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MacSurfer's Archive: Tuesday, November 20, 2012


General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Apple 'opens eBay store': Officially refurbished Apple products are now available on eBay, sparking reports that the company has opened its own store on the auction site." Telegraph 8:06 AM
  • "eBay store for refurbished Apple products is run by Apple" SlashGear 8:07 AM
  • "Is Apple running its own eBay store? Signs point to 'Yes'" Digital Trends 10:34 AM
  • "Apple Moving Refurb Products Through Ebay 'Refurbished Outlet'" The Mac Observer 7:40 PM
  • "iPad to lead tablet app downloads through 2017" Electronista 8:29 AM
  • "Tablets, discounters top U.S. holiday shopping lists" Reuters 3:59 PM
  • "Nokia's Here Maps finds its way to Apple's App Store" CNET News 8:18 AM
  • "Nokia's Here Maps hits the App Store, now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch" The Next Web 8:05 AM
  • "Nokia Here iOS 6 Maps App Alternative Released For iPhone And iPad" TechCrunch 8:05 AM
  • "Nokia's Here mobile maps app arrives on iOS" GigaOM 8:21 AM
  • "Nokia's Here Maps out now for iOS, the wait for a true Google Maps replacement continues" The Verge 8:26 AM
  • "Nokia's maps app soars from No.101 to No.32 in iOS App Store in just 15 minutes" BGR 8:32 AM
  • "Apple hiring folks to work on Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish versions of Siri" 9 to 5 Mac 10:25 AM
  • "Apple to kick off holiday deals at midnight Friday: Expect discounts of 7% to 9% on Macs, iPads again this year, reports analyst" Computerworld 4:11 PM
  • "Apple teases its Black Friday event" Macworld 10:25 AM
  • "Apple announces Black Friday sale in stores and online; great tech deals (Video)" Examiner 8:45 AM
  • "Apple Announces Black Friday Sale" Mashable 4:03 PM
  • "Color Lawsuit Confirms Sale to Apple" WebProNews 10:33 AM
  • "No iPads for Emirates: Airline to hand out HP Windows 8 tablets to flight crew" Digital Trends 8:29 AM
  • "Jail Looms for Man Who Revealed AT&T Leaked iPad User E-Mails: The case highlights a troubling disconnect between online life and the rule of the law." Technology Review 8:22 AM
  • "AT&T iPad hacker found guilty in data leak case" V3 9:13 PM
  • "Apple Android apps: Fake apps appear in Google Play store" BGR 9:25 AM
  • "BBK's Vivo X1 Looks Like A Thinner iPhone 5 (Video)" M.I.C. Gadget 9:54 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Sharp's early retirement program becomes oversubscribed" ZDNet 12:25 PM
  • "RIM CEO: 'We Needed to Get Our Act Together'" Wired 12:19 PM
  • "Bonobo Extreme 17.3-inch gaming laptop runs Ubuntu" TG Daily 11:55 AM
  • "World's oldest digital computer brought back to life" TG Daily 11:55 AM
  • "Linux users targeted by mystery drive-by rootkit" Techworld 11:53 AM
  • "Anti-virus mogul and fugitive John McAfee launches blog: McAfee says he has enough material to keep the blog updated for a year, even if he is captured" Salon 11:39 AM
  • "Preparing your cloud for the holidays: Experts weigh in" ZDNet 11:15 AM
  • "Facebook starts going encrypted by default in North America" The Register 11:58 AM
  • "Facebook moves all users to HTTPS for added security" PCWorld 11:07 AM
  • "As prices drop, 3-D printers catch the eye of young entrepreneurs" Entrepreneur [Free Registration Required] 10:39 AM
  • "Nintendo Exec Scott Moffitt Promises More Wii U Consoles Are On The Way" Forbes 10:37 AM
  • "Nintendo warns against Wii U update being interrupted: Owners of Nintendo's new Wii U console have been facing lengthy waits to make full use of it because they need to install a large firmware update." BBC 9:56 AM
  • "Firefox for Android revamp brings browser to 250 million older phones" ZDNet 12:24 PM
  • "Malware uses Google Docs as proxy to command and control server" IDG News Service 11:08 AM
  • "Fake Apple Apps In Google Android Play Store" BYTE 9:50 AM
  • "Google looking to take on Apple with AirPlay alternative" iDownload Blog 8:38 AM
  • "Google Wants To One-Up Apple With New AirPlay Competitor" Cult of Android 8:29 AM
  • "I'm Gandalf, and this is my Windows Phone: Microsoft taps The Hobbit characters for new marketing campaign" The Next Web 8:06 AM
  • "Beware of fake iPad Smart Covers for sale on Amazon" GigaOM 4:05 PM
  • "The Portable Podcast, Episode 164" 148Apps 12:52 PM
  • "The Iconfactory's David Lanham on what it takes to build home screen-worthy icons" The Verge 9:46 AM