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Saturday, April 18, 2015
Checked 2:15 AM; Last Updated 2:15 AM CDT; 07:15 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Recent Apple Support/Troubleshooting/How-To Article Updates"
  • "Apple/Related News/Updates/PR"
  • "Other News/Reviews/OT"
  • "OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update 1.0"
  • "Apple Pro Video Formats (codecs) 2.0.1"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5 (w/Security Update 2015-004)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.8.5 (w/Security Update 2015-004)"
  • "Final Cut Pro X 10.2, Motion 5.2 and Compressor 4.2 Updates"
  • "Nvidia CUDA 7.0.36 Update for OS X (10.10.x and 10.9.x)"
  • "Booting from USB3 drive connected to Thunderbolt Docks (replies/notes)" ...
AppleToolbox (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Wednesday)
  • "The voice behind Turkish Siri: I am worried"
  • "Apple patent improves access to emergency contacts and medical records"
  • "Apple applies for orientation-based audio patent, possibly related to rumoured iPad Pro"
  • "Apple awarded patent for strengthened glass displays"
  • "Apple invents a new Home Button which also functions as a Joystick"
  • "iPhone 6 gets hot, fix"
  • "Apple granted patent for display based speakers"
  • "Apple patent application for 3D Camera and UI for CarPlay and Apple Watch"
  • "Apple awarded patent for flexible electronic devices"
  • "Apple increases prices in Turkey" ...
Inside Mac Games (Checked 3:15 AM; no changes since 2/14)
  • "A New Inside Mac Games"
dealMac (Updated 3:15 AM EDT)
  • "Syba USB 3.0 Docking Station for $18 + free shipping"
  • "Canon All-in-One WiFi Laser Printer, Toner for $130 + free shipping"
  • "Refurb Logitech Wireless Touchpad Keyboard for $50 + free shipping"
  • "Refurb Sennheiser Momentum Headphones for $120 + free shipping"
  • "Sennheiser On-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones for $75 + free shipping"
  • "Sony Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for $150 + pickup at Best Buy"
  • "Asus Tri-Band 802.11ac WiFi Router for $250 + free shipping"
  • "Stealth Inc. for iPhone and iPad for free"
  • "Sennheiser HD 700 Over-Ear Headphones for $550 + free shipping"
  • "QNIX 27" Matte LED LCD Display for $270 + free shipping" ...
iLounge (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "News: iLounge Weekly arrives on Monday, subscribe now"
  • "Apps: Halo: Spartan Bundle, Cut!, Sago Mini Toolbox, Chrome, System Monitor + Tumblr"
  • "Tip of the Day: Showing full conversation threads in iOS Mail"
  • "News: Apple Pay coming to Canada later this year?"
  • "Review: Soen Audio Transit XS Wireless Speaker"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Last chance to get the Wireless Bluetooth Feather Buds"
  • "News: Report: Apple being uncooperative with antitrust monitor"
  • "News: Leaked cases may hint at ‘iPad Pro’ design details"
  • "News: Daily Deal: 50% off MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot"
  • "News: L.A. school district seeking restitution over failed iPad program (Updated)" ...
iUseThis OS X Software (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Thursday)
  • "SQLWorkbenchJ - 1.0"
  • "sqlitebrowser - 3.5"
  • "PSequel - 1.1.1"
  • "Postico - 0.20"
  • "GPG Keychain - 1.2 beta6"
  • "FirefoxDeveloperEdition - 39.0a2"
  • "Magic - 1.0.1"
  • "MKV2iOS - 1.0.0"
  • "Seil - 11.0.0"
  • "MKV2ATV - 1.0" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 9:10 PM; no changes since 9:00 AM CDT)
  • "Mac of the Day: Power Mac 7100, introduced 1994.03.14. Desktop model has three NuBus slots, enhanced video, 66 MHz PowerPC."
  • "April 17 in LEM history"
Macworld (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Report: Apple Pay on its way to Canada this fall"
  • "The Week in iOS App: Hail Halo!"
  • "Apple makes it official: Steve Dowling is the company's new PR chief"
  • "You should play: Naught Reawakening spins the platforming genre upside-down with this riveting sequel"
  • "Don't expect to buy an Apple Watch in-store until June"
  • "The Week in iPhone Cases: Feast your eyes on Gresso's $5000 18-karat gold iPhone 6 case"
  • "Baseball app GameChanger brings major league scorekeeping to little league games"
  • "Automator actions, geotags, and more advanced tricks for Photos for OS X"
  • "Podcast: Apple Watch try-ons, WWDC, and the case of the missing MacBook"
  • "Samsung cozies up to Apple with new dedicated display team" ...
MacDailyNews (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Dream of $1 trillion valuation for Apple slips away"
  • "Even in South Korea, Samsung sees weak response to the Galaxy S6"
  • "Why I regret not getting LTE on the iPad Air 2"
  • "Piper Jaffray’s Munster estimates Apple sold 57 million iPhones in calendar Q1"
  • "Apple iPhone vs. Android argument turns bloody, ends with beer bottle to the head"
  • "Nick Cannon tweets his love of Samsung Galaxy S6 camera – from his Apple iPhone"
  • "Apple’s former iOS chief Scott Forstall co-producing a Broadway musical"
  • "Carl Howe: Apple Watch – an overnight multi-billion dollar business"
  • "New Apple MacBook ties for worst repairability score ever"
  • "Without sufficient stock, Apple should not have launched Apple Watch" ...
Macintosh News Network (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Apple now notifying winners of 2015 WWDC ticket lottery"
  • "Report: Apple improves revenue for devs over Android in 2015"
  • "Hands On: Sue Doku 2.0.0 (iOS)"
  • "Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 copies of DiRT 3 racing"
  • "Apple Watch: Basics class, Schiller and Newson in Italy, sales poll"
  • "Forums: OSX compatibility, iPhone screen replacements and more"
  • "Apple deals: iPods, iPads and accessories"
  • "Briefly: Scribd audio book expansion, Cocktail upgrades to 8.3"
  • "Daily Deals: waterproof cellphone bag, smart TV, velcro ties, more!"
  • "Pointers: Getting Started with Spotify" ...
MacInTouch (Checked 9:10 PM; no changes since 9:00 AM CDT)
  • Applications: Continuing discussion of Photos app, among other topics
  • Yosemite: more on Core Storage compatibility issues vs OS X 10.6
  • Security: Vulnerability in Safari, Apple password issues
  • Reports: Apple; Backup; Help; iPhone/Touch; Tax Software
The Mac Observer (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Canadian Bankers Balk at ‘Onerous’ Apple Pay Terms"
  • "How To Enable Stealth Mode in Yosemite"
  • "Ben & Jerry’s Spoofs Apple’s ‘1984’ Commercial to Promote BRRR-ito"
  • "Understand What Apple is Achieving or Get Left Behind"
  • "MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot: $99"
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-17: Don’t Hold Your Breath for In-store Apple Watch Sales"
  • "Apple PR Veteran Steve Dowling Promoted to VP"
  • "Apple Watch Training Workshops Coming to Apple Stores April 24"
  • "OS X Yosemite Photos: Showing Your Recently Deleted Items"
  • "Scott Forstall Advising Snapchat, Earning 0.11% of Company" ...
Mac OS X Hints (Checked 2:00 PM EST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Notice: Mac OS X Hints is now a read-only site"
  • "Getting Java client apps to run the way you want"
  • "Siri: workaround Content Not Available error"
  • "Older browser behavior changes in Google search"
  • "10.8: Open a specific browser based on the URL"
  • "Setting Up an iOS 7 On-Demand VPN"
  • "Mousecape – Customize Cursors on OS X"
  • "Make iWork 09 the default and avoid update nagging"
  • "10.9: Update OS without creating a user on a new Mac"
  • "Name Faces in iPhoto efficiently" ...
Mac News (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Maintain releases Cocktail 8.3 (Yosemite Edition)"
  • "Strata announces Design 3D CX 8.0 for Mac"
  • "Apple posts supplemental update to Mac OS X 10.10.3"
  • "iConnectivity releases iConnectAUDIO4+"
  • "Conservation Fund partners with Apple to protect U.S. working forests"
  • "Apple, SunPower to build two solar power projects in China"
  • " Prosoft Engineering announces CleanExit for the Mac"
  • "Space Hulk: Ascension for Mac available on Stream"
  • "Universal Audio announces next-gen Thunderbolt 2 interfaces"
  • "PaintCode 2.3 adds over 15 new features, including SVG export" ...
MacUpdate (Checked 3:15 AM; no changes since 2:15 AM EDT)
  • "IconFly Mobile 3.0 - Create icons from images. (Commercial)"
  • "EAPTest 2.0.1 - RADIUS Servers EAP authentication testing utility. (Commercial)"
  • "GarageSale 6.9.5 - Create outstanding eBay auctions. (Demo)"
  • "Things 2.5.4 - Elegant personal task management. (Demo)"
  • "calibre 2.25.0 - Complete e-library management system. (Free)"
  • "Sandvox 2.10.1 - Easily build eye-catching Web sites. (Shareware)"
  • "OmniOutliner Pro 4.2 - Pro version of the popular outliner. (Demo)"
  • "VLC Media Player 2.2.1 - Popular multimedia player. (Free)"
  • "Cocktail 8.3 - General maintenance and optimization utility. (Shareware)"
  • "Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.1 - Multilingual word processor with indexing. (Demo)" ...
MacWindows (Checked 3:15 AM; no changes since 9/22)
  • "Does the final Mavericks update fix SMB file sharing"
  • "File locking not working on OS X Server with Windows clients"
  • "ABE tip for Mavericks ACL problem a no-go for reader"
  • "Yosemite to default to SMB 3 file sharing"
  • "Reader confirms nsmb.conf file sharing fix for Error 36"
  • "ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS"
  • "Touchdown Exchange client for iOS-Mac keeps corporate email separate"
  • "Mavericks halts copying multiple files to NAS"
  • "More on OS X conflicts with Windows Server Deduplication"
  • "TIP: Workaround for Mavericks-OS X Server ACL problems" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Zagg Folio review: iPad Air 2 keyboard case can boost your productivity"
  • "Report: Apple Pay on its way to Canada this fall"
  • "Private I: Fire Cannon! Encryption everywhere protects you on the web"
  • "Apple TV 2015 release date rumours"
  • "Apple makes it official: Steve Dowling is the company's new PR chief"
  • "You should play: Naught Reawakening spins the platforming genre upside-down with this riveting sequel"
  • "Apple Watch guide: how to buy, shipping times, Apple Watch demos, and more..."
  • "Murphy's Law and the new MacBook: We had setup hassles, migrating or not"
  • "Cloud shopping: Is iCloud Photo Library the best value for your dollar?"
  • "4 lessons the iPhone should learn from the Apple Watch" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Yelp app for iOS updated, now compatible with Apple Watch"
  • "Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update"
  • "Apple Watch orders to remain online-only until May, preorder deliveries to begin April 24th"
  • "DataMan apps add Apple Watch support, allow quick checks on data usage"
  • "Microsoft updates Office 2016 for Mac preview"
  • "iFixit posts teardown of 12-inch MacBook"
  • "1Password 5.4 for iOS includes Apple Watch support, other fixes"
  • "First iOS 8.4 beta shows effort to move audiobooks into iBooks app, add new features"
  • "Health care providers gearing up apps for Apple Watch"
  • "Apple introduces NVMe support in OS X 10.10.3 update" ...
prMac (Checked 3:15 AM; no changes since 1:15 AM EDT)
  • "Life Quotes for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch"
  • "Maintain Releases Cocktail 7.8 (Mavericks Edition)"
  • "AnyTrans - iOS 8.3 Ready and Adds iPhone to iPhone Content Clone Feature"
  • "Pomfort LiveGrade Air - The free iOS App for professional look creation"
  • "FAQ Email Composer Makes Customer Support easy"
  • "Maintain Releases Cocktail 8.3 (Yosemite Edition)"
  • "Toughturtle LLC Announces StockWatch For Apple Watch"
  • "widget weather updated to support Apple Watch"
  • "iClassics releases the long awaited Vol 3 of iPoe Collection for iOS"
  • "Take on These Deliciously Tasty Sweet Levels of Sugar Jelly Crush App" ...
Softpedia (Updated 3:15 AM EDT)
  • "sorty 1.1 (Shareware) - Aims to help you organize and sort large amounts of pictures with the least amount of input on your behalf and in the smallest amount of time possible"
  • "Apricum 1.0.2 (Demo) - It makes it possible for you to build small application without having to write a single line of code with the help of its built-in collection of patches"
  • "littlePNG 1.1.2 (Commercialware) - Drastically reduce the file size of your PNG images while keeping their quality intact with the help of this lightweight and straightforward PNG optimizer"
  • "MathMagic Pro for InDesign 9.1 (Trial) - Powerful and intuitive Adobe InDesign integrated equation editor that helps you to add mathematical expression within your documents"
  • "Clear Day [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 3.0.2 (Commercialware) - A stylish application that can grab the weather forecast for different locations and display alerts released by NOAA or MeteoAlarm."
  • "OmegaT 3.1.8 / Beta (GPL) - A free and open source translation memory application designed to help professional translators by processing multiple-file projects and other useful features"
  • "Ardour 4.0.0 (Demo) - A complex, powerful and flexible digital audio workstation that enables you to record, edit and mix multi-track audio projects with ease"
  • "IDrive [DISCOUNT: 79% OFF!] (Demo) - Effortlessly schedule automated online backups for your documents and also recover your deleted files with the help of this user-friendly application"
  • "MathMagic Personal Edition 9.1 (Trial) - A comprehensive Mac OS X application that enables you to create and edit mathematical equations and export them to different formats"
  • "MathMagic Lite 9.1 (Freeware) - An easy to use equation editor" ...
TidBITS (Checked 3:15 AM EDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Tinderbox 6.2"
  • "LaunchBar 6.3"
  • "Apple Watch Try-Ons Are Both Hype and Help"
  • "External Link: iOS 8.3 Blocks File Managers and Transfer Utilities"
  • "Keeping Up with the Snoops 9: Junk in the PRISM Trunk"
  • "First Legal Shots Fired over Net Neutrality"
  • "Final Cut Pro X 10.2, Compressor 4.2, Motion 5.2"
  • "OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update 1.0"
  • "When Your Numbers Get Serious, Read “Take Control of Numbers”"
  • "iCloud Photo Library: The Missing FAQ" ...
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