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MacSurfer's Archive: Sunday, March 20, 2016


  • "Watch Apple's Biggest Product Announcements in 2 Minutes" Time 9:35 PM
  • "Apple Watch At 1: How It's Changed/The Apple Watch debuted one year ago this month. How has the wearable changed over the year, and what's coming in the future?" InformationWeek 9:34 PM
  • "Apple's latest product event isn't causing a big stir" Associated Press 7:08 PM
  • "Apple Pay has a Siri problem: If it doesn't work in enough places, you'll stop trying" The Verge 3:58 PM
  • "Apple's Town Hall: A look back"  Six Colors 3:37 PM
  • "Apple, Inc. Just Struck a Huge Blow to Amazon: Apple shifted some of its budget from AWS to Google's cloud." The Motley Fool 3:19 PM
  • "Would I still buy an Apple Watch? On balance, yes" USA Today 6:41 AM
  • "Link: Apple Won't Let the iPad Be an iPad" Schwarztech 6:28 AM
  • "Why Don't We Have Cellular MacBooks?" MJ Tsai 3/19
  • "Apple iPad through the ages: in pictures" Telegraph 3/19
  • "Expectation overload: Grading the Apple Watch on a bad curve"  Macworld 3/19
  • "What to expect from Apple's 'boring' iPhone event"  Tech Insider 3/19
  • "Apple Does Not Need A New Tablet, It Needs A New Tablet Strategy"  Seeking Alpha 3/19
  • "How I built and presented my conference talk on the iPad" iMore 3/18
  • "Why Apple's Next iPhone May Kill The Headphone Jack, And What It Means For You" Digital Trends 3/18
  • "Android, iOS on Opposite Sides of Encryption Divide" LinuxInsider 3/18
  • "Opinion: With iPhones offering 4K video recording, it's crunch time for Apple's storage tiers" 9to5Mac 3/18
  • "Highlights of the Steve Wozniak AMA on Reddit" Apple Gazette 3/18
  • "Apple And The Mystery Of iCloud" Mac360 3/18
  • "Damn, Apple Has Some Big Numbers" Mac360 3/18
  • "Apple And The Fear Of Computers" TeraTalks 3/18
  • "Opinion: Samsung could still 'learn' a thing or two from Apple" 9to5Google 3/18
  • "Opinion: Watchmakers get creative in face of smart threat" CNNMoney 3/18
Apple March 21 Event
  • "Five reasons to upgrade to iOS 9.3 - HOPEFULLY launching 21 March: iOS 9.3 is more than just a minor point release and introduces a bunch of new features that improve iPhones and iPads" Expert Reviews 7:08 PM
  • "Feature Request: How I hope the upcoming iTunes refresh improves Apple Music and more"  9to5Mac 3:06 PM
  • "iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: 'confirmed' design; Terminator time; and storage boost" Network World 5:55 PM
  • "Before iPhone SE Event, Has Apple Found An Unbeatable Celebrity Endorsement?" Forbes 3:58 PM
  • "Apple March 2016 'Loop you in' event preview" iMore 11:47 AM
  • "Apple Hopes To Attract More Buyers With Cheaper iPhone SE" CDR Info 11:18 AM
  • "Why Apple's Supposed New, Smaller iPhone Makes Sense"  Re/code 11:14 AM
  • "What will Apple's New iPhone 5SE cost? The rumored Apple 5SE is one of the most hotly anticipated product announcements ahead of Apple's March event." Christian Science Monitor 8:52 AM
  • "iPhone Pro Has Dual Cameras, These Images Give Us a First Look" TechEBlog 8:52 AM
  • "Cheap iPhone Will Damage Apple's Image" 24/7 Wall St. 8:36 AM
  • "25 Reasons Why The iPhone SE Is A Big Risk For Apple" Forbes 3/19
  • "Apple Prepares to Unveil Smaller iPhone With Narrower Ambitions" Bloomberg 3/19
  • "Predictions: What do MacNN's writers think Apple will show?" MacNN 3/18
  • "Are You Ready for the iPhone 6 Minus?" Low End Mac 3/18
  • "Apple's March 21 Event Will Have a Surprise Announcement" The Mac Observer 3/18
  • "What to Expect at Apple's 'Let Us Loop You In' Media Event" MacRumors 3/18
  • "What to Expect at Apple's March 21 Event" PC Magazine 3/18
  • "Everything Apple needs to update, but won't announce at its event next week" 9to5Mac 3/18
  • "The art of the Apple event" iMore 3/18
  • "Will The Apple Event On Monday Disappoint?" Forbes 3/18
  • "What iMore expects from Apple's 'Let us Loop you in' event!" iMore 3/18
  • "3 Things to Expect From Apple's Big Event" Time 3/18
  • "Apple is unveiling a new iPhone next week — here's what's coming" Business Insider 3/18
  • "Apple is going to make my new iPad obsolete. Again: An expected new version of a 9.7-inch iPad means anyone who got an iPad Air 2 over the holidays should feel a little miffed."  CNET 3/18
  • "Let us loop you in: What to expect from Apple's March 21 event" Ars Technica 3/18
  • "What to expect at Monday's Apple event" CNNMoney 3/18
Apple vs. FBI
  • "Barack Obama's Careful Encryption Stance" Monday Note 2:59 PM
  • "FBI v. Apple: Why CALEA Matters So Much" Tech.pinions 8:53 AM
  • "Wolverton: We all have a stake in Apple's battle with the FBI" San Jose Mercury News [Free Registration Required] 3/19
  • "How to Pass Time Until the Apple vs. FBI Courtroom Showdown" Fortune 3/19
  • "We need stronger limits on Apple-style court orders" The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required] 3/19
  • "The FBI Just Turned the iPhone Unlocking Hearing into Evidentiary Hearing" The Mac Observer 3/18
  • "Will Apple Go the Way of Lavabit?" Fortune 3/18
  • "Long Before the Apple-FBI Battle, Lavabit Sounded a Warning" Wired 3/18
  • "Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle" The Register 3/18
  • "Apple vs FBI: Tim Cook concedes helping authorities is a theoretical possibility/In the Apple vs FBI fight, the issue is very black and white for many people; you support Apple's position of standing firm against the FBI, or you believe the FBI should have unfettered access to whatever data it wants, regardless of the consequences."  BetaNews 3/18
  • "10 Revelations From Tim Cook's Big #AppleVsFBI Interview" BuzzFeed 3/18
  • "NYT: 'Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist'" Daring Fireball 3/18
  • "NYT: Apple engineers may quit before being forced to code insecure version of iOS for the FBI" The Next Web 3/18
  • "Apple engineers would rather quit than develop an iPhone backdoor for the FBI" BGR 3/18
  • "Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Weighs in on Encryption Debate" ABCNews 3/18
  • "Apple's Tim Cook on FBI Feud: 'No One's Going Dark'" NBC News 3/18
  • "Tim Cook says FBI can spy on people without needing to break iPhone encryption" BGR 3/18
  • "These Are the 10 Most Popular Tweets of All Time" Time 9:03 PM
  • "How the demonization of emulation devalues gaming's heritage" Ars Technica 5:23 PM
  • "Smartphone As Second Screen: Distraction or Aid" Social Barrel 6:28 AM
  • "PlayStation 4 & Xbox One adopting Nintendo's handheld update strategy makes sense to analysts" VentureBeat 3/19
  • "What I Learned From Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley: You Have To Keep Moving" Datamation 3/19
  • "Developers, Open Source Software Changing the Face of Networking" eWeek 3/19
  • "How Diablo found inspiration in hockey, Star Wars, and X-Com" VentureBeat 3/19
  • "There's a new display mode hiding in your Galaxy S7, but you'll never find it alone" BGR 3/18
  • "Amazon Kindle Owners Should Download This Update Immediately" Time 3/18
  • "Hands on: Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S is a 2-in-1 worth considering" Computerworld 3/18
  • "MSI's new gaming PC adds go-faster stripes to the Mac Pro" The Verge 3/18
  • "Is the Term 'Mobile First' Becoming Outmoded?" Tech.pinions 3/18
  • "First Android N update: Google promises new OTA release will fix performance issues" ZDNet 3/18