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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Checked 2:30 AM; Last Updated 9:40 PM CDT; 02:40 GMT
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"Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations""

"Apple's new Watch, Apple Pay and iPhone 6 met with ..."

"The Beacons FAQ: It's Time To Set The Story Straight ..."

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Today's Poll...
"Dismal failure", "worse than spam" just a couple sentiments on Apple + U2 album tie up. Agree or disagree Apple blew it with the U2 album stunt?

Agree. Bad move Apple.
Disagree. I actually like it!
I have no idea

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MacUpdate's Fall Bundle offers $430 savings on 10 Mac apps for just $49.99. Apps included are Toast 12 Titanium, Ember, Notebook 4, Tonality Pro, Scrivener 2.5, Bookends 12, Mac DVDRipper Pro 5, iStat Menus 5, NetShade 6 (6 months), and SimCity 4 Deluxe.

"Dismal failure", "worse than spam" just a couple sentiments on Apple + U2 album tie up. Agree or disagree Apple blew it with the U2 album stunt? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Tuesday Highlights: Former Apple exec, Jean-Louis Gassée, admits he was wrong about Apple's watch, he now sees it as "a bold attempt to create a new kind of wrist-worn personal computer that looks like a smartwatch"; banks appear to be battling it out as to who will gain advantage as "consumers' default choice" for new pay service; many are sounding off in our poll about whether or not Apple and U2's album giveaway was "devious" and a "debacle" — additional reporting down in our Op/Ed section; IT Pro reviews Parallels Desktop 10, while MacNN takes the new Autodesk Smoke for a ride; 9to5Mac scoops internal data revealing Apple gameplan for iPhone 6/6 Plus launch in Apple Stores; iPhone 6 models said delayed in China, not to be released until 2015, causing AAPL drop despite upside, and one analyst's claim that it is "no big deal"; PayPal afraid of Apple Pay? Company hits Apple's new service as about as safe as peoples' selfies on iCloud; iLounge reviews iOS 8, and Macdrifter, Amsys go over what you need to do to prepare your iDevice for the new OS; Mashable's Todd Wasserman has a "sober look at Apple Pay"; would Apple be wise to let iWatch battery life dictate release?

TUESDAY BLOWOUT: Every NEW or RENEWING paid subscriber receives 2 YEARS FREE.

  • "I was wrong about the Apple Watch: The Apple Watch isn't just another iDevice, a wearables accessory to the Apple ecosystem. It's a bold attempt to create a new kind of wrist-worn personal computer that looks like a smartwatch."  Quartz 8:36 AM
  • "US banks race to gain Apple Pay card advantage"  Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 8:43 AM
  • "Apple Pay sparks inter-bank battle to be consumers' default choice" AppleInsider 9:34 AM
  • "Apple Pay Sparks Banks to Fight Over Consumer's Default Credit Card Choice" The Mac Observer 11:11 AM
  • "Apple's Devious U2 Album Giveaway Is Even Worse Than Spam"  Wired 8:41 AM
  • "Apple tie-up with U2 branded a 'dismal failure' by music retailers" Telegraph 8:37 AM
  • "Apple's $100 million U2 debacle" MoneyWatch 10:25 AM
  • "Apple's Tim Cook on Charlie Rose, in three minutes" USA Today 8:59 AM
  • "Apple's $368 Million Patent Infringement Judgment Tossed By Appeals Court: Case Sent Back to Trial Court For Further Proceedings; Blow to Patent Holder VirnetX" [Paid Membership Required] 12:44 PM
  • "Court upends $368M ruling against Apple for VirnetX patent infringement: Apple infringed on FaceTime and VPN patents, but it may not have to pay." Ars Technica 5:33 PM
  • "Two-factor verification for is back following recent hacks" 9to5Mac 3:56 PM
  • "Apple's two-factor authentication now protects iCloud backups: Elcomsoft's backup ripper, other tools now can't gain access with password only." Ars Technica 6:26 PM
  • "OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8, Public Beta 3 Seeded" FairerPlatform 7:57 AM
  • "Public Yosemite beta 3 first impressions/more bugs" MacInTouch 8:46 AM
  • "Parallels Desktop 10 review: Windows and OS X gets tighter integration" IT PRO 10:24 AM
  • "Review: Autodesk Smoke 2015/Autodesk adds more features and lower subscription based pricing to Smoke 2015" MacNN 8:09 AM
  • "Review: PhotoScissors background removal tool for OS X" TechnologyTell 8:07 AM
  • "Here's How to Purge Your iTunes of That Horrid U2 Album" Wired 8:41 AM
  • "How to Identify iOS Backups from One Another in iTunes" OS X Daily 4:56 PM
  • "Speedy Net for Mac OS X lets you easily test your networks speed" Apple Daily Report 7:55 AM
  • "Cheap: Fhotoroom Brings Fhilters To Fhotos On A Mac" McSolo 7:54 AM
  • "Free: Notes App In The Mac's Menubar" Mac 360 7:54 AM
  • "This Mac App Is Difficult To Describe, Useful If You Need It, And Free" Mac 360 7:53 AM
  • "Almost Free: Fun With Faces On Photos" Mac 360 7:53 AM
Press Releases
  • "Apple updates OS X Server 3.2 developer preview" MacNN 12:45 PM
  • "Nemetschek unveils new Vectorworks 2015 CAD/BIM tool publicly" Architosh 12:42 PM
  • "Inpaint 6: Popular Retouching Tool Gets Faster, Smoother and Friendlier" Teorex 10:39 AM
  • "Popular Contacts List Organizer Now Available For OS X - GroupsPro 1.0" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "Triangle Utility 1.1 offers engineering triangle computation for iOS" Tension Software 7:54 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "This is Apple's retail store gameplan for iPhone 6/Plus launch"  9to5Mac 10:51 AM
  • "Chinese Worker Detained for Giving Customers a Sneak Peek at iPhone 6"  WSJ Blogs 10:52 AM
  • "Foxconn employee detained by Chinese police for iPhone 6 shell leaks" 9to5Mac 12:45 PM
  • "China Mobile Focuses on 'Naked' Phones as IPhone Unknown" Bloomberg 8:04 AM
  • "Major Chinese business paper claims iPhone 6 won't go on sale in China this year – reliability unclear" 9to5Mac 8:04 AM
  • "Upside to iPhone China delay" CNBC Video 10:43 AM
  • "Here's How Apple Is Making Sure Its Overseas Workers Are Treated Fairly" Business Insider 10:25 AM
  • "PayPal threatened by Apple?" CNBC Video 10:43 AM
  • "Paypal Takes Potshot at Apple Pay, Mentioning iCloud Breach in New Ad" DailyTech 8:01 AM
  • "Bonking with Apple has pounded mobe operators' wallets ... into submission. Weve squeals, ditches payment plans" The Register 8:39 AM
  • "Apple Watch is a danger on the roads, warns driving charity: Because you apparently need two hands to operate it" The Inquirer 8:42 AM
  • "Apple's Advice to Bitcoin: Think Bigger" [Paid Membership Required] 10:42 AM
  • "Apple Watch Privacy Questioned by Connecticut AG" eWeek 2:47 PM
  • "Are you an Apple bore? After last week's fanfare, Apple's shiny new gizmos go on sale this Friday. So how much of an iFiend are you? Find out in our fully official iQuiz ..." Telegraph 8:37 AM
  • "Lost footage of Steve Jobs responding to Michael Dell's SIDAGTMBTTS advice" MacDailyNews 3:17 PM
  • "Steve Jobs would not let his own kids play on computers" CBS News 10:49 AM
  • "Man demands iPhone 6 as dowry, report says: In Saudi Arabia, the brother of a bride-to-be is reportedly insisting that her fiance provide him with an iPhone 6 for her hand." CNET 1:29 PM
Non-Apple News
  • "Hackers accessed Goodwill hosting provider for 18 months before card breach: C&K Systems, which provided payment technology to Goodwill, said two other unnamed businesses were also affected" Computerworld New Zealand 8:09 PM
  • " is not secure, says government report that will surprise no one" The Verge 7:23 PM
  • "Bad News For Microsoft As Xbox One Struggles" Seeking Alpha 5:53 PM
  • "Adobe Profit Falls 46% on Higher Costs: Photoshop and Illustrator Software Maker Has Been Moving to Cloud Services" [Paid Membership Required] 5:12 PM
  • "FBI facial recognition system at 'full operational capability'" Ars Technica 3:56 PM
  • "Huawei: There'll be blood spilled in the smartphone sector soon" The Register 10:53 AM
  • "Foxconn considering lawsuit over leukemia report" DigiTimes 8:38 AM
  • "Full Tim Cook interview with Charlie Rose available to stream online" AppleInsider 7:30 PM
  • "Charlie Rose Posts Part 2 of Apple CEO Tim Cook Interview" The Mac Observer 7:21 PM
  • "Greg Scown of Smile Introduces TextExpander touch 3" MacVoices 1:28 PM
  • "Apple likely to release iOS 8 at 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT Wednesday: Apple will probably release iOS 7 at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) tomorrow, the traditional time of its mobile operating system upgrade launches." Macworld UK 6:47 PM
  • "Apple to limit iPhone 6 NFC to Apple Pay, restrict developer access" AppleInsider 7:52 AM
  • "The NFC chip in your new iPhone will be locked to Apple Pay (for now)" iMore 7:59 AM
  • "Apple Restricting Use of NFC Antenna in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to Apple Pay" MacRumors 8:07 AM
  • "Apple locks iPhone 6 NFC to Apple Pay" CNET 8:44 AM
  • "iPhone's NFC Tech Will Only Work With Apple Pay" WSJ Blogs 10:42 AM
  • "Apple makes NFC a one-trick pony in iPhone 6, at least at launch" VentureBeat 12:45 PM
  • "Official iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases Arriving Ahead of Friday's iPhone Launch" MacRumors 2:48 PM
  • "iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus spotted ahead of release" TechnologyTell 8:06 AM
  • "Apple iPhone 6 Plus Hands on" UnderKG 2:31 PM
  • "iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Shown Off in Early Hands-On Videos" MacRumors 2:31 PM
  • "Hands On iPhone 6 Video Hits YouTube Ahead of Official Release" The Mac Observer 2:29 PM
  • "iOS 8 extensions in newly-updated apps not working right now, but should be fixed for tomorrow's launch" 9to5Mac 10:23 AM
  • "Apple to pre-install iLife and iWork apps on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus" The Inquirer 8:42 AM
Granted Apple Patents
  • "Apple was Granted 65 Patents Today Covering Advanced Haptics, the Lightning Connector, GarageBand and Much More" Patently Apple 7:57 AM
  • "Apple's patented physics-based iPad GUI translates file size into mass, supports intuitive gestures" AppleInsider 7:52 AM
  • "Apple wins patent for 'intelligent telephone number processing' on the iPhone" Apple Daily Report 7:56 AM
  • "Apple patent involves, among other things, the late, lamented iDVD" Apple Daily Report 7:56 AM
  • "Apple Posts Android to iPhone Transition Guide" MacTrast 3:57 PM
  • "Android users: Apple just made it even easier to switch to iPhone 6" BGR 3:56 PM
  • "Skype... No Longer Supporting Older Systems" Low End Mac 3:09 PM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Dark Lands For iPhone And iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $2.99)" Apple Sliced 9:16 AM
  • "Words With Monsters For iPhone And iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $1.99)" Apple Sliced 9:16 AM
  • "Instaflash Pro For iPhone And iPad Is Free Today (Was $4.99)" Apple Sliced 9:16 AM
  • "Mac Pro Prices & Deals" MacPrices 8:28 AM
  • "Mac mini Prices & Sales" MacPrices 8:28 AM

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Review roundup: Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8" AppleInsider 9:38 PM
  • "Review roundup: Everyone loves the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus" 9to5Mac 9:33 PM
  • "Review and Video: With New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, It's What's Inside That Counts" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:32 PM
  • "iPhone 6 Plus Review: The First Truly Well-Designed Big Smartphone" TechCrunch 9:21 PM
  • "iPhone 6 review: Giving the people what they want" The Verge 9:08 PM
  • "Review: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus" The Loop 8:39 PM
  • "Apple's iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases Offer Comfort And Light Protection With Few Concessions" TechCrunch 9:21 PM
  • "First Look: Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case" iLounge 2:48 PM
  • "Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100, a wireless ultra-compact portable scanner" 9to5Mac 8:05 AM
  • "Review: ZeroChroma Folio Slide for iPad mini" iLounge 8:01 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Review: Apple Inc. iOS 8" iLounge 9:35 AM
  • "'RPG Illusion Of L'Phalcia' Review - We've Reached The Extraneous Apostrophe Stage" Touch Arcade 10:22 AM
  • "Chopping Block Review: Work together with friends to create the perfect recipe tweaks with Chopping Block" 148Apps 10:23 AM
  • "Hyper Trip Review: Tough and unforgiving, Hyper Trip is a bit like Snake - if Snake was really harsh." 148Apps 9:35 AM
  • "Boogey Boy Review: It looks delightful but lack of Game Center support and more variety really affects the fun that Boogey Boy offers." 148Apps 8:31 AM
  • "How to Upgrade iCloud Storage to the New, Cheaper Plans" Apple Gazette 8:07 AM
  • "PadGadget's iPad Tips: How to Update to iOS 8" PadGadget 12:48 PM
  • "Preparing for iOS 8" Amsys 7:55 AM
  • "iPhone 6 Wireless Plans Compared" Time 5:06 PM
  • "Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations"  Daring Fireball 7:59 PM
  • "Apple's new Watch, Apple Pay and iPhone 6 met with nervous mocking by competitors"  AppleInsider 7:02 PM
  • "iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus: Which Apple Phone Should You Buy?" Yahoo Tech 3:04 PM
  • "Apple's iPhone 6 Models, Apple Pay and Apple Watch - Much Extended Version (Bangkok Post, Life)" eXtensions 9:20 PM
  • "We Can't Wait To Try These 10 New Features In iOS 8" Business Insider 3:04 PM
  • "The Beacons FAQ: It's Time To Set The Story Straight About Beacons And Apple's iBeacon System"  Business Insider 3:04 PM
  • "Beyond the Reality Distortion Field: A Sober Look at Apple Pay" Mashable 10:48 AM
  • "Here's one important area where some people think the iPhone 6 Plus falls short" BGR 10:23 AM
  • "Breach Of Trust: There's a spectrum, as with all things, to the reactions people have had to Apple's promotional gifting of U2's new album, 'Songs of Innocence.' On one end you'll hear ridiculous, conspiracy-minded talk about how Apple has violated customer privacy by, you know, giving them a free album. On the other end you'll hear ridiculous derision of anybody who, even upon careful reflection, finds fault with the way Apple and U2 carried out this PR stunt." Bitsplitting 10:24 AM
  • "As New iPhone 6 Looms, Apple Healthkit Hype Is Out Of Control. A Reality Check." Forbes 8:42 AM
  • "Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge" The Verge 8:29 AM
  • "Apple Watch: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?" Forbes 10:53 AM
  • "The Apple Watch won't kill the Swiss watch industry" The Next Web 9:34 AM
  • "The Apple Watch Report: The Media Still Doesn't Have a Clue!" The Tech Night Owl 8:52 AM
  • "Why Apple Watch may not be the overnight success Cupertino is used to" Cult of Mac 8:35 AM
  • "Ive's design team might be to blame for the Apple Watch's poor battery life" BGR 8:30 AM
  • "Opinion: Battery life should dictate Apple Watch release strategy"  Electronista 8:11 AM
  • "Hi MG. What's your take on the long lead time for Apple Watch availability? Can't understand Cook's logic here." ParisLemon 8:00 AM
  • "Apple's Watch Unveil By The Music" RazorianFly 7:59 AM
  • "Apple boss takes swipe at Google over data collection" Digital Trends 8:44 AM
  • "Tim Cook on why Apple is better at protecting privacy: 'You're not our product'" VentureBeat 8:44 AM
  • "Tim Cook: 'We're not reading your email or iMessages'/Apple chief executive Tim Cook has spoken out about privacy concerns in the wake of the iCloud nude photo leak" Telegraph 8:44 AM
  • "Tim Cook Basically Just Said He Was 'Offended' By The Way Google And Amazon Do Business" Business Insider 8:34 AM
  • "Tim Cook on Privacy and Apple Pay [Video] iClarified 8:07 AM
  • "More Tim Cook Interview: Apple Pay, Privacy, NSA" FairerPlatform 7:56 AM
  • "If LG can give us this monitor, why can't Apple give us 4K displays?" Apple Daily Report 7:56 AM
  • "Breaking the Jobsian Quadrant: Should Apple Make an iMac Pro?" Architosh 7:55 AM
  • "Record Sales? Apple's Coming Crash" Mac 360 7:53 AM
  • "A Funny Thing About The Latest Model Of The World's Most Popular Camera" Mac 360 7:53 AM
  • "Disappointing Record Sales For New iPhone" PixoBebo 7:53 AM
  • "The Government Attack on the Internet" Re/code 7:14 PM
  • "How Can You Increase Smart Phone Battery Life?" Wired 8:42 AM
  • "Selling Out Was the Best Thing Minecraft's Creator Could've Done" Wired 8:42 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "'Goat Simulator' for iOS Launches in New Zealand, Should Be Hitting Worldwide Later Tonight" Touch Arcade 6:15 PM
  • "Duolingo App Gets Notification Center Widget, Landscape Lessons, iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Support" iClarified 12:47 PM
  • "Microsoft's Universal Mobile Keyboard works with iOS, Android, and Windows tablets" CNET 10:25 AM
  • "Say Hello To The $1,000 App That Lets Your iPhone Record Video In 4K" Digital Trends 10:25 AM
  • "Exercise your brain with the best word games for your iPhone" AppAdvice 10:23 AM
  • "Mix by FiftyThree allows artists to share and rework iPad masterpieces" iMore 9:34 AM
  • "Paper by FiftyThree goes 2.0 with iOS 8 optimizations plus new Mix creativity platform" AppAdvice 9:34 AM
  • "Yantouch Ships Diamond+: World's First 3-In-1 Bluetooth Speaker, Smart Light & Sleep/Wake-Up Device" Thomas PR 9:13 AM
  • "TechSmith AppShow Gives Developers a Jumpstart for App Store Video Creation" Business Wire 8:57 AM
  • "Toshiba Introduces TransMemory ID USB 3.0 Flash Drive" Business Wire 8:57 AM
  • "Strap First to Deliver The Power of Analytics for Wearable Applications: Android Wear, Google and Pebble SDK Beta Now Available; Tizen and Apple Watch Support Coming Soon!" Business Wire 8:57 AM
  • "Aqua Data Studio 15 With New Visual Analytics and Visual Query Builder" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "PhatWare Releases WritePad 7.5 Featuring Advanced Cloud Integration" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "Imagemess for iOS - Messenger App that Transforms Your Words into Images" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "Fun, Simple and Ultra Addictive New No-Cost App: Radar Wings launches" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "Boing Boing Aliens 2.0 - The Only Atomic Age Alien Shooter That Swings" prMac 8:39 AM
  • "Build Your Own Siri: Offers Voice Integration for All" The Next Web 8:35 AM
  • "Your iPhone is an awesome chemistry kit" Cult of Mac 8:34 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft is looking to 'fundamentally change the way Windows is shipping'" Neowin 9:38 PM
  • "Microsoft gets two new board members, celebrates by raising dividend 11%" Neowin 7:30 PM
  • "Round two of Microsoft layoffs coming September 18: Sources/Summary: Microsoft will continue with its planned layoffs of 18,000 with job cuts across nearly all divisions of the company with its second wave of cuts later this week." ZDNet 2:46 PM
  • "Microsoft to spotlight new Windows software September 30" Relaxnews 7:31 AM
  • "Microsoft confirms Windows 9 reveal at 30 September event" ITProPortal 7:39 AM
  • "Microsoft Will Show Us The Next Version Of Windows In Two Weeks" ReadWrite 7:39 AM
  • "Windows 9 release date and features: Microsoft announces 30 September event" The Inquirer 9:10 AM
  • "Microsoft rolls out its first OneNote smart watch app and it's for Android/Summary: Microsoft has a new version of its OneNote note-taking app that will work on Android Wear watches." ZDNet 2:46 PM
  • "Satya Nadella: Microsoft doesn't define mobile by market share but by mobility and people" Windows Phone Central 7:38 AM
  • "Microsoft Is Thinking Of Developing 'German-Controlled' Cloud Data Centre To Serve Its Customers" Microsoft 7:39 AM
  • "Microsoft weighing German-only data center, report says" Gigaom 8:09 PM
  • "Update: Intel Unveiled A Sneak Peek Of Its Basis Peak Smartwatch" Seeking Alpha 1:24 PM
  • "Intel teams with Indian firm to launch 'Eddy' tablet for children: Eddy holds out the promise of keeping children away from TVs and smartphones" IDG News Service 8:27 AM
  • "Hands on with Intel's Bay Trail: We check out Intel's crop of low-end laptops and AIOs..." SemiAccurate 7:24 AM
  • "TechSpot: 7-Way Intel Z97 Motherboard Roundup" Neowin 7:20 AM
  • "Game developers have to start thinking differently, says Intel: ANALYSIS Think threads, not just frequency" TechRadar UK 7:36 AM
  • "Intel interview: What is the chip maker doing in the PC gaming space?" PC Retail 7:36 AM
  • "Broadwell will be Intel's red-headed stepchild" Channel EYE 7:37 AM
  • "HP Buys Cloud Computing Startup Eucalyptus" NewsFactor 7:33 AM
  • "Dell Venue 8 7840 is the best Android tablet, ever" IntoMobile 7:36 AM
  • "IBM Touts Watson to Back Office Amid Cloud Service Push" Bloomberg 12:33 PM
  • "IBM launches Watson tool for business clients" Reuters 12:32 PM
  • "IBM Offers a Data Tool for the Mainstream, With Watson's Help" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 12:32 PM
  • "IBM wants to replace the spreadsheet with Watson Analytics: Watson Analytics aims to replace the spreadsheet" IDG News Service 12:11 PM
  • "IBM goes freemium with new natural language analytics service" Gigaom 2:32 PM
  • "IBM's New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses" TechCrunch 3:34 PM
  • "IBM Launches Watson Tool for Business Clients" Re/code 4:52 PM
  • "Toshiba's 7-inch Windows 8.1 tablet goes on sale for $119" Neowin 7:20 AM
  • "Cray lands $13M contract for Swedish supercomputing" GeekWire 4:52 PM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple Shares Are Ripe For A Pullback - Time To Take Profits" Seeking Alpha 10:25 AM
Industry News
  • "Tech Stocks: Microsoft, Pandora lead techs higher" MarketWatch 10:23 AM
  • "Stocks: 5 things to know before the open" CNNMoney 7:54 AM
  • "Stock Market Today: Stock Futures Fall as Eyes Turn to the Fed" TheStreet 7:53 AM
  • "U.S. Stocks Rally as Investors Look to Fed on Rates: Investors Watching for Signs of Possible Tightening" [Paid Membership Required] 3:36 PM
  • "Asia Markets: Japan stocks snap winning streak ahead of Fed meeting/ Japan stocks slipped Tuesday, snapping a five-session winning streak, as investors remained cautious ahead of the two-day Federal Reserve policy meeting." MarketWatch 7:53 AM
  • "Europe Markets: European stocks pull lower ahead of Fed, Scottish vote/European stocks slumped Tuesday, with investors facing uncertainty from the U.S. Federal Reserve's outlook on interest rates and the implications for European markets. Adding to the mix of unknowns was what lies ahead for the U.K. after Scotland votes on the issue of independence on Thursday." MarketWatch 7:53 AM
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at 1 p.m." Associated Press 12:35 PM
  • "Midday Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at 1 p.m." Associated Press 12:35 PM
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at the close of trading" Associated Press 7:28 PM

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