch uses the personal information you provide (age, gender, height, and weight) to help calculate a variety of metrics for your workouts and daily activity. Additionally, you can calibrate your Apple Watch for even more accuracy." Apple Support 5/2
  • "Make a call over Wi-Fi: Learn about making a voice call over Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Calling feature on your iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus." Apple Support 5/2
  • "NBC Sports channel unexpectedly disappears from some Apple TV boxes" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "Get help with the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch: For example, if the Digital Crown isn't turning smoothly or your Apple Watch isn't responding to a button press, follow these steps." Apple Support 5/1
  • "Apple Watch support doc suggests tap water rinse to fix Digital Crown" 9to5Mac 5/1
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Sub-$1K Refurbished Macs: A Very Nice Selection" FairerPlatform 7:05 AM
  • "Hello Moto HD: A Fun Car Racing Game For iPhone/iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)" App Sliced 5/2
  • "Slender Man Chapter 2: Survive For iPhone/iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $1.99)" App Sliced 5/2
  • "Chess -SocialChess For iPhone/iPad Is Free Today (Was $0.99)" App Sliced 5/2
  • "Today's Top iPhone /iPad /Mac App Freebies And Price Drops" App Sliced 5/1
  • "PowerUp -Retro 8-Bit Video Game Camera For iPhone Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $0.99)" App Sliced 5/1
  • "HOOK (Minimal Puzzler) For iPhone/iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $0.99)" App Sliced 5/1
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/1
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/1
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 5/1

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Apple Watch: 38mm vs 42mm Video Comparison" Redmond Pie 5/2
  • "Review: OWC's Envoy Pro mini hides a MacBook-like SSD inside a USB 3.0 flash drive" 9to5Mac 5/2
  • "What I think of the Apple Watch after using it for one week — and what people are getting wrong about it"  Business Insider 5/2
  • "Hands On: Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones" MacNN 5/2
  • "Apple Watch impresses, amuses even though it's the 1.0 version" Seattle Times 5/1
  • "Hands-on: 48 hours with the Apple Watch/After being one of the first to receive an Apple Watch, our reviewer asks: Was it worth it?" Computerworld 5/1
  • "Running with the Apple Watch: Yes, you can leave your iPhone behind" ZDNet 5/1
  • "Apple MacBook 1.1 GHz review (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015): The future of Apple laptops" Macworld UK 5/1
  • "Apple's 2015 MacBook pretty, but not for everyone" Fortune 5/1
  • "iPad Air 2 review: Six months later" iMore 5/1
  • "MIME Ghost Glass Review and Feather + Glass Review – iPhone 6 Screen Protectors" Mobile Reviews Eh 5/1
  • "M-Edge Folio Plus Pro Keyboard review: Universal keyboard case is ill-suited for the iPad" Macworld 5/1
  • "Adonit Jot Pro and Jot Mini review: These styluses feel natural in your hand" Macworld 5/1
  • "Hands On: Moshi iGlaze Armour (iPhone 6)" MacNN 5/1
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "What can your Apple Watch do without your iPhone?" Macworld 5/1
  • "You Should Play: If you're a fan of mobile puzzle-based games, Nevertales: The Beauty Within is for you" Macworld 5/1
  • "Andrios has been a hot topic for jailbreakers as of late. The upcoming tweak, which should be touching down any second now on Cydia, brings many Android-inspired features to iOS." iDownload Blog 5/1
  • "R.B.I. Baseball 15 - Now Batting On iOS" Apple'n'Apps 5/1
  • "Hands On: Apple Season v1.0.1 (iOS)" MacNN 5/1
  • "Hands On: Debate Time 1.0 (iOS)" MacNN 5/1
  • "'Hearthstone' Blackrock Mountain Adventure Review - The Best Way to Experience this Fantastic CCG" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "'The Paris Dossier' Review - Spying in WW2 Paris" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "'Ys Chronicles 1' Review - How Much Is That Dogi In The Window?" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "'MicRogue' Review - A Fast-Paced, Chess-y, Roguelike" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "'Burn It Down' Review - Relationship Platforming" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "'Choice Of The Petal Throne' Review - A Thorny Throne" Touch Arcade 5/1
  • "How to use the Apple Watch as a health and fitness tracker" iMore 8:41 AM
  • "How to enable grayscale mode on your Apple Watch" iMore 7:16 AM
  • "How to enable bold text on your Apple Watch" iMore 7:12 AM
  • "How to set up and use Zoom on Apple Watch" iMore 5/2
  • "How to manage Glances on the Apple Watch" AppleInsider 5/2
  • "Apple Watch How-To: Unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "[How To] Customize Your Apple Watch's Watch Face" Modmyi 5/1
  • "Ask: How to Switch to a New Apple ID (and Keep All Your Purchases)" Mac|Life 5/1
  • "Apple Watch Digital Crown Getting Stuck? Here's How To Fix It" Redmond Pie 5/1
  • "How to pair an external heart rate monitor to Apple Watch" iMore 5/1
  • "Secret Apple Watch options: 14 Force Touch tips for your wrist" iMore 5/2
  • "7 stealthy tips and tricks for Apple Watch" Cult of Mac 5/1
  • "Apple Watch shipping delays irk early adopters, Tesla app impresses" Stabley Times 7:05 AM
  • "MacBook: One USB-C port is enough" Geekzone 5/2
  • "Distractions" ["I think there's a hierarchy of computing devices, from desktop to laptop, then tablet, phone, and finally wearable. You can throw in multiple sub-categories there, and perhaps e-readers, but those are the main ones. Wearables are still very new, of course, and we're working out what exactly they mean for us. I've recently had an eye-opening experience in that regard."] Matt Gemmell 5/2
  • "Woz: We made machines too important; that makes us the family pet" MacDailyNews 5/2
  • "The trouble with Apple Watch's fitness tracker" Cult of Mac 5/2
  • "The Apple Watch could make ordering the iPhone 6s easier than ever" BGR 5/2
  • "Samsung takes Apple obsession to next level with new Galaxy ad" AppleInsider 5/1
  • "LG really, really wants you to know why the G4 is better than an iPhone" BGR 5/1
  • "Apple Watch and activity tracking: 5 things you need to know!" iMore 5/1
  • "Hands Off: This is My Apple Watch, not yours!" MacNN 5/1
  • "Apple Watch: Henry Blodget just doesn't get it" Yahoo Finance 5/1
  • "Should you get a stylus for your Apple Watch?" iMore 5/1
  • "NSFW: Learning and unlearning, Taptic panic" iMore 5/1
  • "Watchmaker, Watchmaker Make Me a Watch" iFixit 5/1
  • "iOS and Android code on Windows 10: Prepping for ARM 64? The story for Objective C is great. Android, less so" The Register 5/1
  • "Opinion: Here's why Apple won't offer internal upgrades for the Apple Watch" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "Six Apple Watch features we'd love to see on the next iPhone" iMore 5/1
  • "How Ford, Apple And Google Fit Together In The Car" Benzinga 5/1
  • "Apple: 'Your Heart Rate. What It Means...'" Benzinga 5/1
  • "How the Apple Watch gave developers a second chance to win me over" iMore 5/1
  • "All the things Wired got hilariously wrong in its legendary 1997 story on how to 'save' Apple" Business Insider 5/1
  • "iPhone 6s: Everything We Know So Far/Bidness Etc puts all the rumors for the iPhone 6s together to give you an idea of what Apple's next flagship device looks like" Bidness Etc 5/1
  • "Apple In A Jumbled, Fragmented World" Mac 360 5/1
  • "Surprise! Guess What Real Users Found Out About Apple's New Watch" Mac 360 5/1
  • "Why TV Ain't What It Used To Be And Why A New Apple TV Won't Be What You Want" NoodleMac 5/1
  • "Samsung Debuts Apple-Like Design Video for Galaxy S6 Edge" MacRumors 5/2
  • "Web browsers: a brief history/As Windows Edge is revealed, take a look back over some of the key moments in the history of web browsing" Telegraph 5/2
  • "Expert: We've pretty much completely ignored safety factors in AI research until now" Business Insider 5/1
  • "Should You Get a Tesla Home Battery? Let Physics Explain" Wired 5/1
  • "Tesla's Powerwall: Why You Should Care Even If You Don't Have Home Solar" ReadWrite 5/1
  • "How Tesla's Batteries Will Power Your Home" Wired 5/1
  • "Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?" Forbes 5/1
  • "Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy in the best tech keynote I've ever seen" The Verge 5/1
  • "David Letterman Apple Watch Top 10 list isn't funny" BGR 5/1
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Meerkat for iOS gets address book integration, Facebook stream promotion and 'Mobbing'" The Next Web 5/2
  • "Translator app for Apple Watch that even speaks Klingon from Star Trek" prMac 5/2
  • "'Remote S' will soon allow Tesla Model S owners to control their vehicle via an Apple Watch" Neowin 5/2
  • "9 Games Starter Pack for the Apple Watch and iPhone" prMac 5/2
  • "BeanShooter™: Now available on the App Store!" Xanthusoft 5/1
  • "Saturday Night Live's official app gets new emoji and iPad optimization" iMore 5/1
  • "New iLynn program provides a private university experience for a state university price: Lynn University showcases education technology innovations at eMerge Americas conference" PRNewswire 5/1
  • "Morningstar Launches Market-Monitoring App for Apple Watch" PRNewswire 5/1
  • "'Remote S' app for Apple Watch takes control of Tesla Model S (Video)" 9to5Mac 5/1
  • "Amazon Instant Video's iOS users can stream in HD and use mobile data" Engadget 5/1
  • "Sports scores delivered directly to your Apple Watch" TechnologyTell 5/1
  • "Free International Afghanistan Online Live TV Channels Broadcast For iOS" prMac 5/1
  • "Avoid Town for iPhone, Lowering Your Frustration Levels Since 2015" prMac 5/1
  • "Bill Reminder - Don't Miss Those Payment Dates Any More" prMac 5/1
  • "Prankr Watch - It's Definitely Not A Fart Watch But It's Just As Fun" prMac 5/1
  • "iThinkdiff introduces Find da Pair for iOS - New Matching Pairs Game" prMac 5/1
  • "Agent Dash is back - Smartphone super spy returns to Dash Another Day" prMac 5/1
  • "Crystal Crusader puzzle game launched Free on iOS devices" prMac 5/1
  • "Tiny Spikes 1.0 released for Apple Watch - Dodge Falling Spikes" prMac 5/1
  • "More Textures, Color Gradients, and Control - Shift 2.0 iOS Filter App" prMac 5/1
  • "Multi-Billion Dollar Mobile Gaming Industry Projected to Reach Higher Levels as New Gaming Apps are Introduced into the Market" PRNewswire 5/1
  • "Nemetschek Group: Financial year 2015 off to Dynamic Start" Architosh 5/1
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft release the Band SDK to developers" ITProPortal 7:11 AM
  • "What Windows 10's future could look like with more Android" TechRadar UK 7:11 AM
  • "Windows 7 still a safe alternative to Windows 8" USA Today 7:18 AM
  • "What You Missed at Microsoft Build 2015" PC Magazine 5/2
  • "Build 2015: With Windows 10, Microsoft is no longer a follower" Engadget 5/2
  • "R.I.P., Windows Media Center" ZDNet 5/2
  • "Microsoft: Media Center Edition won't make it into Windows 10" Engadget 5/2
  • "Windows Media Center is dead" Neowin 5/2
  • "Windows 10 will launch this summer for PCs only" ITProPortal 5/2
  • "Office Mobile Apps to Gain Add-In Capabilities in 2015" Thurrott 5/2
  • "Cortana to Help Windows 10 Users Flag Down an Uber Car" eWeek 5/2
  • "Microsoft is monitoring malicious Android apps to stop them from being ported to Windows" Neowin 5/2
  • "Uber is bringing its ride sharing service to Outlook along with deeper Cortana integration" Neowin 5/2
  • "Microsoft also working on a Swift compiler for iOS developers to come to Windows 10" Windows Central 5/2
  • "Microsoft Wants To Guess Your Age Using Machine Learning And Azure Cloud" HotHardware 5/2
  • "Surface Pro 4 To Receive New N-Trig Pen With Mid-May Launch" WCCF Tech 5/2
  • "Microsoft details HoloLens; first-hand impressions arrive" Seeking Alpha 5/2
  • "Intel Inside Microsoft Halolens And Windows Phone" Seeking Alpha 5/2
  • "Intel: Understanding Multiple Patterning At 14 Nanometers And Below" Seeking Alpha 5/2
  • "What's behind the changes to Intel's worker retirement plans?" The Oregonian 5/2
  • "Hewlett-Packard Company's Threat to 3D Printing Stocks Is Impossible to Calculate" The Motley Fool 5/2
  • "Oracle CEO Safra Catz on competition: 'Silver medal is the first loser'" Business Insider 5/2
  • "Lenovo's super-light LaVie Z laptop is now available" Engadget 5/2
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple: Here's Why The Stock Will Take Out $140 Before The End Of May" Seeking Alpha 8:35 AM
  • "Warren Buffett Has No Regrets About Picking IBM Over Apple" TheStreet 5/2
  • "Apple Rating Reiterated by Brean Capital (AAPL)" Ticker Report 5/2
  • "How Long Will it Take Apple to Overcome the Earnings Slump?" BidnessEtc 5/1
  • "Why Apple Won't Have A $1 Trillion Market Capitalization Any Time Soon" Seeking Alpha 5/1
Industry News
  • "Stocks rebound as Dow jumps 183 points" USA Today 5/1
  • "Stocks See Solid Start to May as Dow Jumps Triple Digits" TheStreet 5/1
  • "Market Snapshot: U.S. Stocks Rally, Limit Weekly Losses" MarketWatch 5/1
  • "Stocks head higher on Wall Street, bouncing back from a big drop; LinkedIn slumps." Associated Press 5/1
  • "U.S. Stocks Trade Higher: Stock market rebounds from Thursday's sharp selloff" [Paid Membership Required] 5/1
  • "Asia Markets: Japan stocks edge up, but gains limited as U.S. recovery questioned/Japanese stocks posted paltry gains Friday, helped by several solid earnings results, but struggled to recover from a selloff Thursday following unexpectedly weak U.S. gross domestic product figures earlier in the week." MarketWatch 5/1
  • "Europe Markets: European stocks post first monthly loss of 2015/European stocks fell Thursday and notched its first monthly loss of 2015, as investors weighed a rise in the euro and concerns about slowing global growth." MarketWatch 5/1

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P. White, R. Adams, P. Valery, C. Aiken, R. Bradbury, F. Pessoa, S. Bellow, F. O'Connor
Art Directors: V. Van Gogh, C. Monet
Advertising Managers: C. Chaplin, H. Marx
Public Relations Firm: Bits & Bytes
Bomb Squad: Type 11 Errors
Chief Scientists: I. Asimov, S. Hawking
Road Crew: R. Petty, J. Cooper
Mechanics: Tom and Ray
Fishing Crew: A. Lindner, D. Stange, K. VanDam
Head Chef: Mom
Head Travel Guru: D. Pearson
Mascots: Cyberdog, Clarus the Dogcow
General Counsel: #%@*$$$$!