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Friday, February 24, 2017
Checked 12:00 AM; Last Updated 11:45 PM CST; 05:45 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "SoftRAID 5.5.6 Update"
  • "Apple/Products related News, Software Updates, Tips, Op-Ed, PR"
  • "Recent Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates"
  • "Other News, Updates, Reviews, PR, OT"
  • "Nvidia CUDA 8.0.63 Update for OS X (supports macOS Sierra 10.12.3 driver)"
  • "Download Nvidia Graphics Driver for macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.11.6 build w/security update 2016-003 Supplemental"
  • "Info/Downloads of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Delta/Combo Update (includes Safari 10.0.3)"
  • "iTunes 12.5.5, iOS 10.2.1, tvOS 10.1.1, watchOS 3.1.3 Updates, other news/rumors"
  • "Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2, Compressor 4.3.1 and Motion 5.3.1 Updates" ...
Apple World Today (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Apple Daily Report for February 23, 2017"
  • "Apple's iTunes Remote app adds support for two-factor authentication"
  • "Urban Movie Channel comes to the Apple TV"
  • "Apple is expanding its Seattle engineering center"
  • "HARMAN announces integration of Apple’s CarPlay via wireless connectivity"
  • "B-Eng giving away a free Password Manager tool for macOS"
  • "Patent report: Apple NAS device, Touch ID replacement"
  • "BookArc for 2016 MacBook Pros works well — if you don’t want Touch Bar access"
  • "Using Quick Website Search in macOS Sierra’s Safari"
  • "Daily Deal: Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for USB-C/A Devices" ...
Cult of Mac (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Artist creates with Macs and lets nature take its course"
  • "Big battery could be a huge draw for iPhone 8 upgraders"
  • "Why selling your app as a subscription makes sense"
  • "Apple’s A.I. hub in Seattle is about to get a lot bigger"
  • "Make your Apple Watch do a leather loop de loop [Watch Store]"
  • "Sony’s new sensor could bring super slo-mo video to iPhone"
  • "The Mac App Store is rubbish! Rent apps instead with Setapp [Reviews]"
  • "Apple has five different teams working on wireless charging"
  • "Liberate your iOS data with this dual-use thumb drive [Deals]"
  • "Google’s iPhone keyboard gets voice dictation, more languages" ...
iDownloadBlog (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Apple: iOS 10.2.1 has substantially reduced iPhone 6, 6s shutdown issues"
  • "Apple’s free app of the week: Nightgate"
  • "Daily Deals: $27 gaming keyboard, $15 digital scale, and more"
  • "Samsung to take on iPhone 8 with 6.2″ Galaxy S8+ with eye scanner, Quad HD+ screen & more"
  • "How to install macOS 10.12 Sierra on unsupported Mac hardware"
  • "How to share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram post"
  • "Google taps machine learning to help publishers identify trolls and toxic comments"
  • "Reuters: Apple has at least five different groups working on wireless charging"
  • "Gboard gains voice typing, Google Doodles, new languages & iOS 10 emoji in latest update"
  • "Tim Cook to move his office to Apple Park" ...
iLounge (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "News: Mobiata announces sunset of FlightTrack 5 and FlightBoard apps"
  • "News: Harman announces first Wireless CarPlay implementation"
  • "Mac: Henge Docks Horizontal Docking Station"
  • "News: Report: Apple still considering several possible wireless charging solutions for ‘iPhone 8’"
  • "News: Mini Metro adds Endless Mode"
  • "News: Apple issues statement opposing Trump administration’s rescission of transgender rights"
  • "News: Daily Deal: iOS 10 & Swift 3 Starter Bundle"
  • "Review: PureGear PureSwitch HomeKit-enabled Wireless Smart Plug"
  • "News: ResearchKit study conducted using Apple Watch reveals new insights into seizures"
  • "News: Instagram adds ability to include up to 10 photos or videos in a single post" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 9:05 PM; no changes since 6:50 AM CST)
  • "Mac of the Day: Power Mac 7100, introduced 1994.03.14. Desktop model has three NuBus slots, enhanced video, 66 MHz PowerPC"
Macworld (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Apple opposes Trump’s transgender rights rollback"
  • "New macOS ransomware spotted in the wild"
  • "Instagram's new galleries will let you share multiple photos per post"
  • "Apple's new HQ, Apple Park, will open in April"
  • "The Week in iOS Cases and Accessories: Snapchat Spectacles are ready for purchase"
  • "It's not too late for Apple TV"
  • "Best Buy has cut the MacBook Air's price tag to $800"
  • "iPhone 8 rumors: 3D camera sensor for AR and facial recognition, but no curved display"
  • "Facebook's latest Snapchat attack: WhatsApp status updates"
  • "On the hunt for Pokémon Go's 80-plus new monsters" ...
MacDailyNews (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Early Apple memos refer to dongles as ‘a case of the cure being worse than the disease’"
  • "Why Apple won’t be hurt by denouncing President Trump’s decision to rescind federal transgender bathroom guidelines"
  • "Apple preps radical design change for next-gen flagship iPhone"
  • "Apple has at least five different groups working on wireless charging technology"
  • "Apple expands in Microsoft’s backyard"
  • "Analyst: Apple iPhone 8’s longer battery life to entice upgraders"
  • "Analyst: ‘Apple has Samsung on the ropes like never before’"
  • "Which internet-only TV service is best for Apple device users?"
  • "HARMAN pioneers first-ever wireless integration of Apple CarPlay"
  • "Apple iWork vs. Microsoft Office vs. Google G Suite: Your iPad can largely function like a laptop" ...
MacInTouch (Checked 9:05 PM; no changes since 6:50 AM CST)
  • Apple software issues cover Remote Desktop, OS X download lockouts, and more
  • Discussions: 2016 MacBook Pro; Adobe Flash; Anti-virus apps; Apple; Car audio; more
  • Products: Consolation; Mercury Pro 16X Blu-Ray
The Mac Observer (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "7 Reasons For Apple to Discontinue the Mac Pro"
  • "Can WALTR 2 Really Be Your iTunes Replacement?"
  • "New Mac Ransomware Leaves Your Files Permanently Encrypted"
  • "Acoustic Imaging and iPhone 8: Can You Hear My Fingerprint?"
  • "Stop Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation With This Tool"
  • "iPhone 8 3D Cameras, iMazing Tips – TMO Daily Observations 2017-02-23"
  • "macOS: How to See the Hierarchy of Your File Locations"
  • "BK SPORT Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones: $16.99"
  • "Frolic in the Apple Park, Rumors for iPad and Apple Watch – ACM 399"
  • "Get $8.62 Off Your Amazon Order (Today Only) Thanks to Harris Reputation Poll" ...
Mac News (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "iTunes Remote app adds support for two-factor authentication"
  • "Silicon Studio releases the Xenko Game Engine"
  • "B-Eng gives away free Password Manager tool for Mac"
  • "Comm-Unity releases CNS Barcode 2.1"
  • "IOGEAR launches portable USB-C Dual DisplayPort Monitor Dock"
  • "Jumsoft introduces the Social Media Lab"
  • "Synology releases DSM 6.1"
  • "SecuritySpy for macOS adds new PTZ controls, more"
  • "Apple Park to open in April"
  • "Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.3.1" ...
Macworld (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "50% off Dell UltraSharp U3415W PXF79 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor"
  • "Google updates Gboard for iOS with new emoji and voice-typing"
  • "33% off NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Router with High Power 5dBi External Antennas - Deal Alert"
  • "Apple opposes Trump’s transgender rights rollback"
  • "Past isn’t prologue: Apple isn’t today’s Microsoft"
  • "SoundSource 3 review: Easy-to-access macOS audio controls"
  • "The Gamevice turns your iPhone 7 into a handheld game console"
  • "For a bigger iPad to work, iOS needs some interface improvements"
  • "Best surge protector"
  • "AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip review: Very little protection" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "How to use a Windows keyboard with Mac: Remap keys to fit macOS"
  • "How to create a digital signature on Mac | Sign a PDF or image file in Preview"
  • "Apple UAC rumours: What is Universal Accessory Connector?"
  • "The best iPhone accessories you can buy"
  • "New iMac release date rumours UK | iMac 2017 tech specs & new features"
  • "Complete guide to Apple Campus 2 | Apple's new spaceship HQ opens in April 2017"
  • "iPhone 8 release date rumours UK | New iPhone 8 2017 specs & new features"
  • "New Apple TV 2017 release date rumours UK | Apple TV 5 tech specs, UK price"
  • "MacBook Pro not working | How to fix new MacBook Pro 2016 hardware problems"
  • "New Apple Pencil 2 release date rumours UK | New Apple Pencil 2017 tech specs" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "“Spaceship Campus 2” dubbed “Apple Park”, will open in April"
  • "Apple pay currently dominating mobile payments market, could affect retail industry in the long run"
  • "Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to feature 3D-sensing front camera system"
  • "Verizon settles on $4.48 billion purchase price for Yahoo’s core assets following email hacks"
  • "Rumor: Apple to debut updated iPad Pro models, 128 GB iPhone SE, Product Red iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus units at March event"
  • "Analyst predicts Apple will switch from Touch ID to facial recognition technology for next-gen iPhone"
  • "Apple purchases Israeli firm Realface, thought to be interested in biometric login features"
  • "Touch Bar functionality arrives for Office for Mac suite"
  • "Apple announces WWDC dates, changes venue to San Jose location"
  • "Security researchers at Bitdefender find evidence of X-Agent malware variant for macOS" ...
prMac (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Yuemey's Social Career App Is Flourishing With Millennials"
  • "Power Manager 4.6 - Automation and Energy Saving Software for Mac"
  • "B-Eng Gives Away Free Password Manager Tool for Mac"
  • "SecuritySpy 4.1 - Update to macOS Video Surveillance Software"
  • "Poker Puzzle Game is the Tetris-Style Poker Challenge for iOS Devices"
  • "Moneyspire Announces New Lower Pricing For Its Personal Finance Software"
  • "MailButler Launches The New Business Plan With Incredible Team Features"
  • "Jumsoft steps in a new area with Social Media Lab - Templates for Pages"
  • "Apmato adds Attractions-Editor to create mobile tour and audio guides"
  • "Reggie Ashworth releases MAS AppDelete Lite 4.3.2 - Uninstall Anything" ...
Softpedia (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "GZDoom 2.3.2 / 2.4.0 Build 611 Pre (Freeware) - An open-source port for the classic Doom game and other titles based on the Doom engine that integrates OpenGL support and allows you to play the titles on the latest OS X releases"
  • "Porting Kit 2.4.235 (Donationware) - Games management solution that integrates downloading capabilities uses Wineskin to offer you the possibility to play Windows games on your Mac"
  • "JustBroadcaster YTEd 1.7 (Trial) - Video streaming software that offers you the possibility to organize your capture into scenes and should be able to connect to your YouTube account for broadcasting"
  • "Beaker Browser 0.6.1 (MIT License) - Peer to peer web browser that relies on an experimental protocol to help you publish content online from any device, which means that you get to share files or even host websites"
  • "ViewedIt 1.1.17 (Freeware) - Record your screen, your current browser tab, or your camera feed and quickly share the video with others by using this simple Chrome extension"
  • "Colibri 1.0.0 Beta 16 (Freeware) - Minimalist web browser that comes with an associated account based service that enables you to organize links into groups and access the collections on all your devices"
  • "HandBrake 1.0.2 / 20170222 Nightly (GPL) - A free and easy to use application designed to help you quickly convert your DVD and CD media content into MP4 or MKV video files"
  • "SILKYPIX Developer Studio (Trial) - A handy and intuitive RAW photo processor that enables you to enhance, adjust, correct and convert RAW pictures into popular image formats"
  • "KakaoTalk 2.2.3 (Freeware) - A light and simple application that enables you to stay in touch with your friends by chatting online, and integrates file transfer capabilities."
  • "Recipes 2.4 (Commercialware) - Stylish recipes manager that offers you the possibility to quickly download online recipes, or to manually add the data without having to use a web browser" ...
TidBITS (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "How to Restore Data from iCloud"
  • "Keyboard Cases for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro"
  • "A Prairie HomeKit Companion: Fine Tuning with the Other “Home” App"
  • "TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20 February 2017"
  • "ScreenFlow 6.2.1"
  • "GarageBand 10.1.6"
  • "Parallels Desktop 12.1.3"
  • "The State of iBooks in Early 2017"
  • "SoundSource 3 Simplifies Mac Audio Management"
  • "AT&T and Sprint Expand Unlimited Data Offerings" ...
Touch Arcade (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "RPG Reload File 101 - 'Dream Quest'"
  • "'RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch' Now Available Worldwide"
  • "Upcoming Platformer 'Yeah Bunny' Looks Very Cute"
  • "'FIFA Mobile' Celebrating the Carnival With 'Carniball'"
  • "'Radio Royale' Is the Official 'Clash Royale' Podcast Series About the Game's Development"
  • "'Death Road to Canada' To Start Accepting Beta Testers from Our Forums Soon"
  • "'One Piece Thousand Storm' Review – Becoming King of All One Piece Apps"
  • "'Albion Online' to Release on PC in July, Hopefully Mobile Version Won't be Too Far Off"
  • "One-Finger Arcadey 'Rally Run' Is Out"
  • "'The Executive', 'Rush Rally 2', 'Nightgate', and More on Sale or Free" ...
9to5Mac (Checked 12:00 AM CST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Analyst says Apple has upper hand on Samsung now more than ever"
  • "Apple cut ties with server vendor after potential security issues were found"
  • "Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has eliminated the majority of iPhone 6s shutdown issues"
  • "AirPlay on a budget: Affordable wireless speakers with Apple’s AirPlay technology built-in"
  • "Review: Twelve South’s MagicBridge is a beautiful way to join Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2"
  • "Vintage Apple memos refer to dongles as ‘a case of the cure being worse than the disease’"
  • "San Diego Girl Scouts crowdfunding iOS game project with Design Code Build"
  • "Apple reportedly set to open first Argentina retail store next year in Buenos Aires"
  • "9to5Rewards: CalDigit’s Thunderbolt Station 3 Lite for MacBook Pro [Giveaway]"
  • "Apple’s classic iTunes Remote app updated with 2FA support for Home Sharing" ...
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