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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, December 2, 2012


  • "Apple re-posts 10.8.2 update for Mac Mini and MacBook users" CNET Reviews 11/30
  • "New Mac Spyware Discovered – OSX/Dockster.A" Intego 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 download out now with new interface, mini-player" Crave @ CNET 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 Introduces Powered-Up MiniPlayer" MacNewsWorld 11/30
  • "Redesigned iTunes 11 Brings iCloud Streaming and New Playback Features" TidBITS 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 Thinks Different about iOS Devices" TidBITS 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 launches after delay from Apple" Telegraph 11/30
  • "Apple Rolls Out a Cleaner iTunes" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 11/30
  • "iTunes finally gets a makeover" TG Daily 11/30
  • "Inside Scoop: iTunes 11 gets a fresh look, finally" CNET TV 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 is Here - Here's What's New" Tapscape 11/30
  • "7 features Apple killed off in iTunes 11" CNET News 11/30
  • "Apple's streaming music service could debut in 2013 -- analyst" CNET News 11/30
  • "Configuring An iMac For Video Editing" Larry's Blog 5:53 PM
  • "iTunes 11: New Look, New Features, Great Performance" Redmond Pie 12/1
  • "iTunes 11: Can no longer open playlists in separate windows" Betalogue 12/1
  • "iTunes 11: Now comes with a separate 'Downloads' window" Betalogue 12/1
  • "Apple iTunes Review: iTunes looks great, but still tries to do too much" CNET Reviews 11/30
  • "First look: Apple's pretty iTunes 11's a speed demon" Computerworld 11/30
  • "Hands-On With New Features In iTunes 11 [Review] AddictiveTips 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 Review: Latest version is a great redesign but thankfully not a revolution" Telegraph 11/30
  • "First impressions: iTunes 11 is the overhaul you've been waiting for" Houston Chronicle 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 Reviews: The Mini Player Rocks" Tapscape 11/30
  • "Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iTunes 11 Article" iLounge 11/30
  • "Inside Scoop: iTunes 11 gets a fresh look" CNET TV 11/30
  • "How to make iTunes 11 look more like iTunes 10" Digital Trends 11/30
  • "How to Use iTunes 11"s Awesome New Features (and Bring Back the Old iTunes Look)" Lifehacker 11/30
  • "iTunes 11 tips and tricks: iTunes 11 offers some significant tweaks to the program's interface, which may take some getting used to but in some instances can be reverted." MacFixIt 11/30
  • "How To Bring Back The Shortcuts Sidebar In iTunes 11 For Windows & Mac" AddictiveTips 11/30
  • "iTunes 11: Use the MiniPlayer with iTunes in full-screen mode" Mac OS X Hints 11/30
  • "iTunes 11: Two ways to quickly add songs to Up Next" Mac OS X Hints 11/30
  • "iTunes 11: Keyboard shortcuts for switching between different types of content in iTunes library" Mac OS X Hints 11/30
  • "The Future of the Mac: Networking" Macworld 11/30
  • "Resolving Stubborn Wi-Fi Connection Problems in Mac OS X" OS X Daily 11/30
  • "10 Security Tips for Safe Computing for OS X Mountain Lion" SecureMac 11/30
  • "Rearrange Windows To A Previously Recorded Layout On Mac With Slate" AddictiveTips 11/30
  • "How To Disable And Delete Chat History In OS X Messages" AddictiveTips 11/30
  • "Get Rid Of Those Pesky Software Update Notifications [OS X Tips] Cult of Mac 11/30
  • "Try The Clever New Way To Secure And Lock Files And Folders On Your Mac" NoodleMac 11/30
  • "6 Ways To Love The Affordable All-in-One Mac Photo Enhancement App" BohemianBoomer 11/30
  • "What Every Mac User Needs For The Holidays (a digital box full of greeting cards)" Mac 360 11/30
  • "Yet Another Powerful Mac Todo App Which Syncs Lists And Task To iPhone And iPad" McSolo 11/30
  • "Edit Photos, Add Filters And Effects, And Do It All With A Free App On Your Mac" Mac 360 11/30
  • "Create Stunning Photo Collages On Your Mac (give as greeting cards or gifts)" TeraTalks 11/30
  • "3 Apps That Help Your Mac To Scan For Nearby Wireless Networks (one free, one not)" Mac 360 11/30
  • "Initial Thoughts on iTunes 11" Kirkville 12/1
  • "Apple iTunes 11 Software Update Improves...Everything! (Right?)" Intego 11/30
  • "Sorry, Haters — iTunes 11 Rocks" Mashable 11/30
  • "5 Features iTunes 11 Still Needs" Gizmodo 11/30
  • "Apple's Quietly Huge iTunes Business Gets A Massive Redesign, And It's 'The Real Deal'" Business Insider 11/30
  • "I just downloaded and launched iTunes 11 and then the moment of panic when I couldn't find the Airplay controls. Turns out I needed to activate the mini-player, choose my remote speakers there, and then it appears as it should in the full screen view next to the volume slider. I think I would call that a bug-ette." MacInTouch 11/30
  • "I have been disappointed by the many bugs in iPhoto. It is depressing that a program whose version number is 9.4.2 is still so buggy and fragile. Just today I was editing some pictures. I can cause iPhoto to crash by editing too many pictures in a row. Sometimes after such a crash the photo library is damaged and must fix itself. Sometimes iPhoto decides that if I edit a picture, the thumbnail should be black or rainbow colors. And on and on." MacInTouch 11/30
Press Releases
  • "Mac Apps: Firefox 17.0.1, iStat Menus 4.01 updates arrive" FairerPlatform 7:18 AM
  • "QuarkXPress 9.5: App Studio drops AVE for HTML5" FairerPlatform 12/1
  • "MacKiev Blue Moon Sale: Save on Print Shop, Mavis Beacon..." FairerPlatform 11/30
  • "Heard Creates a Private Log of What You Listen to in iTunes" Lifehacker 11/30
  • "Parallels fine-tunes UI support for Windows 8" iTWire 11/30
  • "Apple picks up support for new Oly, Sony, Pany raw photos" CNET News 11/30
  • "Camera RAW Update 4.02 adds CoolPix P7700, Sony NEX-6, more" FairerPlatform 11/30
  • "Dialectic — The Scriptable Dialer for Mac!" JNSoftware 11/30