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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Checked 1:50 AM; Last Updated 9:05 PM CDT; 02:05 GMT
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"Is Tim Cook Really Like Microsoft's Steve Ballmer?""

"All three iPhone 8 models likely to have glass backs ..."

"How Apple and Facebook bring tech accessibility to the masses: ..."

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Today's Poll...
Agree/Disagree: Tim Cook is Apple's Steve Ballmer.

Not sure...

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Agree/Disagree: Tim Cook is Apple's Steve Ballmer. Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Wednesday Highlights: Jason Snell at Macworld explains how "Tim Cook made lemonade out of Apple's Q4 2016 earnings"; during Q&A, one analyst challenged Cook asking whether Apple has a "grand strategy" for the future; Six Colors posts 5 charts spanning earnings data from call; reports and opinions aplenty in our Apple/Macintosh, Op/Ed, and Finances sections; analyst at TheStreet thinks Apple should get involved in AT&T/Time Warner deal; Bob LeVitus, aka Dr. Mac, shows how to set up Mac dictation; Quartz on how Silicon Valley has "totally disrupted" the music business, but the key players in the industry, Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen, are now in Silicon Valley; Apple, Facebook "embracing users with disabilities"; Apple TV app rumored to be announced tomorrow along side Mac updates—more in our General Interest section; Nikkei source confirming all three iPhone 8 models to have glass backs.

Today's MacUpdate Promo offers 30% savings on MoneyWell for just $42.00. "MoneyWell is a streamlined solution for money management on your Mac. If you've ever been overwhelmed by the needless complexity of other personal finance applications, you'll find MoneyWell to be a breath of fresh air."

  • "4 ways Tim Cook made lemonade out of Apple's Q4 2016 earnings: Wall Street analysts want to talk about growth, and Apple didn't grow much last quarter. But Tim Cook isn't worried—he's got the perfect plan."  Macworld 7:14 AM
  • "Tim Cooks chats Apple Pay, Siri and Apple Car after Q4 earnings" V3 7:27 AM
  • "Apple's Vision Questioned in Search for Next Big Thing"  Bloomberg TV 6:42 AM
  • "Apple's Services division is the one bright spot in a down fiscal 2016: But Services still only makes up 11 percent of annual revenue" The Verge 7:21 AM
  • "Apple shifts focus to services business" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 6:45 AM
  • "Services now worth more to Apple than each of iPad and (for now) Mac" 9to5Mac 7:18 AM
  • "Apple's fiscal 4th quarter in 5 charts" Six Colors 7:18 AM
  • "Apple's Bottom Line, iPhone Sales Beat Estimates"  RealMoney 6:43 AM
  • "Apple looks to India to be its new China as iPhone sales grow 50 percent" CNBC 6:43 AM
  • "Apple Prices, Margins, and Growth In Decline" Forbes 6:39 AM
  • "iPad sales hit a new 5-year low this past quarter" BGR 7:07 AM
  • "Apple's September quarter: What the analysts are saying" Apple 3.0 [Subscription Required for Full Article] 7:15 AM
  • "TheStreet's Mohr: Apple Should Join AT&T/Time Warner Deal/ Adding AAPL's 1 billion+ users to the mix makes lot of sense."  TheStreet 6:44 AM
  • "Apple R&D spend breaks $10B barrier in 2016 after $350M increase in Q4" AppleInsider 7:10 PM
  • "Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 16 With Bug Fixes and Feature Tweaks" MacRumors 12:08 PM
  • "How to use the advanced Calendar Service features in macOS Sierra Server: Make adjustments to get the most out of macOS Server's Calendar Service." Macworld 7:14 AM
  • "The FCPX Tour@IBC Videos Part 7: Peter Wiggins (UK) and Pierre Chevalier (Softron Belgium) Talk Using FCPX for Time Pressured Productions" 7:16 AM
  • "How to set up and start using Mail for Mac" iMore 8:44 AM
  • "Tips: How to remap command, control, escape, and other keys in macOS Sierra" AppleInsider 2:55 PM
  • "How to Add a Physical Escape Key to the New MacBook Pro" The Mac Observer 10:27 AM
  • "OK, Mac users, hands up if you knew this flashy alert tip" Apple Must 12:21 PM
  • "What Mac Pros Use To Mouse Around" Mac 360 7:45 AM
  • "Tabs Improve The Mac's Dock" TeraTalks 7:59 AM
Press Releases
  • "Civilization VI Now Available on Steam and the Mac App Store!" Aspyr 12:07 PM
  • "Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13 Makes a Huge Leap Forward for Filmmakers" Red Giant 12:03 PM
  • "MacHTTP-js Preview Full-featured Web Server for macOS Released" MacPrices 10:28 AM
  • "iThoughts v4 Adds Markdown Formatting" Macdrifter 7:16 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Music has been totally disrupted by Silicon Valley—yet it's still run by the same two moguls" ["Cohen, who's about to take over a crucial part of YouTube's business, and Iovine, now Apple's music guru, by all accounts should have crashed to the ground alongside the music industry's antiquated business model—the way the executives who ran Nokia and Blackberry have been tossed aside by the smartphone revolution. But they did the opposite. So who are these two men, and how'd they pull off the near-impossible?"]  Quartz 6:43 AM
  • "How Apple and Facebook bring tech accessibility to the masses: The Silicon Valley giants are embracing users with disabilities, resulting in tech and features that everyone can appreciate."  CNET 8:01 AM
  • "Apple to help viewers discover TV shows through an app" USA Today 10:29 AM
  • "Report: Apple to announce new app for Apple TV at tomorrow's event, a personalized TV show 'watch list'" 9to5Mac 10:30 AM
  • "Report: New Apple TV app to provide show recommendations" iLounge 10:30 AM
  • "Apple TV news is coming soon, Reports claim" Apple Must 11:37 AM
  • "Apple's 'hello again' Event to Include Apple TV Content Discovery App" The Mac Observer 11:03 AM
  • "Tim Cook on Apple Car Rumors: Technologies Available That Will 'Revolutionize' Car Experience" MacTrast 7:54 AM
  • "Report: Apple Developing Car OS in Canada" PC Magazine 10:36 AM
  • "Project Titan sets up shop in Canada, with employees from BlackBerry's QNX" Macworld 2:22 PM
  • "Apple prepares for finishing touches at Campus 2, extends construction schedule into 2017" 9to5Mac 2:22 PM
  • "A new study says chat apps lack security to protect human rights" Business Insider 10:36 AM
  • "In China, some Apple users opt for iPhone makeover rather than buy new" Reuters 9:02 AM
  • "Apple Slides in China as Homegrown Rivals Up Their Design Game" Bloomberg 6:46 AM
  • "Code Commerce is coming to San Francisco with Jack Dorsey and Apple Pay's Jennifer Bailey" Recode 7:05 AM
  • "Apple posts Apple Pay support page on German website, suggests impending launch" AppleInsider 7:13 AM
  • "Liveblog: Apple's first Mac event in ages starts October 27 at 1pm ET/It's been a year and a half since we saw Mac hardware on stage." Ars Technica 12:39 PM
  • "Jony Ive's Next One-of-a-Kind Design Project is a Christmas Tree" MacRumors 7:15 AM
  • "Old iMacs don't die. They become lamps and fish tanks in Nebraska." Cult of Mac 12:08 PM
  • "Today in Apple history: iPod Photo brings color displays to the iPod" Cult of Mac 9:04 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Intel Granted a Design Patent for Portable All-In-One Computer that's like a Giant Tablet with a Carrying Handle" Patently Apple 8:49 PM
  • "A Fix Is Coming For The Google Pixel Camera Flare Issue" Digital Trends 3:49 PM
  • "Google is making it easier for anyone to design beautiful apps" The Verge 12:39 PM
  • "This Is Microsoft's Gorgeous New Mac Rival: It's a desktop Windows PC called the Surface Studio" Time 10:38 AM
  • "Things look even worse for MP3tunes founder after loss on appeal/Judges: mp3tunes founder 'acted in a manner intended to promote infringement.'" Ars Technica 7:54 AM
  • "How hackable are your smart home gadgets? After last week's massive internet outage, now may be the time for a full audit of your smart home devices." CNET 7:45 AM
  • "Chinese Crew Steals iPhone Pics, Hacks Google Nexus, Wins $200,000" Forbes 6:39 AM
  • "The Talk Show: 'Prisoner's Dilemma Multitasking', With Special Guest John Moltz" Daring Fireball 8:35 PM
  • "Apple's $9 Billion Riddle – Podcast" WSJ Blogs 2:41 PM
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2016-10-26: AAPl Q4 Earnings, Microsoft's Surface Studio" The Mac Observer 12:55 PM
  • "IBM, Apple, bring Watson into the iOS enterprise" Computerworld 7:44 AM
  • "Apple delays AirPod rollout, don't expect them in October" TechCrunch 2:54 PM
  • "Apple says AirPod shipments to be delayed" Reuters 3:59 PM
  • "Apple AirPods indefinitely delayed beyond original 'late October' window: Apple says wireless buds still aren't 'ready for our customers.'" Ars Technica 4:31 PM
  • "Oops! Apple leaks photo of new MacBook Pro with OLED Magic Toolbar" BetaNews 7:32 AM
  • "Apple's new MacBook Pro accidentally almost entirely revealed ahead of big Mac event" The Independent 7:45 AM
  • "Apple 'leaks its own Macbook Pro laptop revamp'" BBC 7:55 AM
  • "Comment: Prepare to say hello to the first MacBook Pro designed without input from Steve Jobs" 9to5Mac 9:05 AM
  • "Microsoft and Apple lead the way with modern PC designs: Both Surface and MacBook lines are getting a refresh this week. Will they be incremental updates or genuinely cutting-edge designs? Ed Bott looks at four factors to decide." ZDNet 7:32 AM
  • "Could ARM-Based MACs Arrive On Thursday?" Forbes 6:39 AM
  • "Apple MacBook Pro: What is the new USB-C port and will I need an adapter?" Telegraph 10:36 AM
  • "All three iPhone 8 models likely to have glass backs -- source"  Nikkei 11:48 AM
  • "Nikkei: iPhone 8 will introduce 5-inch version, all-glass backs across lineup" 9to5Mac 11:48 AM
  • "Apple will release three new phones next year — all with new glass backings, report says" CNBC 11:08 AM
  • "Apple is launching its new TV guide tomorrow — but Netflix won't be a part of it: It's an easier way to find and watch video on Apple TV." Recode 6:20 PM
  • "Report: Apple to unveil universal TV guide tomorrow, aggregates video from various sources ... but not Netflix" 9to5Mac 6:21 PM
  • "Apple reportedly launching TV guide tomorrow without Netflix's support: A new form of universal search" The Verge 8:34 PM
  • "How Micro-LEDs could allow for Apple gadgets with longer-lasting batteries & brighter screens" iDownload Blog 2:25 PM
  • "Apple has made mockups of iMessage for Android" Macworld 2:22 PM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "12" iPad Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:24 AM
  • "9" iPad Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:24 AM
  • "12" MacBook Prices & Sales" MacPrices 7:24 AM

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: BuyBack+ offering 20% more for gadget trade-ins

  • "In-Ear Hardware – AirPods vs Dash vs Alto" DailyTech 10:36 AM
  • "Portrait mode is boring, and a bad reason to buy an iPhone 7 Plus" Business Insider 9:11 AM
  • "Nomad's Silicone Strap for Apple Watch is both durable and comfortable" iDownload Blog 7:28 AM
  • "Wacom Bamboo Slate review: Smartpad marries traditional note-taking to online output" Macworld 9:02 AM
  • "Braven BRV-Blade Bluetooth speaker review" The Gadgeteer 8:44 AM
  • "iPhone 7 Plus Blows Away Pixel XL In This Speed And Memory Management Test [Video] Redmond Pie 9:07 PM
  • "12 Google Pixel observations from an iPhone userĀ [Video] 9to5Mac 5:59 PM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "Why Google Should Be Your Favorite Calendar App" AppAdvice 8:23 PM
  • "Apple Watch: Flying smarter skies" iMore 11:40 AM
  • "How to Delete Messages Apps & Stickers in iOS 10" OS X Daily 1:19 PM
  • "Delete Old iPhone Backups to Save Space" MacMost 10:27 AM
  • "Reach for the Rating Stars in iOS 10" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11:45 AM
  • "Tip: save space on iPhone 7 Plus by turning off depth of field photo duplicates" iDownload Blog 10:32 AM
  • "iOS 10.1: Turning Off Duplicate Portrait Mode Images" The Mac Observer 8:45 AM
  • "EU tax plan will mean no repeat of Apple case - Moscovici" Irish Independent 9:07 PM
  • "Why To Worry About Apple" Forbes 3:15 PM
  • "Is Tim Cook Really Like Microsoft's Steve Ballmer?"  AppAdvice 1:19 PM
  • "Microsoft Takes Aim at Apple With New Products" Bloomberg TV 3:14 PM
  • "The Surface Studio makes a compelling argument for a Pencil-compatible Mac" iMore 2:25 PM
  • "Comment: Microsoft Surface Studio is the company's answer to Apple's iMac and Mac Pro" 9to5Mac 12:37 PM
  • "Why Apple-to-Android upgrade comparisons are utterly meaningless" Computerworld 12:05 PM
  • "Ask Matt: Has Apple and the iPhone peaked?" USA Today 11:39 AM
  • "Is Apple on the Brink of an iPhone Sales Super Cycle?" Bloomberg Video 11:08 AM
  • "Macs' Superior Enterprise Deployment Cost Economy No Surprise To Mac Veterans – The 'Book Mystique" MacPrices 10:37 AM
  • "Why Apple Must Diversify Its Revenue: Eventually, Apple needs to rely less on the iPhone, said Angelo Zino, an equity analyst at CFRA Research." TheStreet 10:36 AM
  • "This Is What Tim Cook Means When He Says We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It, Too" The Motley Fool 9:11 AM
  • "Apple's iPhone Slowdown And Cash Pile Fuel The M&A Rumor Mill" Forbes 9:05 AM
  • "Apple Lives In A Hardware Echo Chamber" NoodleMac 8:44 AM
  • "Beware, Apple Customers; Trackers Are Here, And More Are Coming" Mac360 8:44 AM
  • "UBS analyst pisses off Apple CEO Tim Cook" MacDailyNews 9:03 AM
  • "Cook replied more politely than many might have. 'We have the strongest pipeline that we've ever had and we're really confident about the things in it. But as usual, we're not going to talk about what's ahead,' he said."  Forbes 7:58 AM
  • "The question about 'grand strategy' that made Tim Cook unhappy on Apple's earning call was based on a Harvard professor's theory that makes uncomfortable reading for Apple"  Business Insider 7:32 AM
  • "Analysts fail to perform Jedi Mind Trick on Apple CEO" Six Colors 7:18 AM
  • "Painting a Clearer Picture of the Global Smartphone Market" Tech.pinions [Insider Content] 7:17 AM
  • "Creativity Is the New Productivity" Tech.pinions 7:17 AM
  • "A Day Away from New Macs—One Reader's View (And Design) of A New Pro Desktop" Architosh 2:17 PM
  • "What to Expect from Apple's Special Event" AppleBlend 9:03 AM
  • "What to expect from Apple's Mac event this week: Mac users' long wait will be over soon." Ars Technica 7:17 AM
  • "Hello again: What to expect from Apple's Mac event on Thursday/Apple is gearing up to release a full slate of new MacBooks." Macworld 7:14 AM
  • "First Click: I hate being an early adopter/This week we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the iPod. I owned the original, receiving the $399 MP3 player as a gift from my very generous parents on Christmas day 2001, just two months after it went on sale." The Verge 7:06 AM
  • "Apple and Google are failing to capitalise on Samsung's Note 7 fiasco due to a lack of phones" Business Insider 7:05 AM
  • "'The Engine' is MIT's incubator for tech and science companies straight out of the lab" TechCrunch 6:54 PM
  • "Microsoft is making a play for Apple's base of creatives: Designers and other artsy types have long gravitated toward Macs, but Microsoft is hoping to change that." Engadget 7:17 PM
  • "Microsoft Needs to Forget the Mac Faithful, Focus on the Kids: Microsoft lost a generation of creative professionals to Apple. But the next generation might choose Windows." PC Magazine 4:00 PM
  • "Google Cans 'CEO' of Google Access, Halts Expansion of Google Fiber" Daring Fireball 2:54 PM
  • "Microsoft Just Announced the iPad I Always Wanted -Surface Studio" The Mac Observer 2:17 PM
  • "Hands On: Surface Studio" Thurrott 12:04 PM
  • "Google: Our Assistant Will Trigger the Next Era of AI" Backchannel 11:10 AM
  • "Be Careful, Next Week it Could Be Our Email on WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton and her staff have been in the news thanks to email hacks, but it could happen to you, too." PC Magazine 7:54 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "New 'Launchpad' icon replaces 'Home' on, likely a minor change for consistency" 9to5Mac 6:22 PM
  • "Microsoft is Modernizing the Skype App for iOS and Android" Digital Trends 3:49 PM
  • "Thailand Radio Live 1.0 for iOS - Release Info" prMac 10:32 AM
  • "Best USB-C Monitors for Mac — So Far!" iMore 10:30 AM
  • "Insult-em-up 'Oh...Sir!' arrives on PC, Mac and mobile" Engadget 10:30 AM
  • "Elgato puts Siri in your light switch" Apple Must 10:28 AM
  • "Elgato launches HomeKit-enabled Eve Light Switch" iMore 6:13 PM
  • "Spectrum Brands, Inc. - Pet, Home & Garden Division Announces Launch of Tetra® Brand's My Aquarium" PRNewswire 8:01 AM
  • "Powerbeats 3 earphones with Apple's W1 chip are now available to buy" The Verge 7:07 AM
Computer Industry
  • "This is the Surface Studio, Microsoft's new all-in-one PC" TechCrunch 11:56 AM
  • "10 Impressive Features in Microsoft's Surface Studio Desktop PC" eWeek 5:52 PM
  • "Microsoft Unveils Its First Desktop PC" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:06 PM
  • "Microsoft updates the Surface Book with double the graphic performance" TechCrunch 11:56 AM
  • "Microsoft announces upgraded Surface Book with 16-hour battery life, for $2,399" The Verge 12:13 PM
  • "Microsoft Finally Explains Its VR Strategy" Thurrott 8:39 PM
  • "Microsoft announces new VR headsets for Windows 10, starting at $299" The Verge 12:12 PM
  • "Meet the sleek Surface Studio all-in-one, Microsoft's first-ever desktop PC" PCWorld 12:20 PM
  • "The Surface Dial is a radical puck that controls Microsoft's new Surface Studio PC" PCWorld 12:19 PM
  • "Microsoft Surface Book specs, price and release date: Microsoft could launch Surface Book 2 today" IT PRO 8:56 AM
  • "Microsoft: IoT Is A 'Business Revolution Masquerading As A Technology One'" TechWeekEurope 8:55 AM
  • "Microsoft Azure IoT Protects Against Cyber Attacks With Expert-Driven Security Program" TechWeekEurope 8:42 AM
  • "It's Party Time: Microsoft to Launch Surface PC During Windows 10 Event Today" Softpedia 8:10 AM
  • "This is how Microsoft is preventing hackers from hijacking IoT devices" Business Insider 8:10 AM
  • "Microsoft sets its sights on Internet of Things growth in Asia with Taiwan launch" The Drum 8:09 AM
  • "Microsoft Supercharges Its Azure IoT Suite With New Upgrades, Capabilities For Partners" CRN 8:11 AM
  • "Microsoft launches Azure IoT security program, certified device catalog" VentureBeat 8:09 AM
  • "Microsoft launches first IoT innovation hub in Asia" Tech in Asia 8:08 AM
  • "Will Microsoft Expand The Surface Brand To All-In-One Computers?" Seeking Alpha 8:07 AM
  • "HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all ship VR headsets for your PC starting at $299" TechCrunch 11:57 AM
  • "Genband Launches UC and Collaboration Platform with IBM Cloud" The Fast Mode 8:01 AM
  • "Slack Messaging Service to Add IBM Watson Smarts" [Paid Membership Required] 8:02 AM
  • "IBM Teams Up With Slack to Build Smarter Data-Crunching Chatbots" Bloomberg 8:02 AM
  • "IBM introduces Watson Workspace collaboration tool: Watson Workspace is a collaboration tool that leverages the cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson." ZDNet 1:01 PM
  • "IBM Watson Lends Brains to Slack's Chatbot" Fortune 8:02 AM
  • "IBM's Watson is lending its smarts to Slack and its chat bot" Engadget 8:01 AM
  • "IBM gives Slack developers access to its Watson Conversation API" VentureBeat 8:01 AM
  • "NetApp boss not deterred by Dell EMC" CRN 7:57 AM
  • "Intel announces Internet of Things-enabled Atom E3900 processor series" PCR Online 7:56 AM
  • "Intel shows off 14-nanometre Atom chip for IoT use" V3 7:55 AM
  • "Intel reveals its latest Atom chips for IoT and smart cars" SiliconRepublic 7:55 AM
  • "Intel's 'Apollo Lake' Atom E3900 chip takes aim at IoT applications" The Inquirer 7:54 AM
  • "Intel announces the Atom E3900 Series for IoT devices" ITProPortal 7:53 AM
  • "Intel debuts Atom E3900 Series for IoT" IT PRO 7:52 AM
  • "Intel Invests $38 Million in Robotics, VR Startups" Investopedia 3:14 PM
  • "Intel Capital Invests $38M In 12 Innovative Technology Startups" Forbes 7:52 AM
  • "Intel's new chips are for smart cars and the Internet of Things" Engadget 7:50 AM
  • "AMD CEO Lisa Su reconfirms ZEN release in Q1 2017" The Guru of 3D 7:45 AM
  • "Oracle Addresses the Identity Gap" DMN 7:44 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
  • "Apple slips as supply woes weigh on holiday sales forecast" Reuters 10:33 AM
  • "Dow falls 100 points as Apple slides more than 3.5%; oil slips" CNBC 9:05 AM
  • "Apple's stock selloff may account for nearly half the Dow futures' decline" MarketWatch 9:03 AM
  • "Analysts: Apple's innovation will pay off... eventually" CNBC 9:05 AM
  • "Is Apple Being Conservative on Growth Prospects?" Bloomberg TV 9:04 AM
  • "Apple Has Experienced Its First Annual Decline In Revenue Since 2001 [Infographic] Forbes 7:32 AM
  • "Apple Q4 2016 financials: revenue slides as services boom" Memeburn 7:27 AM
  • "Analysts are tepid on Apple after its first annual drop in revenue in 15 years" Business Insider 7:06 AM
  • "Apple forecast disappoints, but shares are still a bargain, analysts say/Analyst: Wednesday's 3% drop an 'attractive entry point'" MarketWatch 6:44 AM
  • "iPhone 7 didn't have a big impact on Apple results" CNBC Videos 6:46 AM
  • "Is Apple Headed Higher? Plus Jim Cramer's Take: Some investors and analysts were disappointed with Apple's earnings results, but don't panic just yet." TheStreet 7:55 AM
  • "Apple Remains Safe for Long Term Investing, Says Windsor" Bloomberg TV 6:46 AM
  • "Short Interest in Apple Rises by Over 1 Million Shares" 24/7 Wall St. 6:44 AM
  • "AAPL shares fall 3% in after-hours trading despite Q4 results close to expectations" 9to5Mac 7:08 AM
Industry News
  • "Stock market slides as Apple sinks; Dow bucks trend: Boeing rallies after strong quarter and outlook" MarketWatch 4:01 PM
  • "Wall Street Ends in Red as Crude Closes at Three-Week Low: The odds were against Wall Street on Thursday after another decline in crude oil sparked an energy selloff and Apple reported a so-so quarter." TheStreet 4:01 PM
  • "Stocks close mixed: Dow up on Boeing; Apple off 2.3%" USA Today 4:01 PM
  • "Stocks Mixed as Apple Shares Slip" Reuters 4:01 PM
  • "Dow Industrials Rise Despite Drag From Apple: Boeing's gain helps keep the blue-chip index in positive territory, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite slides" [Paid Membership Required] 4:00 PM
  • "Australian wipeout leads Asian market declines: Shares in Asia were broadly lower Wednesday, tracking declines on Wall Street that followed disappointing earnings reports and weak economic data." MarketWatch 7:25 AM
  • "Stoxx Europe 600 posts 3rd straight loss on commodity slump: European stocks finished lower Wednesday, with energy shares slightly paring losses as oil prices came off session lows." MarketWatch 12:45 PM

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