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Sunday, May 24, 2015
Checked 2:15 PM; Last Updated 7:50 AM CDT; 12:50 GMT


  • "Apple must placate angry developers – or slide towards obscurity: Apple has definite developer issues which must be addressed"  TechRadar UK 5/23
  • "Apple, Inc. Is About to Reinvent a Common Household Item" The Motley Fool 5/23
  • "Would 15 Million Apple Watches Be a 'Disappointment?'" The Motley Fool 5/23
  • "People are worried about Apple for the silliest possible reason" Business Insider 5/23
  • "Security notes offer a warning lesson about getting hacked in a phishing scam involving an iPhone and a fake App Store." MacInTouch 5/23
  • "Office for iPad Needs To Improve File Caching" iPad Insight 5/23
  • "The Apple Watch Is Surprisingly Great For Women: I didn't expect to like my Apple Watch. But my life feels a little less hectic and a little safer with it on."  BuzzFeed 5/23
  • "3 Things Apple's Tim Cook Wants College Graduates To Know" The Motley Fool 5/23
  • "Great expectations: An Ars reader wishlist for iOS 9" Ars Technica 5/23
  • "Of babies and bath water: Apple Car DOA" Macworld 5/23
  • "How to Decide Between a Smartswitch and a Timer for Your Smarthome" The Mac Observer 5/23
  • "Apple Watch increases iPhone battery life significantly; likely to affect future iPhone purchasing decisions" MacDailyNews 5/22
  • "How much can an Apple Watch help iPhone battery life? Quite a bit" ZDNet 5/22
  • "Apple's streaming TV service might not be imminent after all" Macworld 5/22
  • "Waiting for Godot, HomeKit edition" iMore 5/22
  • "Product reviews will never be perfect, but they're still better than ever" Macworld 5/22
  • "Carl Icahn Was Way Off on His Apple TV Set Projections: The activist investor predicted that an Apple-designed TV could bring in $37.5 billion" The Motley Fool 5/22
  • "The Apple Watch addiction" CIO 5/22
  • "Like Apple's Touch ID? You'll Love This" Mac 360 5/22
  • "Why Is This Happening To Apple Watch?" Mac 360 5/22
  • "365 Million Reasons Why Email Is A Solid Investment" TechCrunch 5/23
  • "Successful user experiences may rely more on psychology than design" ZDNet 5/23
  • "Google's Plan for a Sci-fi Teddy Bear is Terrifying" Time 5/22
  • "Google Study Finds 'Security Questions' Next to Useless" The Mac Observer 5/22
  • "Android Factory Reset Fails 500 Million" Tapscape 5/22
  • "Comic: The Cat, the Pendulum and the Camera" iMore 5/23
  • "The Selfie-Stick Generation Is Starting Earlier Than Ever" Gizmodo 5/22