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MacSurfer's Archive: Saturday, January 7, 2012


General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Week in Apple: developer wishes, iBooks changes, and more" Ars Technica 4:59 PM
  • "Survey suggests 50% growth in enterprise spending on Apple products in 2012" AppleInsider 8:40 AM
  • "Official: The smartphones that suck much more than others/3G networks are straining to support the demands of punters as their shiny new smartphones demand more and more information from the internet, says a Report by British firm Arieso. iPhone 4S users use twice as much data as iPhone 4 users, and three times as much as iPhone 3G users." The Register 8:38 AM
  • "Apple to take a bite out of Destin? Computer giant is hiring for a 'store-in-a-store'" The Destin Log 8:18 AM
  • "Apple's iPhone 4S Rings In The Year Of The Dragon: China is now Apple's second largest market after the US, while it sales volume overtook Lenovo, the world's third-biggest PC maker" Music Dish 4:57 PM
  • "Apple Dominates Competitors on App Revenue" PC Magazine 1/6
  • "iPad typos are Apple's fault, not yours - new claim: Vid The iPad's soft keyboard has been caught failing to pass key presses to applications, introducing errors and letting the typist take the fall."  The Register 1/6
  • "Apple said to threaten legal action over Steve Jobs doll: Chinese action-figure maker committing a 'criminal offense'?" The Register 1/6
  • "Don't blame the iPhone 4S if your network is congested" Fortune 1/6
  • "The iPhone 4S gulps twice as much data as iPhone 4" GigaOM 1/6
  • "Apple's Voice Recognition Siri Doubles IPhone Data Volumes" Bloomberg 1/6
  • "Siri On iPhone 4S Dramatically Increases Data Consumption" AppleBitch 1/6
  • "New Zealander takes on Apple" ["The Apple Corporation has told Hayden Crowther it may object to his use of the word driPhone to market a waterproof and shockproof phone case for Apple's iPhones and Google's Android smartphones. ... He received a letter yesterday from a Wellington patent attorney, instructed by the world's biggest technology company, telling him it wanted more time to consider objecting to the name of his product, launched in May last year."] Fairfax NZ News 1/6
  • "Samsung topples Apple with its smartphone sales" CNN 1/6
  • "Apple pays $5m to settle Elan patent suit" CNET News 1/6
  • "Asian Apple Fans Cheer On Apple's All-New Red Friday Sale in Asia" Patently Apple 1/6
  • "China Unicom Offers Free IPhone 4S for Users Who Sign Multiyear Contracts" Bloomberg 1/6
  • "Apple's iPhone 4S to hit stores next week" China Daily 1/6
  • "These iPhone Camera Add Ons Will Take Your Photography Game To A Whole New Level" [Slideshow] Business Insider 1/6
  • "iPad Survives 100,000 Foot Fall With G-Form Case" iDownload Blog 1/6
  • "The Most Phenomenal Way to Use An iPad 2 On The Subway" M.I.C. Gadget 1/6
Non-Apple News
  • "Samsung Reports record quarterly profit on strong mobile handset sales" Edible Apple 2:08 PM
  • "Barnes & Noble: Stores, Nook to have 'tight' links" MarketWatch 1/6
  • "BlackBerry bug continues to brick handsets" ZDNet 1/6
  • "Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config: Fusion-io has achieved a billion IOPS from eight servers in a demonstration at the DEMO Enterprise event in San Francisco." The Register 1/6
  • "E-Fun Announces Android Tablet and Digital Pen" PC Magazine 1/6
  • "Pioneer Announces Thin, Light External Blu-ray Burner" PC Magazine 1/6
  • "New virus raids your bank account - but you won't notice" MSNBC 1/6
  • "Sony to launch flash cards with 125Mbps write speeds: The Japanese electronics giant will be the first to launch memory cards under the new XQD standard" IDG News Service 1/6
  • "The hot tech gig of 2022: Data scientist" Fortune 1/6
  • "Symantec confirms source code leak in two enterprise security products: Hacking group discloses source code segments used in Symantec's Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Antivirus 10.2" Computerworld 1/6
  • "New Denial Of Service Attack Cripples Servers Slowly" InformationWeek 1/6
  • "Samsung Quarterly Profit Rises as Galaxy Phones Lure Consumers From Apple" Bloomberg 1/6
  • "CES outing for 'world's thinnest' tablet, Ultrabook, says Toshiba" Register Hardware 1/6
  • "Trendnet showcases first 802.11ac products at CES 2012" CNET 1/6
  • "Ford to open Silicon Valley lab: Ford to open Silicon Valley lab to scout out new car technology" Associated Press 1/6
  • "Zynga kicks off new year with 'Hidden Chronicles,' 'Scramble with Friends'" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 1/6
  • "Facebook about to launch Actions, the final piece of its plan for frictionless sharing" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 1/6
  • "Corning's Gorilla Glass 2 Coming to CES" PC Magazine 1/6
  • "New Yahoo Chief Rallies Troops With Talk of Innovation" [Paid Membership Required] 1/6
  • "HTC posts poor Q4 results: Loses Android mojo to Samsung, Apple" ZDNet 1/6
  • "Latest Chrome Beta Prerenders Websites You're Likely to Visit" Webmonkey 1/6
  • "Google Chrome finally gets malware download protection" Techworld 1/6
  • "Google Made 30 Search Quality Improvements in December" eWeek 1/6
  • "Code Year draws 200,000 aspiring programmers" CNNMoney 1/6
  • "Warning: All That Free Spotify Music You've Been Enjoying Is Going To End Soon" Business Insider 1/6
  • "CES: Corning To Unveil Gorilla Glass 2 (The Sequel!)" Forbes 1/6
  • "Siri Sibling Trapit Raises $6.2 Million Series A From Horizons" TechCrunch 1/6
  • "Fusion-io passes one billion IOPS barrier thanks to better software, not hardware" The Verge 1/6
  • "HTC Has First Profit Drop in Two Years on IPhone Competition" Bloomberg 1/6
  • "The beginning of QuickTime" ["I have posted an excerpt from my book 'Timeline' that details the early days of QuickTime at Apple and the story of Ampex setting out to buy Avid."] John Buck 8:07 AM
  • "Gene Steinberg meets Adam Engst of TidBITS, Sean Brown of Sonic Foundry, and Dan Moren of Macworld this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 1/6
  • "iWake With AppAdvice For Friday Now Available" App Advice 1/6