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MacSurfer's Archive: Friday, November 23, 2012


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Do you agree Apple should focus on better battery life for next iPhones rather than the "'thin-and-light' craze" among smartphone makers? Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Tuesday Highlights: Apple, Ireland reach agreement on back taxes, appeal with EU to be heard in Fall—more in our Apple/Macintosh section; Deutsche Bank sends "brutal" analysis of Apple's HomePod, believes mistakes "will cost it a huge new market"; ex VP of Samsung now with Apple as company hopes to gain traction in Samsung's home market; early adopters of iPhone X seem to love all aspects of the phone save Siri; a couple new advertisements from Apple highlight iPad support for Apple Pencil; now you can allow Amazon to deliver packages right to your car; DigiTimes reporting Apple seeks OLED price cuts for iPhones, and Rosenblatt Securities analysis predict a $200 price drop in 2018 Fall LCD iPhones; iMore takes an Apple Watch and Suunto GPS watch for a backcountry run; Aaron Ho compares 8 Qi chargers for new iPhones.

TUESDAY BLOWOUT: Every NEW or RENEWING paid subscriber receives AN EXTRA YEAR FREE.

  • "Will the future for Apple v. Google be decided in the iCloud?"  Computerworld 8:52 AM
  • "Why Apple Has GOT to Fix Siri: Siri, Apple's voice-based virtual assistant is a mixed bag of good things and bad. And Siri faces an increasing competition in the market, especially from Google. I believe Siri is probably the single most important feature Apple offers for three future Apple devices. In fact, I think Apple is betting the entire company on Siri. And that's why they've got to fix it."  Cult of Mac 9:14 AM
  • "Barclays buys 8,500 iPads in one of the biggest corporate tablet rollouts in the UK"  The Next Web 7:40 AM
  • "Barclays Bank buys 8,500 iPads: Thought to be the largest roll out of any tablet in the UK financial sector" Macworld UK 7:56 AM
  • "iPad Mini Proves Major For Apple Shares" Forbes 11:57 AM
  • "AAPL: Lack of iPad mini Discounting Presages Strong Demand, Says Wells" Barron's 10:34 AM
  • "Apple Must Provide Samsung With HTC Patent Settlement Details" PC Magazine 11:01 AM
  • "Apple Has To Tell Samsung How Much Money It's Getting From HTC For Patents"  Business Insider 8:17 AM
  • "Apple ordered to disclose patent settlement with HTC: Samsung's lawyers will get to see, but no one else." Ars Technica 6:23 PM
  • "Google to Miami court: Apple is withholding iPhone 5, iPad mini source code" Foss Patents 8:16 AM
  • "Samsung Wants iPad Mini Added to Apple Suit" AllThingsD 7:38 AM
  • "Fake Apple invoices lead to Blackhole exploit kit that drains your bank account"  Sophos 3:14 PM
  • "Cybercriminals use fake Apple iTunes invoices and IRS warnings to infect Windows users with malware" The Next Web 3:15 PM
  • "iTunes through the ages: We look back at 12 years of iTunes releases." Ars Technica 8:56 AM
  • "Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard install DVDs surface in Apple online store, available for $19.99" O'Grady's PowerPage 10:28 AM
  • "Crosspost for Mac lets you simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter, with a twist" The Next Web 7:43 AM
  • "Set Mac To Shut Down Or Logout When Bluetooth Device In/Out Of Range" AddictiveTips 11:01 AM
  • "Send and Receive Faxes With Your Mac" Mactuts+ 8:24 AM
  • "One Mac App. 1,000 Hidden Features And Functions Unlocked Or Tweaked" BohemianBoomer 7:28 AM
  • "The Perfect Mac App For Trigger Happy Audiophiles (it's a digital radio station cart machine)" NoodleMac 7:29 AM
  • "The Simple Mac App Which Lets You Know When The Mac's Disk Is About To Go Belly Up" McSolo 7:28 AM
  • "5 New Ways To Lock Your Mac's Screen For Added Security, Fun, And Coolness" Mac 360 7:28 AM
  • "Imagine Free And Practical Writing On Your Mac Without Word, Pages, Or TextEdit" Mac 360 7:28 AM
  • "What I Like About My Mac #79: The App That Lets Me Type Faster Than I Type" TeraTalks 7:28 AM
  • "Give Your Mac A Gift That Keeps On Giving: 1-million HD Wallpaper Images" Mac 360 7:28 AM
Press Releases
  • "Borderlands 2 now available on Mac" TUAW 5:56 PM
  • "OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update 2.0" TidBITS 3:13 PM
  • "Developer lays waste to pixelated Twitter Mac app with Retina patch" 9 to 5 Mac 10:36 AM
  • "Mac Games: Call of Duty Black Ops 1.16 enables DLC Bundle upgrading" FairerPlatform 9:44 AM
  • "Dropcam adds splitscreen support to iPad app" TUAW 8:26 AM
General Interest/Potpourri
  • "Munster: Apple Will Launch A Cheap iPhone In Two Years" Business Insider 9:32 AM
  • "Cumulative Mobile App Revenues Set to Exceed $30 Billion by End-2012, Says ABI Research" Business Wire 9:24 AM
  • "Kids Want an iPad More than a WiiU for Christmas" Forbes 8:56 AM
  • "Microsoft Xbox TV to compete with Apple: A low-cost alternative to the Xbox console is being planned by Microsoft for casual gaming and access to TV and entertainment services." Telegraph 7:43 AM
  • " kicks off tech line with clip-on iPhone camera" Crave @ CNET 8:14 AM
  • " promises to turn your iPhone into a 14-megapixel 'genius-phone'" Engadget 7:43 AM
  • " Wants to Turn your iPhone into a 14-megapixel 'Genius Phone'" LAPTOP Magazine 3:51 PM
  • "How to jump Apple's customer service queue: swear" Macworld UK 7:59 AM
  • "Just bought an Apple product? Need support Now? Drop an F-Bomb" The Register 10:28 AM
  • "Woz on Microsoft: Whoa! They really changed things drastically. Whoa!" The Register 7:53 AM
  • "The unusual world of Mac prototypes" Macworld 8:24 AM
  • "Behold, Some of the First Apple Computer Photos Ever" Techland 8:24 AM
Non-Apple News
  • "Pigeon Defeats U.K. Code Breakers" [Paid Membership Required] 10:44 AM
  • "Gadgets, services can keep you in touch" Florida Today 10:41 AM
  • "IBM insider: How I caught my wife while bug-hunting on OS/2" The Register 10:38 AM
  • "Man strives to shatter Call of Duty world record: Plays for five days straight" Register Hardware 10:36 AM
  • "Fancy a phone equipped with radar? Radar could start appearing in a far wider range of devices, including cellphones, thanks to the invention of a fingernail-sized chip package costing just over a dollar." TG Daily 10:34 AM
  • "John McAfee takes to Twitter" Salon 10:27 AM
  • "Calxeda hires former Cisco exec as COO" EE Times 9:56 AM
  • "Time-lapse code wins Raspberry Pi contest" BBC 9:39 AM
  • "Google competitor DuckDuckGo says it's getting shut out" Reuters 10:28 AM
  • "Google Shopping Becomes More Amazon-Like" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:33 AM
  • "Fighting Sandy debris-removal crooks: There's an app for that" Reuters 9:36 AM
  • "Toluna QuickSurveys: Fewer than two in five PC Owners plan to update to Windows 8" Business Wire 9:24 AM
  • "Gene Steinberg meets columnist Ted Landau, usability expert Jakob Nielsen, and Laptop magazine's Avram Piltch this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!" The Tech Night Owl LIVE 5:10 PM
  • "YML Interview with Ken Segall on Skeuomorphism" Your Mac Life 1:34 PM
  • "Increased supply means iPhone 5 for Christmas is possible" Macworld UK 7:59 AM
  • "Apple Reportedly Changes Battery Suppliers As Samsung Walks" TechCrunch 8:17 AM
  • "Apple picks new battery supplier, drops Samsung" iDownload Blog 10:28 AM
  • "Apple Reportedly Changes Battery Suppliers As Samsung Walks" TechCrunch 7:24 PM
  • "Samsung no longer proViding batteries for MacBook and iPad" TechDeville 8:23 PM
  • "Apple's fourth generation Ipad with 4G gets a discount as it arrives in the UK" The Inquirer 7:54 AM
  • "LG Display still supplies most panels for iPad mini, say sources" DigiTimes 7:35 AM
  • "Apple Working On Ways To Control Reflections In LDC Devices" MacNews 9:30 AM
  • "Apple Patent Is For Dynamic, Location-Based Signage" MacNews 9:11 AM
  • "Apple Files 'Custom Stores' Patent" MacNews 9:11 AM
  • "Bugs & Fixes: Texting fails for just one person" Macworld 8:50 AM
  • "Beware of installing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0" ZDNet 11:00 AM
Price Trackers/Deals
  • "Remoter VNC -Remote Desktop For iPhone and iPad Is Temporarily Available For Free (Normally $2.99)" Apple Sliced 7:43 AM
  • "Railroad Story HD For iPad Is Free Right Now (Previously $1.99), The iPhone Version Is Also Free" Apple Sliced 7:43 AM
  • "Mafia vs Police Pro For iPhone and iPad Is Free Today (Was $0.99)" Apple Sliced 7:43 AM
  • "Best Apple Black Friday Deal: 20% off everything in iTunes" ZDNet 11:00 AM
  • "Apple discounts iPads, Mac laptops 8%-10% for 'Black Friday': Leaves out iPad Mini from one-day sale" Computerworld 8:14 AM
  • "Apple Black Friday Deals Include iPad, iPod, MacBook Discounts" PC Magazine 8:49 AM
  • "Black Friday: Unusual Apple Deals/Apple rarely discounts its products, but Black Friday is the one day of the year you can save some green on a new iPad Mini, iPhone, or Mac computer." InformationWeek 9:18 AM
  • "Apple unveils discounts on iPads, Macs, more" Macworld 8:56 AM
  • "iPad Retina Display, MacBooks Part of Apple Black Friday Sale" eWeek 9:31 AM
  • "Apple Store Black Friday sale for 2012, $101 off MacBooks Pros, Airs, iMacs, $61 off iPads, iPods" MacPrices 7:47 AM
  • "Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live" Mashable 7:37 AM
  • "Here Are Apple's Black Friday Price Cuts For iPads, iPods, And MacBooks" Business Insider 7:37 AM
  • "Apple offers Black Friday discounts on iPad 4 and MacBook, but not iPhone or iPad mini" Beatweek Magazine 7:21 AM
  • "Happy Black Friday: Apple Product Sales Are In Full Flow" AppleBitch 9:42 AM
  • "Grab Cheap iPod, PC With Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deals" PC Magazine 10:23 AM
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:10 AM
  • "13" MacBook Pro Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:10 AM
  • "MacBook Air Prices & Sales" MacPrices 9:10 AM
  • "Readdle, Shape Services and more slash prices on their apps for Black Friday" TUAW 9:07 AM
  • "Black Friday Deals on iPhone and iPad Apps" Best App Site 11:34 AM
  • "iPad Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2012 Sales Guides" PadGadget 8:25 AM
  • "40% Off BearExtender Mini USB WiFi Booster for Macs" BearExtender 7:29 AM
  • "Black Friday: Mac and iOS developers slash prices on popular apps" AppleInsider 7:47 AM
  • "Black Friday – Best deals on iOS app & games" 9 to 5 Mac 7:44 AM
  • "Black Friday Deals on peripherals and accessories" 9 to 5 Mac 8:35 AM
  • "Cyber Monday Repair Specials" iFixit 3:15 PM
  • "Intego Black Friday Deal: 30% Off!" Intego 8:24 AM
  • "Black Friday iPhone and iPad Case Deals Started by" PRWeb 9:25 AM
  • "It's Black Friday...And The iStack Mac Bundle Is Back! [Deals] Cult of Mac 10:22 AM
  • "Black Friday Sales - iPads, iPods, iCade, Cheap iTunes Credit and More" Touch Arcade 11:57 AM
  • "More iHome Black Friday Deals, save up to 50%" FairerPlatform 11:34 AM
  • "Don't Miss This: Steam's 3-Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!" RazorianFly 11:02 AM
  • "Apple Launches International Black Friday Sales" MacRumors 11/22
  • "Apple's Black Friday Sale Now Live in Australia, New Zealand" MacStories 11/22
  • "Best Buy Posts Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012 Sales for iPads, Macs and iPods" MacRumors 11/22
  • "Best Buy: $60 off all new iPads, $100 iTunes gift card, only $80" 9 to 5 Mac 11/22
  • "Amazon drops prices on MacBook Airs and 13-inch MacBook Pros ahead of Black Friday [u] AppleInsider 11/22
  • "OS X and iOS Black Friday deals for the artistically inclined" AppleTell 11/22
  • "'s 60 Hour Sale: MacBook Pro roundup" MacNN 11/22
  • "Black Friday/Special Promotion: -33% on all our software for Mac (download versions) valid until November 25, 2012 included" TRI-EDRE 11/22
  • "Black Friday 2012: Save now 50%" equinux 11/22
  • "Black Friday: -50 % off on Aquafadas software/Starting on Friday, november 23rd" Aquafadas 11/22
  • "Best Buy trims $50 off 3rd-gen iPad, kicks in $75 gift card: The special one-day offer is good for both the 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi versions of Apple's third iPad." CNET News 11/21
  • "MacMall launches Black Friday Sale on Macs & iPads, AI readers get lowest prices anywhere" AppleInsider 11/21
  • "UNIEA's 2012 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Is On! Get 40% your entire order, plus $7.95 flat rate shipping worldwide!" UNIEA 11/21
  • "Thomas PR Client Artrage Digital Painting Black Friday Deals Start Now - ArtRage Studio Pro is Half Off Today, Wed, Nov 21st – Mon, Nov 26th" Thomas PR 11/21
  • "Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPhone and iPad Educational Apps on Sale" 148Apps 11/21
  • "PadGadget Daily App Deal – 65 iPad Apps on Sale" PadGadget 11/21
  • "Black Friday Arrives Early: The Mac Utility Bundle Featuring Parallels 8 for 75% Off" Cult of Mac 11/21
  • "Black Friday Mac: Get Roxio Toast for $69.99" FairerPlatform 11/21
  • "Black Friday Mac & iOS deals, Amazon Mobile, Street Fighter X Tekken, HSN Holiday Gift Store,, more" 9 to 5 Mac 11/21

  • "Apple iPod Touch (fifth generation) review: The Touch is thinner than the iPhone 5, with good looks and a long battery life. So what's the catch?" Computeract!ve 9:31 AM
  • "My Week With The iPhone 5: The First Of ~104?" ReadWrite 8:18 AM
  • "iPhone 5 vs. Droid DNA: Which phone should you get?" iMore 9:24 PM
  • "iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: When Good Is Not Good Enough" AutooMobile 8:02 AM
  • "Review: HyperJuice 2 External MacBook and iPad Battery MBP2-100" 9 to 5 Mac 3:44 PM
  • "olloclip for iPhone 5: Review and giveaway of the 3-in-one photo lens" TUAW 1:40 PM
  • "iPad mini vs. Kindle Paperwhite" Kirkville 8:25 AM
  • "Pure.Gear Utilitarian Smartphone Support System for iPhone 5 Review" Run Around Tech 9:18 AM
  • "Review: Macally Power Outlet & Dual USB Charger with Phone Cradle" Beatweek Magazine 7:22 AM
  • "Review: Monster Gratitude In-Ear Headphones inspired by Earth, Wind, & Fire" Beatweek Magazine 7:22 AM
  • "Wired's Top 3 Earphones" Wired 7:54 AM
  • "Griffin KaZoo for iPhone 5 review/Smother your iPhone 5 in an elephant: that'll certainly protect it well" Macworld UK 8:25 AM
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
  • "iOS App Review: Readability provides convenience for mobile reading" Macworld 9:18 AM
  • "Squrl for iOS review, Apple and HTC forced to provide Samsung the settlement details, iTunes 11 inbound" iPhone Buzz 8:25 AM
  • "20 Best iPhone and iPad apps this week: Rolling Stones, HERE Maps, Night Zookeeper, My London Story,, Todoist, Magic Town Stories and more" The Guardian 10:29 AM
  • "[S]edition Art on the iPhone and in the Classroom" eXtensions 10:22 AM
  • "Appidemic: Duck & Roll" AppleTell 8:26 AM
  • "Rebuild for iPad and iPhone review: Rebuild civilisation in a post zombie world, preferably without cannibalism" Macworld UK 8:25 AM
  • "Play, Don't Stay, In Bad Hotel [Review] Cult of Mac 11:58 AM
  • "The complete list of things to say to Siri in the UK" Macworld UK 9:31 AM
  • "New Voices: Apple's lawsuit win could stifle other companies' innovations" Orlando Sentinel [Free Registration Required] 9:21 PM
  • "Apple To Reportedly Release An Unsubsidized $200 iPhone In 2014" Redmond Pie 3:33 PM
  • "Apple TV: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" TheStreet 1:40 PM
  • "How Apple Retail Stores Reduce the Stress of Shopping" MacTrast 1:18 PM
  • "iPad Mini ruins Retina chic: The iPad Mini can make you think unpleasant thoughts about your Retina iPad." CNET News 1:18 PM
  • "iPad mini + [insert non-iPhone here] = a potent combo Forums" The Verge 10:22 AM
  • "The Macalope Daily: Maybe it's not for you" Macworld [Insider Content] 9:37 AM
  • "Former Apple engineer: Everything Apple does involving the Internet is a mess" BGR 9:30 AM
  • "Is Apple's Black Friday Sale Really a Bargain?" [Video Report] Bloomberg 9:28 AM
  • "CNBC Caught The Ultimate Black Friday Juxtaposition" CNBC 8:51 AM
  • "Apple's Uninspiring Black Friday Deals" TheStreet 8:14 AM
  • "The Dirty Little Secret Of Apple's Black Friday Sale" Forbes 8:14 AM
  • "Buying Twitter might help Apple figure out how the internet works"  GigaOM 8:02 AM
  • "Apple's top 5 mishaps in 2012: Apple's had its own share of turkeys this year" CIO 7:45 AM
  • "Is Apple's Shine Wearing Off? A Look At A Few Things Apple Does Not Do Well" Mac 360 7:29 AM
  • "Apple vs. Samsung vs. Everyone Else: It's The Fight For Second Place" PixoBebo 7:28 AM
  • "What Will Google Learn From the Nexus 4 Debacle?" The Motley Fool 3:58 PM
  • "Linux Mint 14 Nadia: So what's new and noteworthy?" ZDNet 10:50 AM
  • "The Wii U's Messy Online Debut: What to Expect if You Just Bought One" Techland 10:40 AM
  • "Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review" The Register 10:38 AM
  • "Google Nexus 4: Not many reasons to give thanks" ZDNet 10:50 AM
  • "How To Enable 4G LTE On The Google Nexus 4" TechCrunch 10:31 AM
  • "Tech gear to avoid this Christmas" USA Today 10:40 AM
  • "Can you help solve the World War II code - found on the leg of a dead pigeon - that has flummoxed the 21st century codebreakers at GCHQ?" The Independent 10:05 AM
  • "How to avoid shopping fraud on Cyber Monday" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 10:47 AM
  • "Cyber Monday 2012: Deals to look out for" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 10:46 AM
  • "Top 10 Black Friday IT bargains from history" V3 10:42 AM
  • "The best Black Friday tech deals for PC gear" [Slideshow] PCWorld 10:14 AM
  • "10 Awesome Black Friday Deals for 2012" PC Magazine 10:13 AM
  • "8 Essential Black Friday Apps: Braving the Black Friday crowds? Don't even think of leaving the house without these applications on your smartphone." InformationWeek 9:36 AM
  • "Sony at greater risk than Panasonic in electronics downturn" Reuters 9:35 AM
  • "Back to cellphone basics: Buying a non-smartphone" CNET News 9:32 AM
  • "Intel Dumps CEO Two Years Too Late" Forbes 9:30 AM
  • "Can Nvidia Overcome Wall Street's Doubt?" Forbes 8:57 AM
  • "Is Sony Gaining Momentum in Smartphones?" WSJ Blogs 8:47 AM
Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
  • "Glif now available for iPhone 5" TUAW 6:56 PM
  • "Convert your iPad into a foosball table and relive the dot-com days" The Register 1:40 PM
  • "The Week in iOS Apps: Holiday! Celebrate!" Macworld 1:18 PM
  • "Studio Neat announces new Glif and Glif+ for iPhone 5" eXtensions 10:59 AM
  • "ThinkGeek Slashing The Prices On Many Of The Most Popular iOS Gaming Accessories" App Advice 8:51 AM
  • "The Glif For iPhone 5 Now Available" MacStories 8:51 AM
  • "Go Desk For iPhone Brings Live Interactive, Animated And Panoramic Wallpapers To iOS Home Screen" Redmond Pie 8:25 AM
  • "Walt Disney World Main Street Windows App for iPhone Updated to 2.0" prMac 10:29 AM
  • "Walt Disney World 4.0 iPhone App Update Includes Valuable In-Park Tools" prMac 9:15 AM
  • "Groove 2 Music Player for iOS - Black Friday Sale" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "A Christmas Carol by Secret Attic for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "ABBYY CopyTranslate Quickly Translates Text within Any App on iPhone" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Algoriddim Unleashes New vjay App for iPhone and new iPod touch" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Fingers Poker - a never seen match-3 poker game" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Foword for iOS Makes News Reading Fun and Easy by Keyword Filtering" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Multiplayer Mobile Game Shadowgun: DeadZone Available On iOS and Android" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "New iPad Acrylic Promotional Display Stand from newMacgadgets" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Cheeky Fun 1.0 for iOS - Make cheeky innuendo stories about friends" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Black Friday Weekend 1/2 Off for Life Altering iOS Life Inventory Apps" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "The Xmas App - Bring the Christmas Spirit to your iPhone" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "Softpress Announces Holiday Sale - 50% off Freeway Express and Exhibeo" prMac 8:09 AM
  • "New App Allows Riddles of the Ancients to be Solved on the Phone" prMac 8:09 AM
Computer Industry
  • "H-P: Can this company be saved?Commentary: Starting from scratch with a new board might help" MarketWatch 8:54 AM
  • "H-P's Autonomy Buy: A Blame Game" Zacks 9:05 AM
  • "Autonomy Founder Defends Sales Practices Amid HP Claims" Bloomberg 9:05 AM
  • "Autonomy Founder Lynch Blames Accounting Standards in HP Flap" AllThingsD 10:57 AM
  • "Autonomy founder says HP allegations don't add up" Reuters 9:26 AM
  • "Lynch Fights Back in HP Accounting Firestorm" [Video Report] Bloomberg 9:27 AM
  • "CEO Gaffe of the Week: Hewlett Packard, Once Again" The Motley Fool 8:58 PM
  • "HP says does not sell products to Syria" Reuters 4:18 PM
  • "Windows 8: A soaraway Kinect? Or is it Red Ink Friday for Microsoft? Can Windows 8 and Windows RT slabs bring the Kinect effect to Microsoft?" The Register 10:36 AM
  • "Is Microsoft building an Apple TV competitor?" GigaOM [Free Registration Required] 8:56 AM
  • "Microsoft files patent for augmented reality smart glasses" BBC 9:39 AM
  • "Want a sneak peek at the next Xbox? Look at the Xbox 360.: Microsoft keeps adding reasons to turn on the Xbox 360. Do these new features actually lay the groundwork for the next Xbox?" Christian Science Monitor 9:48 AM
  • "Microsoft Offers Xbox, Surface Bundles for Black Friday" PC Magazine 10:12 AM
  • "Lenovo set for Chinese smartphone crown in 2013" The Register 10:39 AM
  • "Lenovo Black Friday 2012 deals launched on Android tablets, Windows 8 desktops and laptops" ZDNet 10:50 AM
  • "IBM recasts Power 775 Blue Waters super as big data muncher" The Register 3:16 PM
  • "CSCO Ex-Dividend Reminder - 11/27/12" Forbes 10:59 AM
  • "IBM warns mainframe shops of 2013 price hike: 10 per cent jump coming next July for flat-priced wares" The Register 3:32 PM
  • "How IBM Is Watching How You Shop Online" AllThingsD 9:00 PM
  • "Intel: EMC's Gelsinger or Moto's Jha Would be Decent CEO Picks, Says Argus" Barron's 3:15 PM
  • "AMD's HD GPU for Nintendo's Wii U" Zacks 1:40 PM
  • "Symantec warns of malware targeting SQL databases" IDG News Service 10:13 AM
  • "Security Guru Pledges to Strengthen Critical Computers: Computer-security researcher Eugene Kaspersky says he is testing control software that won't run malicious code." Technology Review 10:32 AM
  • "3 Reasons Why PC Demand Can Get Weaker Still" Forbes 8:57 AM
  • "SAP Mulls China Listing, Hewlett-Packard Accusations Doubted: Tech Biz Report" Wall St. Cheat Sheet 3:52 PM
  • "Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber among Hollywood stars getting in bed with Silicon Valley" Silicon Valley 10:21 AM
Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
Apple News
Industry News
  • "Tech Stocks: RIM surges as H-P, Dell lead strong tech gains" MarketWatch 1:13 PM
  • "U.S. stocks rally to strong weekly gains: Shoppers hit the stores to take advantage of Black Friday sales" MarketWatch 1:13 PM
  • "Stocks Close Up Over 1% on Tech Strength" CNBC 1:14 PM
  • "Stocks Post Black Friday Rally" FOXBusiness 10:52 AM
  • "Dow back above 13,000" CNNMoney 1:14 PM
  • "Stocks Rally; Dow Reclaims 13,000" TheStreet 1:14 PM
  • "DJIA Climbs Back Above 13000" [Paid Membership Required] 1:15 PM
  • "S&P 500 Poised for Best Week Since June Amid Black Friday" Bloomberg 9:41 AM
  • "U.S. stock futures rise; retail sector in focus: German Ifo business survey better than expected" MarketWatch 10:52 AM
  • "Asia Markets: Most Asia stocks rise, posting solid weekly gains" MarketWatch 8:48 AM
  • "Europe Markets: Europe stocks take a cue from higher Wall Street/Supermarket shares weighed after downgrade" MarketWatch 10:53 AM
  • "Global shares, euro fly on Greek deal hopes, German data" Reuters 11:01 AM
  • "Early Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares up at 10 a.m." Associated Press 10:59 AM
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares up at the close of trading" Associated Press 9:05 PM

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