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Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Checked 11:00 AM; Last Updated 10:25 AM CDT; 15:25 GMT


  • "Sunrise is dead, and so is the dream of an excellent calendar app" The Verge 9:07 AM
  • "Unclogging Apple's Clogged Product Pipeline" Mac360 8:26 AM
  • "Who Chases Whom? Apple's A-Series CPU vs. Intel's 7th Generation Core CPUs" NoodleMac 8:19 AM
  • "Don't Over-Simplify Women's Lack of Interest in Smartwatches" Tech.pinions 8:14 AM
  • "iPhone And iPad: Sedative, Drug, Or Posture Crippling Electronics?" Mac360 8:11 AM
  • "Clash Over Apple's Break Could Heavily Tax the EU: The battle over Apple's tax break could succeed where other crises have failed and break the EU apart." TheStreet 10:20 AM
  • "Apple Falls Victim To Rapidly Changing Public Mood" Forbes 9:08 AM
  • "Why Apple's $14.5 Billion Tax Fine Is Worse for Shareholders Than it Looks" Fortune 8:31 AM
  • "Apple's effective Irish tax rate of 0.005% described as 'brazen' and 'unsustainable'" 9to5Mac 8:24 AM
  • "Why the Ruling against Apple could have Negative Impact on EU's Future" Tech.pinions [Insider Content] 8:14 AM
  • "What's really at stake in EU battle: Apple's brand image/Technically Incorrect: It's not so much about the money. It's about Apple being viewed as the bad guy." CNET 7:51 AM
  • "When Apple Ditches The Headphone Jack In iPhone 7, What About The Earphones?" BohemianBoomer 8:03 AM
  • "iPhone 7 Launch Will Smash Smartphone Competition"  Forbes 7:46 AM
  • "Who Cares About the Headphone Jack? This Is What iPhone 7 Needs" PC Magazine 7:35 AM
  • "Why isn't your old phone getting Nougat? There's blame enough to go around" Ars Technica 10:11 AM
  • "Closing the tech gender gap: How women can negotiate a higher salary/Women age 18-25 working in tech make 29% less than their male counterparts, according to a new report. Here are some tips to improve negotiation tactics and get paid what you deserve." TechRepublic 7:58 AM
  • "The Samsung Galaxy Note7 Will Appeal To Business End Users - A 30 Day Review" Forbes 7:45 AM
  • "How blockchain technology can transform our world" ZDNet 7:35 AM