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Saturday, May 28, 2016
Checked 5:05 PM; Last Updated 4:55 PM CDT; 21:55 GMT


  • "Android wins again: Future features beat Apple every time" Macworld 4:56 PM
  • "Apple's Own Amazon Echo Product Aims to Go a Few Steps Further: Built-in cameras and facial recognition technology could feature in Apple's own answer to the Amazon Echo" AppAdvice 8:27 AM
  • "Those rumors of an all-glass iPhone just got a lot more realistic" Mashable 5/27
  • "Is it time for Apple to ditch the MacBook Air? [Friday Night Fights] Cult of Mac 5/27
  • "How should Apple & Siri compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home?" 9to5Mac 5/27
  • "Apple's intelligent assistant plans shouldn't just echo the Echo" Macworld 5/27
  • "Siri, are you scanning me? Apple's answer to Echo could include camera" CNET 5/27
  • "Trump Needn't Bother Apple About Manufacturing In America: Foxconn Replaces 60,000 With Robots" Forbes 5/27
  • "WWDC 2016: 40 mostly credible rumors (abridged)" Apple Must 5/27
  • "22 Android-only apps that will make your iPhone friends jealous" Business Insider 5/27
  • "Comment: Google's use of Android's Material Design in iOS apps is dumb as well as rude" 9to5Mac 5/27
  • "Apple TV as a smart home hub? I think not" iMore 5/27
  • "Why a revamped Apple TV can't truly be an Echo killer" BGR 5/27
  • "The similarity of differences. Google held its annual I/O conference recently, and unveiled some extremely interesting developments for the year to come. Focused ever more heavily on data processing and machine learning, its AI initiatives are being inserted into many of their products, and creating some new ones in the process." Greetings from the Grid 5/27
  • "EMV rules ruining Apple Pay: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are the latest retailers to see the Apple Pay experience bedeviled by EMV rules"  Computerworld 5/27
  • "10 struggles iPhone users will never understand" Greenbot 5/27
  • "Apple Phone Or iPod Phone. Could Either Be A Budget Handset?" Low End Mac 5/27
  • "Inside Apple's Heart" Mac 360 5/27
  • "The rise and fall of Nintendo's Miitomo: Massive downloads don't mean success" VentureBeat 11:46 AM
  • "No one needs a Wi-Fi router this overkill" BGR 5/27
  • "You Need More Than Rat Tumors to Prove Phones Cause Cancer" Wired 5/27
  • "Review: VAIO's Z Flip ultrabook shows little learned" TechCrunch 5/27
  • "Op-ed: Oracle attorney says Google's court victory might kill the GPL" Ars Technica 5/27
  • "Microsoft is Desperate to Force Customers to Upgrade to Windows 10" The Tech Night Owl 5/27
  • "Why Amazon is the king of innovation: Online retail mastery" ZDNet 5/27
  • "Three reasons why AI is taking off right now (and what you need to do about it)" ZDNet 5/27
  • "Time for Google to have Consumer-Facing Customer Service" Tech.pinions 5/27
  • "Siri is more than a virtual assistant in this comic strip" phoneArena 12:54 PM