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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Checked 2:55 PM; Last Updated 2:45 PM CDT; 19:45 GMT


MacSurfer's Tracked Sites

Accelerate Your Mac! (Checked 2:45 PM CDT; no changes since Wednesday)
  • "Other News, Reviews, Updates, Tips, OT"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.10.5 (after security update 2016-004)"
  • "Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5 (after security update 2016-004)"
  • "Download Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.11.6"
  • "Recent Apple Support Article Updates"
  • "Info/Downloads of OS X 10.11.6, Security Update 2016-004 for Yosemite/Mavericks"
  • "Apple Articles on Safari 9.1.2, iOS 9.3.3, tvOS 9.2.2, WatchOS 2.2.2 Updates"
  • "OS X Server 5.1.7, new Betas of Sierra, Xcode 8, iOS 10, tvOS 10, watchOS 3"
  • "iTunes 12.4.2 Release Notes and Download"
  • "Nvidia CUDA 7.5.30 Update for OS X (supports macOS 10.12 Dev Preview)" ...
Apple World Today (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 1:30 PM CDT)
  • "Fluent survey: Apple has a strong core business, but …."
  • "Two things that aren’t going to happen: Apple won’t split into different companies and it won’t fire Tim Cook"
  • "NIST: SMS shouldn't be used for two-factor authentication"
  • "Have Osram Lightify iPhone-controlled light bulbs? Read this important security note"
  • "Apple's Q3 Earnings Call is this afternoon, 2 PM PDT/5 PM EDT"
  • "Patent report: Apple Pencil on a Mac, electronic device bumpers, touch sensitive buttons"
  • "Fraudulent transactions attempted at Chicago Apple stores; six people arrested"
  • "Art View is worth a look for Creative Cloud users"
  • "BalanceBall offers an interesting, perhaps healthy, alternative to the traditional office chair"
  • "Macs account for three of the top 10 laptops recommended for students by SpecOut" ...
Cult of Mac (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 2:30 PM CDT)
  • "Liveblog: Apple’s miserable Q3 earnings report"
  • "Surprise! Apple Watch 2 set to arrive this fall"
  • "What to expect from Apple’s Q3 2016 earnings"
  • "KansasFest: Final notes from ‘Nerdvana’"
  • "Apple Music videos now covered by T-Mobile Binge On"
  • "Adobe Lightroom comes to Apple TV"
  • "Windows apps on Mac? It’s easier and cheaper than you think [Deals]"
  • "U.S. to ban Apple and others from SMS two-step authentication"
  • "Apple Store targeted in ‘organized criminal enterprise’"
  • "Today in Apple history: Last ever iBook goes on sale" ...
iLounge (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 10:30 AM CDT)
  • "News: Researchers expose security flaw in Osram smart bulbs"
  • "News: Cops bust ‘criminal enterprise’ using stolen credit cards at Chicago-area Apple stores"
  • "News: Update in iOS 10 allows for autoplay of silent videos in Safari"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount"
  • "News: WSJ: Apple brings in trusted executive Mansfield to head Apple Car project"
  • "News: CarPlay to be available in all 2017 Ford models"
  • "News: Rumors claim new iPhone will be released Sept. 16, could have ‘iPhone 6 SE’ name"
  • "News: Photos claim to show alleged ‘iPad Pro 2’"
  • "News: Daily Deal: Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable"
  • "Review: Netatmo Tags for Welcome Smart Home Camera" ...
iUseThis OS X Software (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 7/6)
  • "TomTom MySports Connect - 2.3.2"
  • "AirVPN - 2.10"
  • "Mail Designer Pro 3 - 3.0.2"
  • "DRM Converter for Mac - 4.9.3"
  • "Hocus Focus - 1.3"
  • "Easy DRM Converter for Windows - 4.9.3"
  • "Iridient Developer - 3.1"
  • "Displays - 1.2"
  • "AllVideoConverter for Mac - 4.4"
  • "WinX Free DVD Author - 6.3.7" ...
Low End Mac (Checked 10:05 AM CDT; no changes since Monday)
  • "Mac of the Day: PowerBook 2300, introduced 1995.08.28. The only Duo equipped with a PowerPC processsor run at 100 MHz."
  • "A History of Palm, Part 5: The End and the Post Mortem"
Macworld (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 1:16 PM CDT)
  • "T-Mobile bulks up Binge On with ABC, Fox Now, Apple Music, and more"
  • "Adobe brings Lightroom to the living room with an Apple TV app"
  • "A cleaner, simpler Google Maps focuses on 'actionable info'"
  • "This new Outlook feature will organize your inbox for you"
  • "The Week in iPad Cases: Razer introduces its mechanical keyboard for the iPad Pro"
  • "9 big moments in Yahoo's troubled history"
  • "Ford commits to Apple CarPlay, offering it with SYNC 3 for all 2017 vehicles"
  • "Report: Apple special projects guru Bob Mansfield takes the wheel on Apple Car"
  • "IDC: Smartwatch sales decline for the first time"
  • "The week in Apple news: More iPhone 7 rumors, iCloud Music Library matching, Apple Car slips to 2021, and more" ...
MacDailyNews (Updated 2:45 PM CDT)
  • "Apple Watch 2 to be unveiled this autumn, sources say"
  • "Apple CEO Tim Cook poised to reveal his level of confidence in ‘iPhone 7’"
  • "Carnegie Mellon Professor: Apple should consider breaking up it businesses"
  • "Officials charge six people in attempted fraud at Chicago-area Apple stores"
  • "What the analysts expect from Apple’s Q316 earnings report today"
  • "Apple, others may soon be barred from using SMS for two-factor authentication"
  • "Analyst: Fire Tim Cook"
  • "Apple just sold its 1 billionth iPhone"
  • "Apple’s Q416 guidance could be significantly short of expectations"
  • "What to look for in Apple’s earnings report today" ...
MacInTouch (Updated 10:05 AM CDT)
  • Discussions cover Apple Security, Development, macOS Sierra beta, and more
  • Products: Turbo Boost Switcher; iStat Menus; Déjà Vu; VirtualBox
The Mac Observer (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 2:30 PM CDT)
  • "Adobe Lightroom Comes to Apple TV"
  • "How to Display the macOS/OS X Version From the Command Line"
  • "TMO Daily Observations 2016-07-26: Stronger iPhone Glass, Debunking iPhone 6SE"
  • "Investor’s Expensive Lesson: Nintendo Didn’t Make Pokémon GO"
  • "AAPL Q3 Earnings Report Set for Tuesday Afternoon"
  • "iOS Messages: Leaving Group Conversations"
  • "Bob Mansfield Running Apple Car Shows Tim Cook’s Commitment"
  • "Way-Back-When Video: 1995 and Power Computing with Bob LeVitus"
  • "The Case For a Shatterproof iPhone"
  • "TMO Background Mode: Interview With Ken Ray, Host and Producer of ‘Mac OS Ken’" ...
Mac News (Checked 2:45 PM CDT; no changes since Monday)
  • "LOGICcards support added to the MAX Remote Management iOS app"
  • "MAXON announces Cinema 4D Release 18"
  • "Tasky is a new task scheduler for Mac OS X"
  • "Maintain Serves Up Cocktail 9.3.3 (El Capitan Edition)"
  • "MailButler for Mac OS X adds a 'Snooze' feature"
  • "DEVONtechnologies enhances all editions of DEVONthink and DEVONote"
  • "JMR unveils SiloStor NVMe Solid State Drive Plug-in Card"
  • "ADATA announces SE730, SC660, and SV620 external solid state drives"
  • "FileGenius announces its unlimited storage option"
  • "Zevrix unveils LinkOptimizer 5 public beta for Adobe InDesign" ...
MacUpdate (Updated 2:45 PM CDT)
  • "Default Folder X 5.0.6b4 - Enhances Open and Save dialogs (beta). (Shareware)"
  • "Mockups 3.4.2 - Collaborative wireframing for app development. (Shareware)"
  • "NoteAbilityPro 2.632 - Music notation package. (Free)"
  • "Vagrant 1.8.5 - Create and configure portable development environments. (Free)"
  • "Artpaper 2.1 - Collection of paintings from galleries and museums. (Free)"
  • "iExplorer - View and transfer files on your iOS device. (Shareware)"
  • "PhoneView 2.12.2 - Use your iPhone for file storage, data syncing, and much more. (Demo)"
  • "Slow Quit Apps 0.2.2 - Adds a delay of 1 second to the Cmd-Q shortcut. (Free)"
  • "A Better Finder Rename 10.08 - File, photo, and MP3 batch renamer. (Shareware)"
  • "CM Text Cabinet 2.0.1 - Store text snippets in one place. (Commercial)" ...
MacWindows (Checked 4:30 PM; no changes since 6/19)
  • "CrossOver improving Windows apps on Macs"
  • "WinClone 5 makes incremental backups of Boot Camp partitions"
  • "Emailchemy 12_1_15 converts email between platforms"
  • "Boot Runner 2 adds VMs to Mac startup manager screen"
  • "Does the final Mavericks update fix SMB file sharing"
  • "File locking not working on OS X Server with Windows clients"
  • "ABE tip for Mavericks ACL problem a no-go for reader"
  • "Yosemite to default to SMB 3 file sharing"
  • "Reader confirms nsmb.conf file sharing fix for Error 36"
  • "ExtremeZ-IP 9 adds instant Spotlight search of NAS" ...
Macworld UK (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 11:15 AM CDT)
  • "iPhone 7 release date rumours UK | iPhone 7 new features, price, specs"
  • "Steps to fix a frozen Mac"
  • "iPhone 7 Pro UK release date, design, features and spec rumours plus leaks"
  • "How to fix a Mac that won't start up: 10 fixes for a Mac that won't turn on"
  • "How to AirDrop from iPhone to a Mac and Mac to iPhone"
  • "iPhone 8 and beyond: The future of smartphones"
  • "New iMac 2016 release date rumours | New iMac 2016 price, specs, new features"
  • "iPad mini 5 release date, specs, new features & UK price rumours"
  • "Best iPhone 6s cases & best iPhone 6s Plus cases"
  • "How to use Apple Music in the UK: Everything you need to know" ...
O'Grady's PowerPage (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 2:01 PM CDT)
  • "Prisma app becomes unavailable, rumors swirl as to potential buyout"
  • "CarPlay, Android Auto functionality included in all 2017 vehicles with SYNC 3"
  • "Rumor: Apple to release next-gen iPhone on Friday, September 16th, “iPhone 6SE” name in the running"
  • "Edward Snowden announces forthcoming prototype of device to prevent iPhone radio transmission"
  • "Intel announces Kaby Lake processors, chips may arrive too late for inclusion in next-gen MacBook Pro"
  • "New report sees China overtake U.S. in iOS game revenues"
  • "Apple involved in class action lawsuit alleging refurbished units were provided under AppleCare+"
  • "Apple releases Public Beta 2 for iOS 10, macOS 10.12 Sierra"
  • "Rumor: Apple may use technology similar to Huawei’s P9 dual-lens system for iPhone 7 camera"
  • "Apple Pay arrives in Hong Kong with support for American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards" ...
prMac (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 12:45 PM CDT)
  • "Bare Bones Software Releases TextWrangler 5.5"
  • "Arcane Quest 3 - Strategic tabletop RPG released on all mobile platforms"
  • "Art Authority Acquires 1000Museums Digital Portfolio"
  • "fournova releases Tower 2.4 for Mac"
  • "Tame the Dragon in Petagon - The New Action Strategy Mobile Game"
  • "MoltenVK brings Vulkan to iOS and macOS"
  • "notably* App Helps Service and Trade Professionals Save Time and Money"
  • "Pixel Mage - A quirky and beautiful Pixel Art Journey"
  • "Bel Math Apps releases Math Integers for iPad - Popular Educational App"
  • "iFiles 2 for iOS Updated with German and Polish localization" ...
Softpedia (Updated 2:45 PM CDT)
  • "Glyphs 2.3 Build 895 / 2.3.1 Build 911 Beta (Trial) - Streamlined and comprehensive OS X font design and edit application that makes it straightforward to create your own glyphs from scratch"
  • "Tower 2.4.0 Build 315 (Trial) - User friendly and well organized Git desktop client for Mac OS X that enables you to perform most repository management tasks in an intuitive manner."
  • "HMA! Pro VPN [DISCOUNT] Alpha (Commercialware) - A user-oriented, low-key and trustworthy menulet that enables you to effortlessly hide your real IP address and protect your privacy while online"
  • "Airmail 3.0.1 / 3.0.2 Build 379 Beta (Shareware) - A simple, clean and well-designed e-mail client that makes it easy for you to check your inbox, manage your messages and write emails"
  • "MacLoggerDX 6.03 / 6.04 Beta 24 (Demo) - Streamlined and powerful OS X application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into any DX Cluster for both contests and casual talk"
  • "iPhone Backup Extractor (Demo) - A lightweight and user-oriented application that enables you to quickly browse your iOS device's backup files and recover lost data"
  • "Accordance 11.2.3 (Demo) - A comprehensive and user-oriented application specially designed to help you read, study, search and explore the bible along with the related texts"
  • "NoMachine 5.1.42_1 (Freeware) - A streamlined, enterprise-class application that enables you to securely access remote computers and deliver applications on multiple platforms"
  • "iExplorer (Demo) - An easy to use Mac Os X application that offers you the possibility to browse the contents of your iPhone, transfer data and more."
  • "WebKit R203717 (Freeware) - A powerful, open source web browser engine that can be used by developers to easily design and build native and cross-platform browsers." ...
TidBITS (Checked 2:45 PM CDT; no changes since Monday)
  • "TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 25 July 2016"
  • "ExtraBITS for 25 July 2016"
  • "External Link: Verizon to Buy Yahoo for $4.8 Billion"
  • "Lightroom for iOS 2.4 Changes Mobile Photo Workflow"
  • "Alfred 3.0.3"
  • "Tinderbox 6.6.2"
  • "External Link: On MacBreak Weekly, Adam Discusses the App Stores, Planet of the Apps, and More"
  • "Evernote 6.8"
  • "Disable Find My Mac by Resetting NVRAM"
  • "Firefox Filters More Uses of Flash" ...
9to5Mac (Checked 2:45 PM; no changes since 12:45 PM CDT)
  • "New videos provide high quality look at iPhone 7 dummy units"
  • "9to5Toys Lunch Break: 15″ Retina MacBook Pro $1,600, Bose SoundTrue headphones $100, JBL Charge 2 Speaker $60, more"
  • "Adobe brings Photoshop Lightroom to the living room with new Apple TV app"
  • "Security flaw in Osram’s iPhone-controlled Lightify bulbs could allow unauthorized network access"
  • "T-Mobile now lets subscribers stream unlimited video content from Apple Music over cellular with Binge On"
  • "All the Q3 AAPL numbers analysts are expecting to hear today; listen live"
  • "Apple & others may soon be barred from using SMS for two-factor authentication"
  • "Patent to allow Apple Pencil to work with a Mac trackpad now granted"
  • "Google Maps continues attempt to tempt back iOS users with cleaner UI, highlighted ‘areas of interest’ [Video]"
  • "Chicago police arrest 6 people involved in string of fraudulent purchases from local Apple Stores" ...
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