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Friday, February 27, 2015
Checked 3:10 PM; Last Updated 3:00 PM CST; 21:00 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2:00 PM EST)
  • "Reminder on potential USB 3.0 Interference (w/2.4GHz Wifi, BT)"
  • "Apple/Mac related News/Updates/Tips/PR"
  • "Other News/Reviews/OT"
  • "Recent Apple Support Article Updates"
  • "MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues"
  • "SoftRAID 5.0.6 Update (fixes potential data corruption bug)"
  • "2009 Mac Pro owner notes on Dual 3GHz X5675 Upgrade (and More)"
  • "OS X 10.10 Driver for Edimax EW-7711MAC/AC450 USB 802.11AC adapter"
  • "More 2009 Mac Pro CPU Upgrades/NB Heatsink Retainer Repairs"
  • "USB Edimax 7822UAC 802.11ac Adapter Driver for OS X 10.10" ...
AppleToolbox (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2/19)
  • "Apple patent improves access to emergency contacts and medical records"
  • "Apple applies for orientation-based audio patent, possibly related to rumoured iPad Pro"
  • "Apple awarded patent for strengthened glass displays"
  • "Apple invents a new Home Button which also functions as a Joystick"
  • "iPhone 6 gets hot, fix"
  • "Apple granted patent for display based speakers"
  • "Apple patent application for 3D Camera and UI for CarPlay and Apple Watch"
  • "Apple awarded patent for flexible electronic devices"
  • "Apple increases prices in Turkey"
  • "Apple granted patent for a “communicating stylus”" ...
Inside Mac Games (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2/14)
  • "A New Inside Mac Games"
dealMac (Updated 4:00 PM EST)
  • "iStarUSA 4" Serial ATA 6Gbps Disk Array Cage for $85 + free shipping"
  • "LinksKey 16-Port Ethernet Switch for $40 + free shipping"
  • "Audio Unlimited netCLIPS Clip-On Speakers for $10 + free shipping"
  • "HTC One Original Headset for $6 + free shipping"
  • "Voltix 8,500mAh Rubberized External Battery for $25 + free shipping"
  • "TP-Link Dual AC Router w/ Obihai VoIP Adapter for $130 + free shipping"
  • "Refurbished Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi Tablet for $169 + free shipping"
  • "Verizon FiOS Triple Play w/ $300 Visa Card for $80/month"
  • "Noontec Zoro Stereo Headphones for $40 + free shipping"
  • "Dell 34" 3440x1440 Curved LCD Display for $795 for students + free shipping" ...
iLounge (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 1:45 PM EST)
  • "Review: Mobile Home Siri remote"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Enter to win a 50” LG TV + Soundbar"
  • "News: Cook: Apple Watch ‘designed to be able to replace car keys’"
  • "News: Apple again under fire as Ericsson escalates legal action"
  • "Mac: STM Dux for MacBook Air"
  • "News: Apple announces ‘Spring Forward’ event for March 9"
  • "News: Brikk unveils opulent Apple Watch line priced up to $75,000"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Last Chance to get the Code Black Drone w/HD Camera for 55% off"
  • "Ask iLounge: How do I disassociate my phone number from iMessage?"
  • "News: Apple Maps adds new third-party data providers" ...
iUseThis OS X Software (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2/10)
  • "AdwareMedic - 2.2.1"
  • "CADintosh X - 8.1"
  • "To Writer Pro By Future time - 1.2"
  • "Safari Workspaces - 1.0.2"
  • "Simple Writer - for Your Daily Writing - 1.2"
  • "Übersicht - 0.4"
  • "Dubstep Slots - 1.0"
  • "QuickRes - 4.1.1"
  • "Chicken Invaders 5 Mac - 5.00"
  • "Vox Preferences - 1.2.12" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 1:35 PM; no changes since 8:40 AM CST)
  • "Mac of the Day: Mac mini Core Solo, introduced 2006.02.28. The only Mac to use a Core Solo CPU, this model ran at 1.5 GHz, has integrated graphics, and includes a Combo drive"
  • "February 27 in LEM history"
Macworld (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 3:45 PM EST)
  • "The Week in iOS Apps: Vine and YouTube launch apps for kids"
  • "Apple Watch will start your car one day, Tim Cook says"
  • "You Should Play: Alto's Adventure finds serenity in side-scrolling snow shredding"
  • "Why Pebble Time, not Android Wear, is Apple Watch's biggest competition"
  • "Social discovery app Vurb keeps your favorite apps in one place"
  • "The Week in iPhone Cases: Bring out the battery cases!"
  • "Spring forward: Apple will take the wraps off Apple Watch at March 9 event"
  • "Throw away your fax machine and use these apps instead"
  • "Podcast: Good morning Glenn"
  • "Apple Pay adoption keeps climbing: Chase says 1 million customers on board" ...
MacDailyNews (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 3:30 PM EST)
  • "On heels of $532.9 million verdict, Apple hit with second lawsuit from Smartflash"
  • "Apple alone is worth half the dot-com bubble"
  • "The death of sapphire and the birth of ‘Phire’"
  • "The Swiss begin launching luxury ‘smartwatches’"
  • "Leonard Nimoy, ‘Spock’ of ‘Star Trek,’ dead at 83"
  • "The 10 best weather apps for your iPhone"
  • "Carl Icahn can’t wait to wear an Apple Watch, drive an Apple car"
  • "Tim Cook: Apple Watch will replace your car keys, make you want to wear a watch again"
  • "Vogue Paris: Apple Watch is a ‘revolution’"
  • "With free iWork for iCloud for everyone, Apple pounds another nail into Microsoft Office’s coffin" ...
Macintosh News Network (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 3:30 PM EST)
  • "Forums: trouble pasting text into mail, cleaning App cookies and more"
  • "Apple deals: retina MacBook Pros from $999"
  • "Hands On: Magnifico (iOS)"
  • "Apple may release iOS 8.2 as early as Monday, report claims"
  • "Weekly Deals: OWC Garage Sale, Rosetta Stone, WD Black 4TB HD"
  • "Hands On: Bricks (iOS)"
  • "Pointers: TextExpander"
  • "Aereo bankruptcy auction concludes badly, generating only $2M"
  • "Hands On: Frozen Synapse (iOS)"
  • "More lawsuits, ITC complaint filed in Apple vs. Ericsson FRAND fight" ...
MacInTouch (Checked 1:35 PM; no changes since 8:40 AM CST)
  • Reports: Yosemite; Hard Drives; Help; iPhone/Touch; Internet Services; more
  • Apple releases iWork for iCloud to public
The Mac Observer (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 1:30 PM EST)
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-02-27: Apple Watch Media Event Smackdown"
  • "Ericsson Sues Apple after Failing to Reach Patent License Agreement"
  • "Analyst: Apple Watch Edition to Cost $950"
  • "QuickTime & Yosemite: Recording Your iPhone or iPad Screen with iOS 8"
  • "Apple Takes iWork for iCloud out of Beta, Open to Everyone"
  • "This Is Why You Should Set Up Philips Hue LED Smartbulbs"
  • "Apple Rumored to Bring Touch ID to Macs"
  • "Last Chance To Save 55% On The Code Black HD Camera Drone"
  • "FCC Reclassifies Internet Providers in Net Neutrality Vote"
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2015-02-26: Apple Spring Forward Media Event, Net Neutrality" ...
Mac OS X Hints (Checked 2:00 PM EST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Notice: Mac OS X Hints is now a read-only site"
  • "Getting Java client apps to run the way you want"
  • "Siri: workaround Content Not Available error"
  • "Older browser behavior changes in Google search"
  • "10.8: Open a specific browser based on the URL"
  • "Setting Up an iOS 7 On-Demand VPN"
  • "Mousecape – Customize Cursors on OS X"
  • "Make iWork 09 the default and avoid update nagging"
  • "10.9: Update OS without creating a user on a new Mac"
  • "Name Faces in iPhoto efficiently" ...
Mac News (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2:15 PM EST)
  • "Wordaux is new data mining app for Mac OS X"
  • "RealVNC releases Mac compatible VNC product"
  • "QuartzCode 1.2 for OS X adds unified timeline panel, improved masking"
  • "A-Shirt launches with Apple-inspired t-shirts"
  • "A Druid's Duel for OS X launches on Steam"
  • "AKVIS announces Pets Frame Pack for ArtSuite"
  • "VisionTek introduces DriveXpander 2.5" drive expansion slot adapter"
  • "The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley comes to the Mac"
  • "Apple plans March 9 special event"
  • "iOS takes record-high profit share in smartphone operating system profits" ...
MacUpdate (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 3:15 PM EST)
  • "MathMagic Lite 9.02 - Equation editor. (Free)"
  • "MathMagic Personal Edition 9.02 - Equation editor. (Demo)"
  • "MathMagic Pro for InDesign 9.02 - Equation editor for Adobe InDesign. (Demo)"
  • "EditiX 2015 - Java XML editor. (Demo)"
  • "Time Zones Menu Bar 1.5 - Display multiple time zones in your menu bar. (Commercial)"
  • "- (Free)"
  • "Jigsaw Puzzles Epic 1.1.0 - Over 2000 beautiful puzzles. (Free)"
  • "Logos - Advanced Bible software. (Demo)"
  • "Yoink 3.0.5 - Simplifies drag and drop between Spaces and fullscreen apps. (Demo)"
  • "Filmotech 3.5.1 - Movie Catalog Software. (Free)" ...
MacWindows (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 9/22)
  • "Does the final Mavericks update fix SMB file sharing"
  • "File locking not working on OS X Server with Windows clients"
  • "ABE tip for Mavericks ACL problem a no-go for reader"
  • "Yosemite to default to SMB 3 file sharing"
  • "Reader confirms nsmb.conf file sharing fix for Error 36"
  • "ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS"
  • "Touchdown Exchange client for iOS-Mac keeps corporate email separate"
  • "Mavericks halts copying multiple files to NAS"
  • "More on OS X conflicts with Windows Server Deduplication"
  • "TIP: Workaround for Mavericks-OS X Server ACL problems" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 2:45 PM EST)
  • "Apple Watch will start your car one day, Tim Cook says"
  • "You Should Play: Alto's Adventure finds serenity in side-scrolling snow shredding"
  • "20 funniest troll comments by Android fanboys"
  • "What to expect from Apple's 9 March 'Spring Forward' event"
  • "Why Pebble Time, not Android Wear, is Apple Watch's biggest competition"
  • "New 12in Retina MacBook Air release date rumours and leaked photos"
  • "Social discovery app Vurb keeps your favorite apps in one place"
  • "Spring forward: Apple will take the wraps off Apple Watch at March 9 event"
  • "Why Apple is right to avoid MWC"
  • "Apple Watch release date & UK price and latest rumours" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 11:30 AM EST)
  • "iWork for iCloud out of beta, now available to all users"
  • "iOS hits 73% of enterprise market share in Q4 2014 report"
  • "Apple announces March 9th “Spring Forward” special event"
  • "Rumor: Tim Cook vouches for shower-safe, waterproof nature of upcoming Apple Watch"
  • "iPhone accounting for almost 90% of smartphone industry profits in fourth quarter report"
  • "Rumor: Apple to overhaul Genius Bar operating procedures as early as March 9th"
  • "Pebble Time raises over $9 million on Kickstarter campaign"
  • "Luxury outfitter now offering 24 karat gold “Year of the Goat” iPhone 6 case for $3,668.27"
  • "Apple adds Maps Flyover support for nine new cities"
  • "Visa Europe announces installation efforts for European Apple Pay terminals, cites mid-April completion date" ...
prMac (Checked 4:00 PM; no changes since 11:30 AM EST)
  • "MADFINGER games announces UNKILLED - a new thrilling zombie shooter"
  • "Tasty Candy Jelly That Will Leave You Hungry for More and Hours of Fun"
  • "HOLA! Philippines is now available on Magzter"
  • "Deliver Express 2.4.6 Improves File Transfer to SFTP Servers"
  • "Chausiku: The Blood of the Clans Book Three released on iBooks"
  • "E-Loyalty & E-Coupons 1.0 for iOS - Keep track of your Loyalty Programs"
  • "SnipNotes - A new way to use your notes"
  • "Wall Race 1.01: Multiplayer Speed Racing Game With Leaderboard Battles"
  • "Create Hilarious Videos Featuring The Most Famous Quotes - Dubsfun 1.0.2"
  • "Text Recover and Print iMessages - Save, Print, Backup iMessages/SMS" ...
Softpedia (Updated 4:00 PM EST)
  • "CuteSDR 1.16 (Freeware) - Spawn custom applications or for educational use by employing this demodulation and spectrum display application developed in Qt environment"
  • "Moneydance 2015.2 Build 1145 / 2015 Build 1165 Preview (Demo) - A powerful finances manager for you Mac that offers you the possibility to manage multiple accounts, transactions, investments and more."
  • "ProPrompter 5.0.10 (Trial) - Easy to use teleprompter application for your Mac"
  • "Yep 3.6.1 (Demo) - Yep is like iPhoto for your PDF documents"
  • "Leap 3.6.1 (Trial) - Your new and faster Finder"
  • "KeyBox 2.76.00 (Apache) - Web-based, multi-terminal SSH management utility that will enable developers to create composite terminals and scripts for running commands on multiple SSH sessions at a time"
  • "Wing IDE 101 5.1.2-1 (Freeware) - Stripped down version of Wing Intelligent Development Environment that is best suited for teaching introductory programming classes"
  • "Wing IDE Personal 5.1.2-1 (Trial) - An fully-featured Integrated Development Environment designed for the Python programming language that enables developers to write, edit and fix code"
  • "OmniWeb 5.11.2 / 6.00 R227471 Test (Freeware) - Helps you explore websites within a simple and clean styled interface that comes with all the tools needed to make your browsing experience pleasant and secure"
  • "BusyContacts 1.0.1 (Trial) - It enables you to import contacts from your iOS devices or from social media websites, manage and share them with just a few clicks" ...
TidBITS (Checked 4:00 PM EST; no changes since Thursday)
  • "Apple Opens iWork Web-only Access to All"
  • "Net Neutrality Passes, Eliminating Broadband Restrictions"
  • "Keeping Up with the Snoops 8: Snoop Harder"
  • "External Link: Google Teaming Up with Carriers on Payments"
  • "How Much Gold Will the Apple Watch Edition Consume?"
  • "Pebble Time Goes Public Before Apple Watch"
  • "TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 23 February 2015"
  • "ExtraBITS for 23 February 2015"
  • "Take Control of Security for Mac Users, Chapter 5: Improve Your Passwords"
  • "Chapter 5 of “Take Control of Security for Mac Users” Available" ...
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