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Thursday, February 26, 2015
Checked 6:30 PM; Last Updated 6:30 PM CST; 00:30 GMT
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"How the Apple Watch changes everything""

"Apple faces second suit from victorious patent firm: Fresh off ..."

"iOS grows to 73% enterprise share in Q4 2014, Android ..."

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Thursday Highlights: Tim Cook spent time in Israel this week, where Apple is pursuing chip design showing "that the company is becoming more and more independent on the chip level, where it once had to rely on external suppliers" according to sources; patent troll wins $533 million verdict against Apple for patent infringement, appeal forthcoming; Strategy Analytics latest stats show Apple with solid command, almost 3/4, of global smartphone profit while Android at 25%, and Windows Phone at 1%; Jonny Evans says the fight is now between Google and Microsoft for the rest of enterprise market share; at Macworld, Lesa Snider shows how to make a cool typographic logo with the simple TextEdit in OS X; here's part 3 of Amsys' hidden features in Yosemite series; Kirk McElhearn says multiple windows in iTunes would be a step in the right direction to fix the interface; IDC says Android and iOS have a combined 96% of smartphone OS market, more in our General Interest section; Apple Watch featured in 12-page advertisement in Vogue; in effort to stem profit decline, Samsung freezing employee salaries; Tim Cook says you'll be able to shower with your Apple Watch on; if money is no object for you, perhaps you'll be interested in Brikk's custom Apple Watches that'll cost you up to $75,000, they'll be either gold or platinum and studded with diamonds; ZDNet reviews Air Display 3 that lets you use your iPad as secondary monitor via USB connection.

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  • "Apple's Focus in Israel: Chip Design"  WSJ Blogs 8:14 AM
  • "What's Apple CEO Tim Cook Doing In Israel?" Benzinga 10:59 AM
  • "How the Apple Watch changes everything"  MarketWatch 2:34 PM
  • "Apple faces second suit from victorious patent firm: Fresh off a $532.9 million jury win against Apple Inc, a Texas company is again suing the tech giant, this time over the same patents' use in devices introduced after the original case was underway."  Reuters 1:38 PM
  • "Apple to appeal $533 patent infringement award" AFP 8:14 AM
  • "Apple Plays Odds for Overturning $533 Million Verdict" Bloomberg 11:00 AM
  • "Strategy Analytics: Android Captures Tiny 11 Percent Share of Global Smartphone Profit in Q4 2014" ["Android hardware vendors combined took a record-low 11 percent global smartphone profit share, down from 29 percent one year ago. In contrast, Apple iOS captured a record-high 89 percent profit share, up from 71 percent in Q4 2013.'"] PRNewswire 8:44 AM
  • "iOS grows to 73% enterprise share in Q4 2014, Android drops to 25%, and Windows Phone stays flat at 1%"  VentureBeat 8:18 AM
  • "Apple Took 89% Of Q4 Smartphone Profits With Android OEMs In A Race To The Bottom" TechCrunch 8:44 AM
  • "Yes, Apple does own the mobile enterprise" Computerworld 9:41 AM
  • "Apple took a record-high 89% of smartphone profits last quarter" Fortune 10:59 AM
  • "Apple Brings Web-Based Pages, Numbers And Keynote Beyond The iCloud Beta" TechCrunch 2:34 PM
  • "Apple Opens Up 'iWork for iCloud' to Everyone, No Apple Device Required" MacRumors 4:22 PM
  • "And the buggiest OS provider award goes to ... Apple? Count of 2014"s flaws finds more nasties in Mac OS and iOS than in Windows or Linux" The Register 8:09 AM
  • "Force-quit processes to fix a hot Mac with blaring fans" MacIssues 10:47 AM
  • "Yosemite discussion includes some interesting notes on performance, a tip for testing plists (parameter lists), disk formatting issues (Core Storage), and more about managing Adobe Flash security issues (and related security notes)." MacInTouch 12:20 PM
  • "Review: LastPass for Mac protects your passwords but needs polish" Macworld 2:13 PM
  • "Review: Adobe Premiere Elements 13" Mac|Life 1:37 PM
  • "Design a sharp typographic logo, even if all you have is TextEdit" Macworld 8:16 AM
  • "OS X Yosemite Hidden Feature Series – Part 3" Amsys 8:55 AM
  • "How to make third-party menu bar icons look better with dark mode on Mac" iDownload Blog 4:30 PM
  • "Capture iPhone Calls Using Audio Hijack" Rogue Amoeba 10:19 AM
  • "Cheap File Encryption For Your Mac" Mac 360 7:51 AM
  • "How To Edit Fonts For Fun, Profit, And Art" McSolo 7:51 AM
  • "Manage Files From The Mac's Menubar" Mac 360 7:51 AM
  • "Ethics: Were software engineer a profession like doctor or lawyer, we'd have a strong and binding set of ethics." inessential 4:30 PM
  • "How I Would fix iTunes Part 3: Multiple Windows" Kirkville 8:27 AM
  • "It's A Fact: OS X and iOS Are The World's Most Vulnerable Operating Systems" PixoBebo 7:51 AM
Press Releases
  • "Tapbots aiming to release major Tweetbot updates for iPhone & iPad before June, Tweetbot 2 for Mac coming next" 9to5Mac 2:01 PM
  • "Spotify announces Musixmatch lyrics integration in desktop apps and other goodies" iDownload Blog 8:23 AM
  • "Spotify's Mac app getting integrated Musixmatch lyrics in the coming weeks" 9to5Mac 8:16 AM
  • "Mac - iPhone users now protect kids, pets, things with this new IoT App" prMac 8:11 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple Sends Invites for 'Spring Forward' Media Event on March 9" MacRumors 11:11 AM
  • "Apple announces 'Spring forward' event on March 9th in San Francisco ahead of Apple Watch debut" 9to5Mac 11:11 AM
  • "Apple Sends Out Invites For March 9 Event, Likely For Apple Watch" TechCrunch 11:11 AM
  • "Big show: Apple's March 9 Apple Watch event" Computerworld 1:33 PM
  • "Apple Invites Media to March 9th 'Spring Forward' Event" The Mac Observer 11:30 AM
  • "Report: iOS and Android closer than ever to 'total domination'" Mashable 8:11 AM
  • "Android and iOS account for over 96% of smartphone OS market for both 4Q14 and 2014, says IDC" DigiTimes 8:11 AM
  • "Money from apps? It's all about Apple iOS, says survey" The Register 8:09 AM
  • "Apple's iOS bolsters lead in enterprise for Q4 at the expense of Android" AppleInsider 8:17 AM
  • "The Apple Watch gets 12 (mostly white) pages in Vogue" Fortune 8:14 AM
  • "Apple kicking off Watch advertising campaign in March issue of Vogue" Apple World Today 9:09 AM
  • "Big, beautiful photos of all 22 models of the Apple Watch" Business Insider 4:42 PM
  • "Chinese government removes Apple from list of approved tech companies for state purchases" 9to5Mac 8:16 AM
  • "Intel, Apple and Cisco crossed off Chinese Gov's kit list" The Register 8:08 AM
  • "Tim Cook On Tour: Here's everywhere the Apple CEO has been visiting" Business Insider 8:19 AM
  • "Firehouse Subs rolls out support for Apple Pay to over 800 locations nationwide" AppleInsider 2:13 PM
  • "Google Play is making more money than Apple's App Store — in Germany" VentureBeat 2:13 PM
  • "Apple extends 3D Flyover support and strikes new US partnerships, showing it's still serious about rivaling Google Maps" The Next Web 8:17 AM
  • "Apple Maps adds animated 3D imagery starting w/ UK's London Eye & Big Ben (Videos)" 9to5Mac 10:44 AM
  • "'Brand X' tablets are beating the iPad" Cult of Mac 8:23 AM
  • "'Modern Family' airs Apple-centric episode" CNN 11:19 AM
  • "What Happens When You Torch an iPhone 6" Apple Gazette 8:27 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Only 40 Percent of World's Population Has Ever Gone Online: 'The unconnected are disproportionately located in developing countries,' according to Facebook's" PC Magazine 12:25 PM
  • "Get ready for lawsuits over net neutrality" CNNMoney 6:15 PM
  • "House Republicans Threaten To Curb The FCC's 'Ability To Regulate The Internet'" TechCrunch 4:23 PM
  • "FCC Reclassifies Internet Providers in Net Neutrality Vote" The Mac Observer 4:15 PM
  • "Net neutrality rules passed by US regulator" BBC 12:25 PM
  • "Net Neutrality wins! FCC votes to reclassify ISPs as Title II utilities" The Next Web 12:18 PM
  • "The FCC votes to enact Net Neutrality" VentureBeat 12:08 PM
  • "FCC vote: Net neutrality saved, ISPs will be reclassified as utilities" BGR 12:08 PM
  • "FCC approves Net Neutrality, Title II proposal in 3-2 vote" Electronista 11:29 AM
  • "FCC Votes to Allow Municipal Broadband, Overruling Two States' Laws: Commission's move sets a precedent for consideration of similar petitions in future" [Paid Membership Required] 11:11 AM
  • "Kanye West on why he's inspired by Jony Ive(s)" Cult of Mac 6:03 PM
  • "Samsung Filed The Most Patents In Europe In 2014, U.S. Led The Field By Country" TechCrunch 8:12 AM
  • "Samsung to Freeze Salaries: Move comes after the company's profit declined for three consecutive quarters" [Paid Membership Required] 8:08 AM
  • "Xiaomi Mi Note: Apple lookalike with inspired innovations" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 8:05 AM
  • "Apple's event could be time for more than a Watch: The 'Spring Forward' March 9 Apple event could hold some surprises in store, the FCC votes in favor of Net neutrality rules, and ToeJam & Earl rock Kickstarter to make a funky return." CNET 5:18 PM
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-02-26: Apple Spring Forward Media Event, Net Neutrality" The Mac Observer 1:33 PM
  • "iMore show 445: Thousand dollar time share" iMore 9:17 AM
  • "Your Mac Life Archives #1043 for February 25th, 2015!" Your Mac Life 9:05 AM
  • "Q&A: 'Modern Family' Producer Talks Episode Shot With iPhone" ABCNews 8:47 AM
  • "Exclusive: Pichai On Google's Vision, Mobile Revenue, Apple and China" Forbes 8:04 AM
  • "Less Apple Business Is Better for Micron Tech: Apple was commanding lower DRAM pricing from Micron for the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus." Barron's 8:14 AM
  • "Tim Cook Reportedly Showers with Apple Watch, Suggesting It's Waterproof" The Mac Observer 7:52 AM
  • "Apple's presence in Israel growing to expand in-house chip design capabilities" iDownload Blog 10:58 AM
Full list of stories currently available by SUBSCRIPTION...

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "Hands on with Air Display 3: Using iPad as second monitor over USB" ZDNet 8:08 AM
  • "Apple iPhone 6 Vs Xiaomi Mi 4 Review: Tim Cook's Clone Wars" Forbes 8:05 AM
  • "Review: Moshi's VersaCover for iPad Air 2 uses pyramid power to prop up your tablet" 9to5Mac 1:37 PM
  • "Mini review: Lightning Rabbit Triforce USB charger – cute & fast" 9to5Mac 8:17 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Throw away your fax machine and use these apps instead" Macworld 8:16 AM
  • "Hands On: WireShare (iOS)" MacNN 8:26 AM
  • "Hands On: Weather Clock Pro (iOS)" MacNN 8:26 AM
  • "Hands On: Tube Map Pro (iOS)" MacNN 8:26 AM
  • "Tap Heroes review: whether you are active or not, your adventure continues" iDownload Blog 8:23 AM
  • "TWIST3D puts a new spin on the match-three genre" iDownload Blog 8:23 AM
  • "'AG Drive' Review - Doesn't Reinvent the Hover Engine" Touch Arcade 10:57 AM
  • "Flop Rocket – Cave, The Final Frontier" Apple'n'Apps 4:30 PM
  • "HERO Keyboard Review: Providing a more intuitive way of typing, HERO Keyboard should save you plenty of time." 148Apps 10:18 AM
  • "Timeline Review: News isn't just about the story of today, but the stories of yesterday that made it possible. Timeline contextualizes it all." 148Apps 1:37 PM
  • "Kinkle Review: Kinkle is design-savvy but, like other upstarts in this space, lacking content." 148Apps 11:12 AM
  • "Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere Review/Regular Show gets an above average game." 148Apps 9:24 AM
  • "Get Office, Dropbox, and your photos to work together on your iPad" PCWorld 10:19 AM
  • "Save any picture from the web to your iPhone or iPad" iMore 8:27 AM
  • "Snow problem: Tips for Alto's Adventure" Six Colors 9:41 AM
  • "Why are my lock, keyboard, and camera sounds not working?" iMore 8:27 AM
  • "Future Classics: the black MacBook" 512 Pixels 6:18 PM
  • "How Apple Watch changes Apple Retail" The Next Web 6:15 PM
  • "What to expect from Apple's March 9 event (hint: more than just the Watch)" CNET 6:07 PM
  • "Three big questions before the Apple Watch event" Gigaom 4:27 PM
  • "What Will the Apple Watch Edition Cost? Jewelry and Watch People Weigh In" JCK Magazine 4:23 PM
  • "To stand out, the Apple Watch needs to stick to the basics" TechnologyTell 4:18 PM
  • "Thoughts On Apple Watch Upgradability" Kirkville 1:59 PM
  • "Apple iOS Versus Android: Is This The Turn Of The Tide?" Seeking Alpha 1:38 PM
  • "Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M9: How Samsung might leave rivals in the dust" BGR 10:19 AM
  • "Apple car: 5 reasons it's intriguing, 5 reasons it's nuts" CNBC 9:41 AM
  • "Driving me crazy: Apple car speculation is out of control" Macworld 9:11 AM
  • "Why An Apple Television Set Could Cost You Nothing" Forbes 9:09 AM
  • "Is the Galaxy S6 really an iPhone ripoff? Leaked comparison photo lets you be the judge" BGR 8:56 AM
  • "Cassandra: An iPhone 6 User Experiencing a Low-end Samsung Smartphone and Android as a Novice" eXtensions 8:33 AM
  • "Apple Watch: The options we're all choosing and why!" iMore 8:27 AM
  • "iTunes Match users: it might be time to switch to Google Play Music" Cult of Mac 8:23 AM
  • "How one man's stolen iPhone made him an internet celebrity in China" Business Insider 8:19 AM
  • "The Mac thanks you, Lenovo, for the Superfish fiasco" AppleDailyReport 7:51 AM
  • "Apple And 'Guilty By Association" Mac 360 7:51 AM
  • "Nobody Cooks With Apple's Secret Sauce" Mac 360 7:51 AM
  • "The Google Glass Team Invented a Circular Keyboard that Your Eyes were to Control .... Really" Patently Apple 4:30 PM
  • "Did the FCC Just Vote To Save The Internet Or Kill It?" Forbes 4:20 PM
  • "Opponents, supporters of FCC Net Neutrality, Title II vote speak out" Electronista 2:32 PM
  • "Why Net Neutrality Isn't Worth Celebrating: Net neutrality doesn't fix the most pressing problem with our internet service." Time 2:00 PM
  • "Verizon's response to the FCC's net neutrality ruling: '... ..- -.-. -.- / .. -'" Mashable 1:38 PM
  • "HP Omen 15 Gaming Notebook Review, A Bit Of Mojo And Voodoo" HotHardware 11:59 AM
  • "Waiting for the Next Grenade in the Wireless Wars" The Information [Subscription Required for Full Article] 9:11 AM
  • "Why SSDs are obsolete" ZDNet 8:14 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "'The Quest Keeper' Could be the Dungeon-Crawling Version of 'Crossy Road'" Touch Arcade 5:23 PM
  • "Nickelodeon unveils its new Noggin video subscription service for the iPhone and iPad" AppAdvice 5:18 PM
  • "'Click' Aims to Introduce Apple Watch Band Adapter in Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign" MacRumors 4:43 PM
  • "New Travel Health App 'My Travel Health' iOS App for international travelers Now Available on Apple App Store" MacPrices 1:33 PM
  • "Moon Calendar update brings iPhone 6/6Plus compatibility and new features" AppAdvice 12:07 PM
  • "Rovio Updates 'Bad Piggies', Adds New Sandbox Level" Touch Arcade 11:58 AM
  • "Scutify's iOS game turns you into a hedge fund manager" VentureBeat 11:19 AM
  • "Readdle's Printer Pro goes zero bucks, courtesy of Apple's Free App of the Week promo" iDownload Blog 8:57 AM
  • "Burn Rubber on the Ice With a New Cars: Fast as Lightning Update" 148Apps 8:47 AM
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook to Deliver George Washington University Commencement Address" PRNewswire 8:47 AM
  • "WriteReader Launches Educational App in the U.S., Changing the Way Kids Are Taught to Read" Business Wire 11:17 AM
  • "Vurb Launches App to Simplify Mobile Search" Business Wire 8:46 AM
  • "Wunderlist announces app integrations, new quick-add feature for iOS app" The Verge 8:21 AM
  • "Booking Now's Accommodation App for iOS Devices Lands in Europe" The Next Web 8:18 AM
  • "Instanty 3.0 for iOS extracts high quality pictures from Ultra HD videos" prMac 9:52 AM
  • "String Toys for iPad Releases to the App Store" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Ticker 1.0 for iOS now available - Sample-accurate metronome + beatmatch" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Record your Family Stories using Re-Collections for iPad" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Sopio: The Points and Puns Card Game Comes to iOS" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "MCE Portable USB 3.0 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer for Optical Drive-less Macs" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Giglea Launches a Different Kind of Social Network App Based on Events" prMac 8:11 AM
  • "Quick Backup and Restore contacts from iPhone - Save to Dropbox" prMac 8:11 AM
Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft mobile-handset manufacturing consolidation continues: Report" ZDNet 11:04 AM
  • "Microsoft Garage Brings Productivity Apps: Experimental apps from Microsoft's Garage incubator are designed to enhance productivity." InformationWeek 1:41 PM
  • "Microsoft's future for productivity: More touch, pen, personal agents" ZDNet 1:41 PM
  • "Microsoft obsesses over giant displays and super thin tablets in future vision video" The Verge 6:41 AM
  • "Microsoft shows us the future in its 'Productivity Future Vision' video" Neowin 7:20 AM
  • "Microsoft brings machine learning to Azure: Hadoop-based big data analytics rolled out, with open source analytics platform for Azure" 7:59 AM
  • "Reports: Microsoft cutting 9K Chinese jobs at two Nokia plants" Seeking Alpha 1:42 PM
  • "Hewlett-Packard stock falls as stronger dollar hurts earnings" Boston Globe 7:13 AM
  • "Ask Matt: Is Hewlett-Packard dead money?" USA Today 7:14 AM
  • "Intel NUC mini PC with Core i7 Broadwell, Iris graphics coming in Q2, 2015" Liliputing 7:16 AM
  • "Intel's Cherry Trail Disappoints With Performance: Is This As Bad As It Seems?" Seeking Alpha 1:31 PM
  • "Intel Introduces New Brand Levels for the Intel Atom Processor" CDR info 7:16 AM
  • "Intel announces Atom x3, x5, x7 branding" bit-tech 7:16 AM
  • "Intel to split the Atom into x3, x5 and x7 processor families" Hexus 7:16 AM
  • "Intel brings the Joy of X to the Atom" Channel EYE 7:16 AM
  • "Intel's Next Atom CPUs Will Be Called x3, x5 and x7" Softpedia 7:17 AM
  • "China Blacklists Apple, Intel and Others from Government Purchases" Reuters 7:17 AM
  • "Judge orders Oracle to keep hosting Oregon's Medicaid system" Miami Herald 7:19 AM
  • "IBM's Leaders: 2015 Is a Transition Year, by Design" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:12 AM
  • "IBM's Rometty: Focusing on high growth, won't forget core" CNBC 4:20 PM
  • "Rometty: IBM a high value innovation company" CNBC Videos 4:20 PM
  • "If in doubt, blow $4bn: IBM says it will fatten up on cloud, mobile, Big Data cake by 2018" The Register 6:07 PM
  • "Who Wins The Battle of The Disrupted Tech Giants: HP Or IBM?" TechCrunch 4:43 PM
  • "IBM targets $40 billion in cloud, other growth areas by 2018" Reuters 11:03 AM
  • "IBM, Juniper Networks work to build networks capable of real-time, predictive analysis" ZDNet 11:04 AM
  • "IBM Pumps $4 Billion into Cloud, Mobile Initiatives: Tech company shifts spending plans to target faster-growing segments" [Paid Membership Required] 9:12 AM
  • "IBM's Rometty pitches 'high value innovation', reinvention, $4 billion more into growth businesses" ZDNet 9:13 AM
  • "Big day for Big Blue | Watch the video" CNBC Videos 7:58 AM
  • "IBM, ARM unveil Internet of Things starter kit" ExtremeTech 8:42 AM
  • "ARM looks to benchmarking to improve performance" ZDNet 7:15 AM
  • "Like Google in Vietnam, Lenovo tripped up by a DNS attack: Both sites were redirected after hackers tampered with DNS records" IDG News Service 6:37 AM
  • "China's Lenovo becomes victim of cyber-attack" BBC 6:37 AM
  • "Lenovo's bad week gets worse: website hacked by Lizard Squad" Neowin 6:40 AM
  • "Japan focuses self-driving car technology" ZDNet 6:40 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple now accounts for 10% of Nasdaq's index value" Cult of Mac 1:38 PM
  • "Here's How Apple Inc. Stock Could Get to $150" The Motley Fool 11:19 AM
  • "Apple's Recent Decline Offers Investors a Buying Opportunity" TheStreet 10:59 AM
  • "Apple May Disappoint Investors With Its Updated Buyback And Dividend Programs" Forbes 8:19 AM
  • "Apple Throws a Wrench Into Nasdaq's Gearbox: Shares of tech company slump, helping to end a 10-day winning streak for the index" [Paid Membership Required] 7:51 AM
Industry News
  • "Stocks mixed but Nasdaq moves closer to 5000: Stocks closed mostly lower Thursday amid mixed economic data and a sharp drop in oil prices, but the Nasdaq continues its march upward toward 5000." USA Today 4:35 PM
  • "Crude Oil Selloff Fails to Scare Stocks From Record Highs" TheStreet 4:35 PM
  • "Market Snapshot: S&P 500 Weighed By Energy Sector; Russell 2000 Ends At Record" MarketWatch 4:35 PM
  • "US stock indexes drift mostly lower, led by declines in energy companies as oil prices slide" Associated Press 4:33 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks End Mostly Lower; Nasdaq Gains: Trading activity muted as earnings season winds down" [Paid Membership Required] 4:33 PM
  • "Stocks: 5 things to know before the open" CNNMoney 7:29 AM
  • "Asia Markets: Japan stocks touch 15-year high again/Japanese stocks resumed their winning ways on Thursday, rising to a fresh 15-year high after breaking a five-session winning streak in the previous session." MarketWatch 7:30 AM
  • "Europe Markets: European stocks rise as German unemployment falls/European stocks rose Thursday, with German equities gaining traction after better-than-expected labor-market data from Europe's largest economy." MarketWatch 7:30 AM
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at the close of trading" Associated Press 6:15 PM
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at the close of trading" Associated Press 5:23 PM
  • "Midday Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at 1 p.m." Associated Press 1:35 PM

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